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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVV

Teeny trigger warning! At what point does something become “weird” to you? Weirdness is most commonly perceived as a characteristic of a person or thing that is strange, unusual, and generally unsettling. To me, something or someone becomes weird when it or they are deliberately malicious, offensive, confounding, or deceptive. Otherwise, I commonly applaud all things and persons atypical and divergent. We live in a preference-based society, where many people prefer to judge and criticize as a ploy to elude judgement and criticism. The thing is, that ploy is a charade that scarcely ever succeeds. We’re all weird to somebody. And for as long as I can remember, Diddy has always been weird to me. I don’t care about his sexuality, sexual allegations, shady business practices, or criminal conspiracies. But that may be contradictory to my belief that, characteristically, Diddy oozes untrustworthiness! I’ve consistently felt the same way about Jay-Z as well. Money, power, and respect are regular desirables of rapacious people, and the three things often come hand in hand. With enough money, one can essentially purchase any chosen outcome. And that purchasing power garners respect from those who wish they had it and those who would hate to be a target of it. It’s alleged that Diddy paid Crips from California a million dollars to assassinate Tupac, many people around him have perished from similar or identical health complications, and he’s a wealthy man who is rumored to have a fragile ego. Yet, I don’t subscribe to the notion that people should avoid speaking out against genuinely suspicious and unscrupulous behavior just to conciliate the subject of discussion. If Diddy doesn’t want to be openly discussed, he shouldn’t be a celebrity and he should do a better job at concealing his reputed villainous deeds! Granted, I’m a proud proponent of peace, and silence is a prime component of that. But cowardice is akin to captivity, and I’m as free as an American human can be! Being honest takes no thought or effort. And being a decent person is as simple as treating people like they could sue you, get you arrested, and/or ruin your life! Sex is every healthy and unhealthy person’s favorite activity. So, sex can either be healthy or unhealthy. I’m liberal, so I respect and accept people’s hankering for deviant hanky-panky, as long as it’s safe and consensual. Besides, we all know that the most pleasurable sex is the kinky shit! Great sex enhances life, relieves stress, and promotes happiness. With that being said, if you can do some freaky shit, that excites you and encourages your contentment in life—without creating or becoming a victim—do it regularly! But the key is to circumvent creating or becoming a victim. Honestly, aside from manipulation and exploitation, I believe that the idea of normality is the ruling inducement for victim mentality. There are long-established concepts and conclusions on what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable. And because those concepts and conclusions are instilled into people from birth, questioning or defying them seems wrong to most conservative and closed-minded people. And this evokes one of my favorite points to make—everything is made-up! Protests occur when people express their objection to something, right? What can’t be protested?! You can protest a law, a leader, a lie, a lesson, a life, and whatever the fuck else you disagree with! Nothing that another human thinks, says, or does is unassailable! As a freethinker, this is how I view the world! Regardless of what’s been inculcated into your mind, the fact remains that autonomy is everybody’s birth right! And the only thing stopping you from thinking, saying, and doing all the reasoned and realistic things that make you happy, is you!

