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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVVII

Ultimate trigger warning! Oh, y’all thought it was over, huh? I’m literally laughing out loud! Get the fuck out of here! Let me tell y’all about the people who think they can block my blessings. When I was 19 years old, I moved in with my 35-year-old aunt. Before then, we both lived with my grandma. Yes, my aunt didn’t “leave the nest” until she was 35 years old. This information is pertinent to the story because all this lady does is lie and judge. And I’m not sure who’s been feeding falsehoods to sources that I won’t name, so I’m just going to speak on the usual suspects. Presently, my aunt is 52, she’s single, and she has taken in my 63-year-old uncle and my 50-year-old uncle. The older uncle recently had a stroke, and he hasn’t fully recovered. The younger uncle is just a dumb-ass, bum-ass ex-convict with severe mental health issues, who can’t seem to do anything right. He can’t keep a woman satisfied, he can’t keep his finances in order, he can’t maintain his mental health, and he now has my old room. The younger uncle served time for armed robbery, but really he just snuck behind a nigga’s back and stole his credit cards like the bitch-ass nigga that he is! I’m glad the victim successfully got that armed robbery charge to stick. Again, I’m laughing my ass off! Sir, you can be as mad as you want to be, with your bitch-ass, but do NOT fucking play with me! As for me, I’m a home owner. As a legitimate entrepreneur with minimal conventional work history, I cashed out on my first home when I was 34—approximately three months before my 35th birthday. My little all-brick house ain’t much, but it’s mine. My aunt still pays a mortgage. For the record, these are all facts. I hate liars so much that I could never be one! What the fuck is wrong with y’all? Why are y’all fucking with me—of all people?! I know y’all, stupid! Simply put, y’all ain’t shit, you’ve never been shit, you’ll never be shit, and that’s it! Get off my dick! My whole life, all my aunt has ever done is lie on me and try to make me as miserable as she’s always been. I will spare you all the details because I’m not really a messy person. But if y’all knew what has been going on behind the scenes, you’d be utterly disgusted! Recently, my aunt summoned me to help her around her house. Like the considerate and pitying person that I’ve always been, I obliged. When I got there, the place was in a worse state of disarray than I remember. When I asked her why her punk-ass brother wasn’t helping her get their home in order, she didn’t have anything to say. My aunt and her brother both suffer from bipolar disorder or other issues. That’s not a slight to them, it’s just an observation. And these are two people who don’t do anything but deceive, gripe, hate, and grieve! Statistics show that the holiday season is the most depressing time for a great deal of people. I’m sharing all this for a few reasons. One reason being that I know there are a lot of people who can relate to my story. Another reason being that I have always lazed in honesty and integrity! We all know that losers don’t want to see anyone win. Honestly, I’m vitalized by the realization that I am who I am, both despite and because of where I came from. I want to be someone that the average person can identify with, even though I will never stop referencing said persons’ stupidity. Yet, a lot of who and what people are isn’t all their fault. However, if we’re to be considered products of our environments, and I circumvented all the bullshit under the same circumstances that lesser people succumb to, that must mean that I’m a superior person, right!?

