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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVIII

Pardon the brief reprieve. I had to relax to avoid hopping on here and unnecessarily sending people straight to therapy. And if you think they don’t care that much, trust me—they do. I won’t even address anyone individually or directly. But I’m still me, of course! As a human, there are a lot of things that I could never respect. On the top of that list, is attitudinizers! An attitudinizer is someone who assumes an affected mental attitude, typically for effect. It ain’t hard to tell that I’m a thought leader. And as such, my natural position is always to the fore. Simply, most people don’t think like me! But if you listen closely to some of the harangues spewed by a lot of the people that you love to hate, you’ll notice that they often try to imitate my distinctively dissenting perspectives. Everyone who has been misappropriating my gems are either popular people that nobody really likes or unpopular people that most people aren’t familiar with. And none of y’all are me, which is why you can’t impact people the way I do. You can’t fake what I am! I want y’all to think about the disservice you’ve been doing me and the People by expropriating all of the powerful messages that I’ve influenced you with. And how effective my words have been to you. And how much I’ve helped you understand. All for you to regurgitate my food for thought—that is no longer nutritional after you stole it, halfway digested it, puked it out, then tried to feed it to people! Imagine a vagrant peeking through the kitchen window of Michelin star restaurant, and trying to copy the top chef’s gourmet recipes with garbage from the dumpster of fast food chain restaurant. So, all y’all think you’re Remy from Ratatouille? There’s going to come a time when a few of y’all are going to be dying to interview me. Can you guess what my answer is going to be? “Never!”. I don’t respect what you’re doing or what you’ve done! And once the people who’ve been needing to recognize some of the things that I’ve clarified get a whiff of what’s been going on, they aren’t going to appreciate it either. I can tell y’all aren’t the thinkers that you purport to be. If you’re waiting for me to “come out”, but you know who I am and what I’m about, how would you know that if I weren’t already “out”?! So, you recognize that I’m different, and that I’m aiming to do things differently, but you’re waiting for me to do things that have already been done?! Make that make sense! If I’ve essentially altered your lives to the point where reading my blog affects your mood and your thought processes, and you assume that other people would benefit from my knowledge, why not share me? And this is why I’m me and y’all aint! “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything” is an old, hackneyed proverb that we’ve all heard far too many times. And the saying’s origin has been attributed to many people because thievery is the truest form of adulation! When someone wants what you have, you have something worth stealing. Before I continue, let’s create a new aphorism to describe how a lack of principles and pride can lead to a person succumbing to senselessness and stupidity. “Without a backbone, you can’t stand on your own” was the first thing that came to my mind, so we’ll run with that. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, it’s me—I’m the big deal! And the problem is, it seems like people are doing everything in their power to make a big deal out of me without making a big deal out of me, if you catch my drift. And if I neglected to confront this disservice, this whole little situation wouldn’t be any fun at all!

I ain’t mad, I’m just disappointed. As I’ve come to realize that a few of the people who I thought were smart ain’t nothing but loquacious exhibitionists—who snaffle quotes! I remember when I first heard Big K.R.I.T. The guy was so fire that I didn’t want him to blow up because I knew the quality of his music would diminish. And honestly, I haven’t been listening to his most recent projects at all. Everything ain’t meant for the mainstream. Some things get old fast. And a lot of people lose their fire after success. But for me, as I’ve mentioned, success isn’t about money or fame. If you’re reading this, and I’ve been a guide for any level of change in your life, envision how easy it would be for me to guide people right out of your life! They say with great power comes great responsibility. And I am making myself responsible for proving just how stupid some of you so-called “intelligent” people are. How smart can you be if you need to copy me to feel smart?! I am my biggest inspiration in life and you all’s stupidity is my biggest muse in expression. What means the world to you? For me, it’s my mental health. Mental health constitutes our lucidity, confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, problem solving skills, determination, and everything responsible for furnishing our flourishment. And personally, my strong sense of self-identity is what promotes my mental healthiness. I think about humility a lot, and write about if often, because I repudiate the idea of being humble. And the aforementioned disservice is a prime example of why dignity and high self-regard are crucial attributes for everyone who wishes to accomplish anything significant. Because if you allow other people to foist your authority in your own life, you’re authorizing them to impose themselves, their ideas, their perspectives, their judgements, their perception of you, and whatever impediments they desire onto you! In other words, know your worth and stand firm on it regardless of who’s appraising you! Being popular doesn’t make someone important. These days, being in demand doesn’t even make a person interesting. For instance, a man who reviews customer service at restaurants has a larger following than all of your favorite black podcasters, and people coddle the guy like Yelp hasn’t existed for nearly 20 years now. People have become so characterless that ordinary people push meaninglessness and mundaneness like it’s picturesque! How many of you encounter nonsense every day, and expect it every subsequent day, but don’t care to be reminded of it in an unscholarly, unhelpful, unentertaining manner? How many of you feel like we’re in an era of triviality and nothingness?! The vast majority of content creators, especially the popular ones, are former participation medal recipients! These schmoes are very uninspiring, which makes their popularity more intriguing than their content. But not really, because everybody’s stupid and that pretty much explains everything. Of course, you could attempt to argue that a popular social media personality’s universality is a testament to people’s cumulative admiration of them. Yet, I could more convincingly argue that internet virality is a direct consequence of indoctrination implemented by affected people and their collaborative exigency for being party to a collective. Like I always say, people love being told what to do! Without people, people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. It’s the reason hatred is people’s favorite pastime, it’s why trends are so fashionable, it’s the cause of people’s love for reacting to other people’s reactions, it’s the purpose for which acceptance is vitally important to many people’s motivation, it’s the motive for inquisitiveness, it’s the basis of people’s obsessiveness over other people’s opinions about them, etc. Additionally, it’s why weak-minded people don’t like me! I’m not y’all, I’m nothing like you, I’m my own person, I think independently, I act as an individual, and I’m anti everything y’all represent. That’s why you’re jacking my swag and riding my jock, ain’t it? You appreciate that I’m an all-around better person than you are and you hate me for it, don’t you? Too bad, so sad!

