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Everybody’s Stupid, XCVII

These stupid-ass niggas want to be me so fucking bad! Unfortunately for y’all, you don’t have the brainpower. But I’ll elaborate on that in the next post. However, before I go there, I’m sure some people will ask themselves, “who does this guy think he is?”. My question is, who the fuck are you to question me, bitch?! Right now, I want to discuss the disgust that I feel discerning how niggas decide to diminish themselves to dross by doing the dark deeds of devilish dudes who don’t have the daring and determination to do their own dirt! Loyalty is the act of displaying dogged devotion to a person or cause. Do you remember what I said about people needing to feel accepted to have purpose in life? Purpose is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Without purpose, many people aren’t motivated to do anything. Yet, over and above that, a lot of people ruin their lives searching the wrong places for purpose and meaning. In politics, culture, religion, relationships, and life in general, most people are acclimatized to following other people’s direction and being components of a collective. In my opinion, it’s difficult for the majority of people to discover their unaffected position because they’re uncomfortable being uncommon and they fear isolation. Yes, that’s basically a reiteration of what I just said. And I believe that being able to make correlations is a great skill, so please read that again for clarity, if needed. I’m of the opinion that it’s healthy for people to seek the company and endearment of others, but it can also be very unhealthy. Bad influences, manipulators, instigators, abusers, exploiters, dictators, indoctrinators, fake friends, toxic relatives, narcissistic partners, sociopaths, psychopaths, the media, the tabloids, social trends, and sheer stupidity are a few environmentally unfriendly things that we’ve all experienced, right? Technically, it’s not necessary for you to be involved in something to experience it. For example, music concerts and other forms of entertainment are often referred to as experiences. But you don’t have to be a performer to be a part of said experiences, correct? Simply witnessing, being exposed to, being aware of, or having understanding of something can qualify as experience. Like, do you have to be a crackhead to know that you never want to be addicted to a life-draining drug? Just experiencing the degradation of a drug-addicted person’s mind and body is enough to scare smart people away from hard drugs. But I think a lot of people have trouble interpreting unhealthiness. And that’s mainly because people have made it normal to be unhealthy and to do unhealthy shit! Detrimental things don’t have to be as drastic as becoming frail, losing all your teeth, and pawning your prized possessions or selling your body for a fix. However, people seem to enjoy detriment, so maybe I’m wasting my time pointing this out? But maybe I’m not. I’m the type of person who doesn’t need an audience to do what’s best for me. I want to win whether I’m recognized for it or not, and even if I’m the only participant in my own challenge. So, am I wrong for thinking that people are stupid for willfully choosing to lose? Black men yearn for each other’s affection so badly that they indefatigably sacrifice themselves to prove their fidelity to their fellow niggas! A nigga will lose his life and/or his freedom for a mere flattering remark from their peers. Niggas don’t feel loved because black people generally think they’re weak for being sentimental, despite how overemotional and dramatic they inherently are, which is due to their emotional immaturity. In other words, niggas believe fighting and fussing are signs of strength where circumventing confrontation is an indication of weakness. Hence, we have black men who are as sensitive as teenage girls and black women who are as hardened as black men wish they were!

If you don’t want people to tell the truth about you, be a better person when nobody’s looking! That may not make sense to some of you, but that’s because you’re lying to yourselves about being dishonest. Like I’ve mentioned previously, secrets aren’t automatically deceitful. It’s actually respectful and respectable to withhold personal and private information from strangers and snooping shit-starters. But why would anyone respect a liar enough to lie about their lies?! If you go back to my first post on this blog, even then I was talking about how much I loathe liars. It’s because I’ve been surrounded by habitual and pathological liars my entire life, and liars just got life fucked-up! But let me slightly divert from this topic before I go off on a repetitive tangent. Back in the early-2000s, niggas sparked a movement aimed to galvanize followers of street culture into action against snitching. Snitching is loosely defined as the act of informing on someone to authorities. The “Stop Snitchin’” campaign gained momentum as the trendy slogan attracted hoodlums, from every ghetto in the country, who objected to their peers cooperating with law enforcement in all capacities. Among niggas, as a general rule against snitching, niggas aren’t even allowed to provide details on a suspect who victimized their loved ones! And as stupid as that sounds to the best of us, I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention that “real niggas” still abide by that rule today. Needless to say, criminals have been anti-law enforcement since the beginning of civilization. And it’s safe to assume that niggas adopted their detestation of “ratting” from the same mafia culture that street culture is derivative of. Except, organized crime is contradictory to street crime, as organized crime often involves collaboration with law enforcement. In mafia culture, ratting is different from snitching because a person is only considered a rat if they betray the “family” for personal gain. In fact, rival mafia families informed on each other as often as they could, in efforts to stifle the competition without bloodshed or risking arrest. And in cities like Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore, a few mafia families are still active, with many members working in law enforcement. If you ask me, that’s smart as fuck! From my perspective, snitching is only unseemly when the snitcher is a willful participant of a wrongdoing and they use their cooperation with authorities as leverage to implicate their abettors to receive leniency. And though I repudiate criminals who create victims, as a human, I would want my comrades to have my back regardless of how sticky the situation is. If you break a pact and stab someone in the back, even as an amoral person, that makes you unprincipled. I hate liars, but I also think integrity can be adverse in excess. This is planet Earth, where law enforcers break the law, judges subvert the rule of law, lawmakers corrupt the law, and whereas the law ain’t really “the law”. So, it’s easy to play yourself trying to maintain moral uprightness in a world where immorality is more common than sunlight. Nevertheless, an honest evildoer still has more integrity than a saint who tells little white lies. Personally, I’m truthful, but I would never incriminate myself on purpose or reveal information that could be used against me. And I’m not truthful because I want people to respect my sincerity, I tell the truth because I don’t care enough about people’s opinions to lie about anything. Although, I’m also forthright in hopes that my genuineness will encourage other people to free themselves from the suppression of society’s scolding. Stop worrying about what these fake-ass, stupid-ass, weak-ass people think! People can’t even be honest with themselves when their lives literally depend on it. For instance, why can’t the “Podfather” appreciate that he’s too old, out of shape, and successful to be scuffling in strip clubs over contentious commentary?

