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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVIV

Again, why did Keke Palmer have a baby by a man that she doesn’t respect? Honestly, I’m just tired of bitch-ass niggas altogether! Darius Jackson is a bitch, and that’s an incontrovertible fact. But I refuse to act like disrespectful women don’t bring the worst out of men! There’s a common and perceptible double standard as it pertains to abuse in heterosexual relationships. And stupid bitches often believe that they can do or say whatever they want to men, as they selfishly and foolishly presume that men are supposed to be strong and able to endure anything. Get the fuck out of here! In the aftermath of Keke’s domestic abuse accusations, women have been denouncing every man who spoke out against her impertinent behavior with Usher. In my opinion, Darius simply wanted a relationship where Keke respected him enough to publicly honor their commitment to each other. And it seems like Keke just wasn’t ready to fully commit. I may be going out on a limb here, but I’d bet money that Keke regularly diminished and disregarded Darius as a human with feelings who required attention and affection from the woman that he thought loved him back! Once again, I love women. And I’ve spent enough time with them, and have experienced enough dysfunction, to understand that even smart women can have a fucked-up perception of what healthy relationship dynamics are. If a healthy relationship only needed two things, they would be mutual respect and communication. First, no woman that I would commit to would ever disrespect me in any way, form, or fashion. One, I only deal with women that I respect. Two, I’m a grown-ass man with a long list of desirable qualities that my type of lady wouldn’t want to lose. Three, a woman would only have one chance to do something that suggests that she may potentially disrespect me before I’d kick her ass to the curb. Four, I’m too real for dumb bitches to find interest in me! Whether it appears so or not, most people know who to play with and who not to play with. Keke played with Darius because she saw how sensitive he is, and because she’s immature, she did everything she could to let him know that she thinks he’s a bitch! That’s why she fraternized with Usher, and it’s why she’s felt no remorse for mocking Darius’ sensitivities! You can’t believe that “we’re all human” and take sides in disputes based on gender. I see through people and their bullshit, and I don’t mind standing alone in my stances. So, I anticipate people being in disagreement with me. And because I’m not a weak-ass person, I would never change my mind just to be liked or accepted. A lot of the world’s perplexity and strife could be resolved if people accepted that we’re different and there’s nothing that can be done about it. One of my biggest problems with psychology is the idea that a human, with instinctive and distinctive biases and opinions, can tell another human how to be a better human. Many people believe that heterogeneity—being emotionally, intellectually, and characteristically diverse—is always an indication of a psychiatric disorder. No, stupid motherfucker, some people just disagree with the rest of you imbeciles. And as such, they don’t want to be a part of anything “normal” if it’s contrary to who they naturally are! Plainly, being diverse and thinking differently doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you! It’s clear to me that monogamy just isn’t natural for everybody, and I’m as tired of pointing that out as I am with bitch-ass niggas. If y’all don’t start doing what makes sense to you, especially when there are no negative side effects, you’ll never be happy. Fuck people, fuck societal norms, fuck tradition, and fuck everything that doesn’t mean anything to you!

On your list of important things, where does sex rank? You can gauge a person’s maturity level by their sexual preferences and their views on sex in general. For instance, mature women often proclaim that they desire good sex, where immature women boast about how much dick they can take. Personally, nothing turns me off more than stupidity. A sapiosexual is someone who is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people. A while back, sapiosexual was a trendy term that every goofy-ass Instagram model and ghetto baby mama used when they were trying to seem sophisticated. But how many stupid people, that you know of, have ever been in a relationship with an intelligent person? You can be attracted to whomever and whatever you want, but the attraction must be mutual for a connection to be made. As an intelligent person, I’d be remiss if I neglected to say that there is nothing that a stupid bitch can do for me, regardless of how physically attractive she is! And a lot of people are never happy in their relationships because they’re never comprehensively attracted to their partners. Insecurities manifest in many different ways. One of the most prevalent insecurities in men and women is their vulnerability to other people’s opinions. Said vulnerability often compels people to seek partners that other people find physically attractive, as many people don’t want to be obligated to defend themselves or their partners against negative opinions. That whole “I don’t want to be with anyone that other people don’t find attractive” thing is a great and glaring insecurity that is more embarrassing than having an ostensibly unattractive partner, from my point of view. Y’all are weak as fuck, and it’s sad. On the same list of important things, where does happiness land? There are a multitude of benefits that accompany security, with the foremost being the certainty that you’re worthy of happiness. And with that, everyone of sound and sober mind appreciates that outside influences and unwarranted opinions are ordinarily obstructive to happiness. People run their mouths and attempt to impose themselves into other people’s lives for several reasons. Nosy and insolent people like to feel significant, they aren’t self-aware enough to know what’s best for them, they are entertained and enlivened by being involved in drama, they get a confidence boost by highlighting what they perceive as other people’s lack of self-confidence, they absurdly believe that being disliked is a testament to their realness and truth-telling, and more. People are going to talk shit regardless, especially if they don’t like you and they know their words negatively affect you. For example, why would racists ever stop using the word nigger if they don’t like black people and their abiding aim is to upset or trigger proud black people? If racists know how much black people hate to be called niggers, that’s going to be their go-to insult whenever they want to start some shit. Idiots are simple-minded creatures, and bad-mouthing is a simple method of insulting someone. Insecure people’s negativity is a manifestation of their hostility toward happiness. Because most unhappy people have impairing insecurities. Moreover, keeping people out of your business is a great way to circumvent the frustration and annoyance of prying agitators. It’s no secret that social media has done far more harm than good to interpersonal relations and people’s overall mental health. Many insecure people use social media as a concealer to mask their unhappiness. Additionally, other people use social media to reveal what unhappy people attempt to conceal. Coping mechanisms can be helpful and harmful, and both concealers and revealers are attempting to cope with the anxiety of being perceived as unhappy in society. Concealers don’t want people to see how miserable they are, and revealers want to make concealers even more miserable for concealing. But a revealer’s misery is exposed every time they attempt to reveal a concealer while assuming that tormenting the concealer is commendable. The truth is, nobody is happy all day, every day—it’s literally impossible. Simply consuming too much sugar or not getting enough sleep frequently sends people into mood swings, right? And only narcissists and sociopaths never experience self-consciousness. Stop letting people get to you, they just want you to be miserable with them!