I ain’t going nowhere, but I’ll be everywhere! I don’t believe in karma per se, but I trust that people will always receive from what they give. And what I’m giving, is persistent progression toward my goal of being of paramount importance to the revolution. When I say revolution, I don’t mean a disorganized insurrection. I’m referring to the mass enlightenment of the People. I’m going to utilize people’s necessity for being demanded to precipitate an uprising against stupidity. Like I’ve mentioned before, if y’all understood what I understand, you would know that there’s no action that you can take or not take that isn’t already part of my plan. And the fact that you’re here, on my blog, proves it! I never liked the game of chess because there are too many rules and restrictions. From my perspective, games should be fun. However, I’m certain that I would be a grandmaster if I cared to play. When I was young, I was besotted with guns. And it wasn’t because I wanted to harm people, it was because guns were tools that facilitated victories in wars. I was one of those kids who disassembled electronics just to see what was going on inside. And I’ve always been fascinated by tools—things that can be used to fix problems. I perceive my brain as a tool because someone’s brain concocted the designs for everything we use to correct our mistakes and improve our lives. If the creation of a tool is a solution in itself, how can you construct an implement without the ability to analyze the situation and pinpoint the area that requires attention? Typically, when something needs to be repaired, the goal is to restore it to its former properly functioning condition. The problem with people is, they’ve been stupid forever! So, no one can restore intelligence that people have never possessed. Luckily, Beau Amoureux is the future. Being intelligent is a gift and a curse. It’s a gift because intelligent people generally have fewer complications in their day-to-day lives. But it’s a curse because super consciousness, hypersensitivity to issues, and an intrinsic inclination for conceiving resolutions is nerve-racking. Once more, ignorance is considered blissful because “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you”. The lack of qualified democratic presidential candidates for 2024 is an indication, at least to me, that self-confidence amongst sensible people is at an all-time low. That, or practical people don’t care enough about politics anymore to sacrifice their sanity for a country ripe with imbecility and brimful of godawful goofs. Some people believe that patient perseverance involves a degree of insanity, but I disagree. I’m of the opinion that privation of persistence demonstrates the absence of mental fortitude, which is why weak-minded people remain dejected and unaccomplished for the entirety of their lives. Do you want to know the cheat code for changeless confidence? It’s self-absorption! Keep other people and their opinions out of your head, no matter their relation to you. And anyone who doesn’t align with your reasoned judgements and refuses to support your logical intentions shouldn’t be around you. The greatest majority of people are weak and stupid, which is why they spend more time criticizing people who take action than they do taking action! Plus, those same weak and stupid people would rather for you to define yourself by your shortcomings than your strengths. Like Beau Amoureux says, “I will die before I allow someone else to tell me who I am or who I’m supposed to be!”. I take such a caustic approach in my writing because I believe I understand people exhaustively. Nobody appreciates disingenuousness, but we all anticipate it, right? Most people don’t receive civility appreciatively because they perceive it as pity or artifice. People rebuff being pitied because they don’t want others to view them as hopeless. Additionally, who wants to be tricked? So, to avoid being patronized or manipulated, in a world where anyone with half a brain accepts that deception and victimization are rampant, people often defend themselves by simply rejecting politeness and pushing questionable people away. Because the easiest way to trick someone is to get on their good side and then stab them in the back, correct? In that, I comprehend that my abrasive, uncomplicated diction is predominately unambiguous and is likely to be strictly interpreted in the manner in which I intend. In other words, straight up telling people that they’re stupid is presumably regarded as less offensive than suggesting that they may be stupid. Not cussing in this post was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I likely won’t try it again. So, for now, fuck y’all, but have a nice day! Peace.

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