In my opinion, in the context of abuse, to be a victim, you must be an unwilling, unwitting recipient of harm or wrongdoing. If you willfully participated in something and regretted it halfway through or after it was done, and you weren’t forced or coerced to do it, you’re not really a victim. It’s important for everyone to understand this because it makes sense to steer clear of something if you have even the slightest hint of doubt about it. Also, it would be mature of everybody to appreciate that regret is an unavoidable part of life. And it’s not fair to accuse someone of victimizing you just because you refuse to accept that you did something that you regret doing. This isn’t victim shaming, it’s sympathizing. Because being falsely accused of something makes the wrongfully accused a victim! Integrity is inadequate in immediate times. Plus, it seems like people would much rather for you to feel sorry for them than to feel like there’s no need to feel sorry for them. Is being a victim trendy? I’ve witnessed vindictive spite up-close on several occasions, from both men and women. And I think it’s partly because people are shiftless and bored, and they don’t have the resilience to overcome feelings of defeat and inferiority. So, being persistently preoccupied with negative thoughts, people find themselves seeking solace and satisfaction via sad-ass squabbles and setups. Idle time gets motherfuckers’ hamster wheels spinning double time, and we learned from cartoons that a lot of silly shit happens when that hamster starts working too hard. Why was I there? How did I get there? Did I plan on doing what I did? Did I have an opportunity to leave beforehand? Did I enjoy myself in the moment? What was my goal? Is it fair for me to point the finger? Was this my fault? Am I holding myself accountable? Can I move past this without hating myself and everyone else involved? Are just a few questions that you should ask yourself before you blame someone for your regretful decision. So-called victims don’t get the credit they deserve for being the resentful, self-centered, inconsiderate, insensitive assholes that they sometimes are! Yes, as I always state, I recognize that trauma is real. But so is drama, and overdramatic people are naturally trauma-prone. A great deal of people feel like they’re strong for being explicitly expressive and never holding back, but that’s a flagrant misconception! Strong people have the ability to refrain from emotional outbursts and we express with equanimity. Being loud, confrontational, and overbearing are signs of immaturity and instability. Additionally, immature and unstable people are the most likely to put themselves in compromising positions, whereas they’re liable to be victimized. I apprehend that intelligence can’t be taught, but when you think about it, victims habitually have harmful habits. For instance, “Karens” routinely trespass, invade people’s personal space, overstep basic boundaries, profile people, affront their targets, pick fights, draw weapons after initiating conflicts, cause unnecessary stress, and worse—all with the self-righteous assurance that they’re doing the right thing. When Karens get fucked-up, do you consider them victims? When soldiers and police officers die in the line of duty, are they victims? When porn stars contract sexually transmitted infections, are they victims? When gangbangers are murdered by rival gangbangers, are they victims? When athletes in contact sports get CTE, are they victims? When criminals are caught and convicted, are they victims? When you make a conscious choice, and that choice isn’t life-and-death, and the outcome of that choice is undesirable, that’s your motherfucking fault! Personally, I don’t have any commiseration for people with no consideration. Do better!

It’s weird when powerless people try to power trip, but it’s even weirder when it works! How many women have gotten away with fabricating stories about being victimized? When something as simple as a lie can destroy a person’s reputation, and when that same lie can make an accuser rich or put them in a position to exact revenge, smart people should be skeptical. Nevertheless, I believe Cassie. And since Tupac is still in the news, I’ve always believed Ayanna Jackson, too. I never believed Mike Tyson abused Robin Givens. Kobe Bryant fucked that housekeeper, but she was a hoe. OJ did it! And Michael Jackson absolutely was inappropriate with those kids, at a minimum. Yet, I hate that people act like sex isn’t a primal instinct that’s ingrained into us and intrinsically requires no contemplation whatsoever. I’m 36 years old, and my dick still gets hard for no reason nearly every day! Although, it’s clear that people are fucked when adults still believe that only the cool people are fucking, even though every porn site has a plethora of distinct categories that showcase regular-ass, ordinary people fucking the shit out of each other. Maybe people just don’t want to grow up? I’ve explained several times that sex has never been a big deal for me, and that I don’t even remember when I lost my virginity. I was dry-humping and shit so early, all that shit runs together when I try to think about it. And it’s nothing to brag about because it’s fucking normal! Again, we instinctively want to fuck people and that shit is virtually out of our control. Still, there is no excuse for violating someone! When you’ve been famous as long as Diddy, certainly groupies end up inflating your ego. I’m sure there have been literally thousands of nights when Diddy snatched up a few random women out of a crowd and did whatever he wanted to do to them, then abruptly shooed them away when he was finished. When you’re accustomed to that type of access to women, and no holds barred sexual escapades, is it far-fetched to assume that your recurrent fuck buddies comprehend that they aren’t imperative? If a woman wants to stay close to Diddy, she’d likely be willing to do whatever it takes to remain in his good graces, right? Despite the fact that I believe Cassie was exploited and manipulated, I also believe that she delighted in being one of Diddy’s chosen keepers. If the situation was all bad, why did she stick around for so long? Is it possible that Cassie is jealous of Caresha? Did Cassie run out of money and Diddy refused to fund her lavish lifestyle, so she decided to sue? Do you think Cassie believes Diddy is likely to lose a ton of money fighting potential criminal charges, so she wanted to milk him before it was too late? Like I said in the last post, privacy is paramount! We all have opinions. And the best way to give a wide berth to unfavorable opinions is to be honest about what you care to share and to valiantly safeguard everything that you want to keep private. Everything ain’t everybody’s fucking business! Is it really courageous for women to air their dirty laundry for personal gain? Tell-all books, lawsuits, scandalous interviews, etc. All that shit is corny and gratuitous! If you really want justice, and if you desire to inspire other women to seek retribution after victimization, keep the details confidential and share your journey through the process of proper prosecution and healing. Of course, high profile cases are going to leak no matter what. But for most women, they are better off just moving on and discovering ways to cope with their trauma. Still and all, when you dramatize your trauma for funds and fun, that shit is weird! Peace.

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