I’m primarily drama-free, but sometimes it’s necessary to hold up a mirror to show stupid motherfuckers who they are! I’m going to keep the rest of this post sort of light because I feel like I’m making these pathetic people seem much more important than actually they are. I remark about mental fragility so much because I believe that it’s the basis for both bad blood and the blues. The way we feel about things and people is contingent on our capacity for comprehending and accepting the truth. For instance, like I’ve mentioned before, feelings of inferiority are a symptom of sanity. As a classic car enthusiast, I recognize that Jay Leno has a classic car collection that I will never be able to match. Therefore, as a car collector, I will always be inferior to Jay Leno. But I’ll never be jealous of him because cars are just things, I never want the amount of cars that he’s collected, and I’ll never own a car that’s too rare, nice, or expensive to comfortably drive. In that, you have the reason why I’m inferior to Jay and the reasoning behind my lack of envy. How many of your beliefs and feelings can you explain? Your ability or inability to spell out how and why you feel or believe something is an indication of your mental health. There are people who envy me just on the strength of my intelligence, talent, fortitude, and determination. So, even in the absence of material desirables, motherfuckers recognize that they’re inferior to me! What do you think hurts a weak-ass person more—having less than or being lesser than? I think weak people are often dominated by their own perceptions and interpretations. Instead of trying to be better and working to acquire better things, weak people frequently spend their time trying to bring better people down and working to take better things from other people. And if they possessed the capacity to apprehend that there’s always something and someone better out there, weak people wouldn’t be so weak! In other words, acquiring strength can be as simple as giving credence to your inadequacy and mediocrity. Lacking quality and quantity is a part of life that your weak-ass should be acquainted with because you’ve never been a strong person. Refusing to trust that you can rely on your lowliness and the recognition of your insufficiency is a sign of delusion. And believing that you can stop better people from being great is a figment of your imagination! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a confident and secure person? Well, luckily for you, you’re reading the words of such a person. And I’ve been giving y’all the blueprint the whole time. Confident and secure people genuinely don’t give a fuck! There’s nothing that you can say to me or about me that’s going to make me think any less of myself. Because why the fuck should I care? And to take it a step further, as an intellectual, I require for shit to make sense before I can receive it. In order for me to consider giving a fuck, I need a valid reason. Can you think of a good reason to give a fuck that doesn’t involve people’s opinions?! I don’t know about y’all, but I’ll be damned if I let a weak-ass person’s judgement weaken me! Remember when I said that losers don’t want to see anyone win? Only a loser would try to hinder or demoralize you, and if you allow them to succeed, they win. As a strong-minded person, I’m generally too focused on consistently bettering myself to divert my attention to comparing how I view myself to someone else’s view of me. Naturally, I want to progressively become better and better in every aspect. So, while I’m fixated on interminably improving, y’all weak-asses are obsessive about how you’ll never be able to keep up. Whose fault is that?! Anew, I’m laughing like fuck!

This can get a whole lot more embarrassing for y’all, so cut it out. This blog gets tens of thousands of visits each month, from all around the globe. I will fry y’all despondent-asses right the fuck up, on an international scale! Like I said, if you don’t want people to tell the truth about you, be a better person when nobody’s looking! Stay out of my life and my business, with your weird-asses! Again, what the fuck is wrong with y’all?! But I ain’t mad. Fuck that, go ahead and give me a reason to spill all the tea! After all, this is a form of content creation, and I get stuck sometimes. But I got nine long-ass paragraphs just lingering in my head for you motherfuckers! What the fuck makes y’all nothing-ass, nobody-ass, nutty-ass nincompoops think y’all can stop me?! What’s crazy is, I was going to let this slide. But I realized that I don’t give enough of a fuck about these people to spare them. Until today, I’ve given everyone the benefit of the doubt and remained the bigger person. Now, I just don’t want to do that anymore. With all the accusations in the news, I believe it’s important for people to understand that it’s okay to hurt people’s feelings sometimes. If you’ve ever changed your mind about something, but you kept the promise just to placate the person that you promised, then you likely know what that regret feels like. If you’re going to regret doing something when you don’t want to do it, why not regret not doing it when you said you would? Regret is regret, right? How much do y’all regret lying? If you don’t regret it yet, again, give me a fucking reason! This is why shutting the fuck up is so important for stupid-ass people. Because when you say some shit that you didn’t need to say, especially when it was a fucking lie, you expose yourself to all kinds of avoidable consequences. I’m convinced that masochism is an inherent side effect of stupidity. For example, look at Chrisean Rock. I’ve yet to watch anything associated with her, but she’s constantly in headlines that declare she’s an incessant idiot. When you’re stupid, tribulation and vicissitude are ordinary occurrences. Being honest with yourself, when was the last time you played yourself? Did you learn anything afterwards? How many times have you intentionally done something deleterious just to make people believe that you don’t care how they perceive your decision-making? If you really don’t care about people’s perception of you and what you do, why would you do something specifically to prove that?! If you don’t care, it’s not necessary to prove anything! If you know that your faults, flaws, and failings are verifiable, and you know you’re a weak-ass person with anxiety and chronic depression, why the fuck would you give somebody a reason to make you anxious and depressed?! Y’all got me so fucked-up that it’s scary! I swear that I’m trying to chill. I feel like Michael Corleone in that famous Godfather 3 scene, when he asserted, “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”! People hate what they can’t conquer. So, I anticipate hate from all angles. Shit, haters just incentivize my militancy. Without resistance, I wouldn’t have anything to push back against. What’s a warrior without a fight? Every battle I’ve fought, I’ve done it alone, I’ve never lost, and I’ve never felt the need to brag about it. But when people act like they’ve fought all your battles for you, when they’ve actually contributed to and aided your adversaries, they become enemies! As far as I’m concerned, y’all can fall on your own swords and perish! And when it happens, I’ll be sure to tell the tale accurately and eloquently. Peace!

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