Now, back to bitch-ass niggas. Fragile egos are the bane of all existence, and egos are professedly a predominantly male thing. And because this is a “man’s world”, it is said fragile egos that makes everyone’s life so unsecure. Instead of leaving Keke Palmer after feeling disregarded and disrespected, Daruis Jackson decided to stroke his ego by dominating Keke physically. In abusive relationships, some women perceive being attacked as discipline—as parents often discipline their children by beating them. And when you think about it, both physical and emotional abuse are commonly learned behaviors. Also, violence is a natural response to anger. I wouldn’t be surprised if Keke Palmer lacked a positive female role model growing up. Parents being present doesn’t mean that they parented effectively. If we’re sticking with the “we’re all human” theme, maybe no one in Keke’s life was mature and responsible enough to teach her how to properly respect her partner in a relationship? Contrary to popular belief, wisdom seldom coincides with progressing in age. If you’re a stupid motherfucker at your core, getting older is unlikely to change that. With that being said, Keke is currently old enough to figure out things on her own. And remaining in an alleged abusive relationship long enough to have a child and cause a scandal for revenge following abuse is an indication of immaturity. Some women aren’t going to like what I’m saying, but that’s probably because you don’t like taking accountability. The fact is, women are just as liable for what they allow to happen to them in abusive relationships as the men who abuse them in said relationships. And occasionally, men physically abusing women is their only redress for being emotionally abused by their women. If people continue to coddle women as if they’re faultless in all respects after abuse, they’ll never hold themselves accountable for whatever blame that they should be reasonably answerable for. Oftentimes, victims create victims. And we all know that all women aren’t innocent! This isn’t me making an excuse for abusive men, it’s me rejecting people’s excuses for abusive women. Do women really want equality? I know that’s a popular question as of late, but it’s frequently asked because women play the victim card every chance they get. Keke was abused, we seen the screenshots, so we know it happened. But why did it happen? I’m the type of person who, at a minimum, requires two sides of a story before I draw a conclusion. I’m calling Darius a bitch because Keke can’t beat him in a fight, so him putting his hands on her automatically makes him a wuss. Yet, like I just said, it’s possible that physicality was his only way of letting her know that she was making him feel small. And I believe it’s imperative for females to apprehend this because of the ridiculous misconception that it’s okay for women to belittle and berate men, which again, often leads to hurt men hurting women. Men want to be respected just like women do, and women are just as disrespectful as men—if not more. Nevertheless, there are masses of men and women who don’t deserve to be respected. And when people know they ain’t shit, they find other ain’t-shit people to accompany them. As lovely and talented as Keke Palmer is, maybe she doesn’t appreciate her worth? Then again, it’s possible that Keke has an inflated sense of self-worth and she wants a man to grovel at her feet and follow her every command. Privacy is paramount! I’m proud to say that nobody knows me well enough to provide any intimate details about my sex life or any of my private affairs. I’ve kept stupid-ass people out of my business my entire adult life, going back to my late-teens. Life is all about boundaries, and you should never allow people to set boundaries for themselves in your life. For example, if you’re in a healthy and flourishing relationship and you have to tell your invasive loved ones to mind their motherfucking business, do that! But if you’re in an unhealthy and damaging relationship and you’re accustomed to people respecting your privacy, you should reach out for help. Sometimes, people don’t pry because they assume you’d ask for help if you really needed it. Other times, people interfere in your relationships because they want to manipulate you, especially when they don’t want you to be happy. This is why being mature and intelligent is so major for everyone. Because you could be causing yourself unnecessary despondency, and other people could be causing you deliberate despair, but you may not even be aware of what the fuck is going on! Everybody, just do better. And if you’re tired of hearing that, we’re tired of saying it. Peace.

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