Every time I mention that staying home more often is beneficial to people’s mental health and overall well-being, motherfuckers go on their podcasts and boast about all the times they almost didn’t make it home. What fucking sense does that make!? They brag about how young they were when they “hopped off the porch”, and how they’re “outside”. Motherfuckers, for the umpteenth time, when niggas say “anybody can get it”, that’s includes your stupid-ass! I know some of y’all think I’m batshit, but that’s because motherfuckers refuse to say my name, for reasons unbeknownst to me! It’s a fucking conspiracy. Clearly, I’m an impressive enough writer to make bitches pussies wet and to make niggas wish they were this intelligent and talented. And because celebrities are just popular humans, and any human with a brain can tell that I’m about to be the most powerful influencer since April 4, 1968, I’m not crazy for expecting my celebrity fans to acknowledge my distinction! Especially when you nut-huggers are jacking my talking points and practically quoting me damn-near every time you’re behind a microphone! Get the fuck out of here! We all know how much words can hurt. And I hate to do this, but motherfuckers are leaving me no choice. I am going to fry you niggas up like catfish on a Sunday morning, cooked in lard, in a cast iron skillet, in the south, at somebody’s grandma’s house! We all know you can’t fry nothing better than that! But I digress. Stupid people always say shit like, “what happened to the good old days, when people stood toe-to-toe and the best person won without pulling out a gun?”. How about everybody grow the fuck up, get out of your feelings, and admit that you just want to be happy!? As a man, I never feel obligated to prove my manhood—that’s something insecure males do. You can think I’m the biggest bitch in the world, but because I know for a fact that’s not true, I’m not going to compromise my safety or my freedom trying to disprove it! Again, people opinions don’t matter to me. In my opinion, you kind of have to hate yourself to play yourself. Outside of a threat, if something that someone says bothers you to the point where you’re willing to become injured or incarcerated just to make yourself feel better, you’re a weak-ass person! It’s plainly irrational for a person to intentionally put themselves in harm’s way. Niggas are so used to lying to themselves, they can’t admit that they’re only violent because they want to prove themselves to their peers. I stopped fucking with niggas as a teenager because I realized that niggas weren’t real! If you claim to understand that niggas ain’t real, but you spend all your time around niggas, what the fuck are you talking about?! Again, I love women so much, I don’t even remember the last time I hung out with a dude. As a human, I’ve had a few moments in my life when I bitched out or didn’t fight when I really wanted to. And I was never afraid, but the lack of fear is what scared me. This is going to sound like bullshit to weak-ass people, but if I gave a fuck about y’all I would just shut up, yet here we are! I’ve always been an introspective, self-aware person. And I’ve always prided myself on being strong-minded, even as a child. I knew that if I ever lost sense of my wits or failed to keep my composure, something bad would happen. And for me, that has always been scarier than bitch-ass niggas that I could easily shoot or slice up with a box cutter! Honestly, every time I’ve argued or put my gun in a nigga’s face, I never intended harm them. And every time I backed a nigga down, which has been a few times, I realized that he didn’t really want any problems either. Being in “the shit” is what taught me that it’s seldom necessary to go there! Niggas are out here being niggas because they believe that’s what they’re supposed to do! And to paraphrase myself, if niggas with heads and faces full of grey hairs don’t know no better, what the fuck should we expect from the little niggas following their direction? We all have our limits. Shit, most of the mass shooters in recent history have been law-abiding citizens with no prior criminal history. If Connor from accounting is bussing his gun, what makes niggas think they’re special for pulling a trigger? Who thinks street niggas are cool, other than white kids and other street niggas?! I’d rather be putting my beef in a bitch’s taco than to be beefing with niggas over tacos. You can’t tell me a motherfucker has never been shot over a taco, on planet Earth! That’s how stupid you motherfuckers are! Peace.

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