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Everybody’s Stupid, XCIV

Let’s discuss generational trauma. In the context of this discussion, generational trauma is vicarious or empathized ardor and emotion that people exhibit in honor of their predecessors. Indignant people are known to zealously attach themselves to antiquated, self-righteous causes because they view their compassion as a form of vindication or redemption for the antecedents that they believe have been unjustly persecuted. Once again, if you closely observe Dr. Umar Johnson’s rants, it’s uncomplicated to discern his very organized emotional instability. And it’s evident that he is ripe with generational trauma. Honestly, it’s difficult for me to dislike Dr. Umar because he’s undeniably intelligent. However, he pushes a lot of thoughtless, self-serving rhetoric that proves he’s more concerned with gathering followers than liberating people of African descent. Niggas often have trouble understanding what suppression and subjugation are, and Dr. Umar is one of those niggas. To suppress someone is to subdue them, or to prevent them from developing, acting, or expressing freely. To subjugate someone is to conquer them and forcibly bring them under domination or control. What’s a leader to you? Oxford Languages defines leader as the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. To command is to give an authoritative order, to order is to insist, and to insist is to reject refusal of said command. Now, not all leaders are domineering, but Dr. Umar clearly wants to be feared. I mean, he refers to himself as mister “King Kong Consciousness”! Who hurt this man? Dr. Umar, I know you’re a student of the Beau Amoureux school of intellectualism. So, who hurt you, bruh? A traumatized psychologist is like a fucking pornographic prude—the two things just don’t belong together. Kind of like Will and Jada! If a leader demands that you remain doggedly acquiescent and docile under their strict doctrine, that’s an autocracy—a dictatorship. And a dictator suppresses and subjugates! In the early 1930s, Elijah Muhammad was recruited by Wallace Fard Muhammad shortly after Wallace founded the Nation of Islam. Following Elijah’s recruitment, Wallace “disappeared” and Elijah became his successor. Of course, Elijah Muhammad went on to lead the NOI for 41 years—from 1934 until his death in 1975. Around the mid-1950s, Elijah Muhammad began fathering numerous children with various women, out of wedlock. And the jarring findings sent shock waves throughout the nation, but everywhere but the Nation. Ultimately, Elijah didn’t practice what he preached, but his congregation was so servile that they didn’t censure him. If you know anything about followers of the NOI, they are deeply devoted die-hards who dick-ride their leaders till death! In other words, they are sycophantic servants of humans with strong opinions. And that means that they are suppressed and subjugated! Now, I don’t mean any disrespect. Because I don’t want to have to peek out my window with the AK ready to shoot in today’s social climate. Still, I’m going to talk my shit because I’m FREE to do so! This is for damn sure going to hurt some people’s feelings. But I want you to really think about why you’re offended. Are you mad because you feel personally insulted? Or are you vivified because your leader demanded that you find fault with everyone who criticizes the organization?! What type of human would I be if I didn’t have the temerity to be truthful and true to myself?! What type of human believes they should be exempt from being acknowledged?! When was the last time you allowed someone to dictate your opinion of them?! Get the fuck out of here! As a self-governing individual, any person, place, or thing that believes I am going to place them over me in my life, is the stupidest common noun in the fucking world! This is how freethinkers think. We have minds of our own!

You don’t get to tell me how to think! You don’t get to tell me how to feel! You don’t get to tell me how to act! You don’t get to tell me what to say! You don’t get to tell me shit! That may sound elementary and oversimplified, but the essential nature of freedom shouldn’t be complex or overstated. People are confused as fuck as it is! Freedom is the ability to do whatever the fuck you want to do without resistance. Yet, regulations and principles are imperative to ensuring humans remain civilized. Then again, who the fuck are people to tell people what they can and can’t do? When people are eager and aching to sacrifice themselves to serve another person’s purpose or grant someone else’s wishes, especially after they’ve been brainwashed into believing that subservience is the path to freedom, at what point should broad-minded emancipators intervene in efforts to save the suppressed and subjugated martyrs? As a leader, I naturally never feel the necessity to seek guidance or direction. That’s generally not how leaders operate. I don’t need to attach myself to a “greater” influence to feel accepted. I am my greatest influence, I acknowledge and appreciate myself, and I intrinsically value my own perspectives. That makes sense, right? Why would a leader need someone to follow? There’s a whole lot of shit that some people simply can’t figure out on their own, so they subscribe to the outside opinion that makes the most sense to them. Oftentimes, people are indecisive on a subject when it’s not something that they specifically deem consequential. When people deem something insignificant, it doesn’t concern them enough to stimulate their consideration. And do you know what people deem the most insignificant? It’s other people! If people gave a fuck about the well-being of other people, plainly, the world would be a better place. Instead, we’re stuck with tormentors and mass shooters, tyrants and toadies, pimps and panderers, politicians and police officers, gang bangers and enablers, influencers and idiots, and worse! The worst part about people is your propensity assume. Assuming is supposing that something is true without having any proof. Assumptions are acceptable when the assumer utilizes their suppositions to encourage their enthusiasm to discover facts. But when your stupid-ass just likes to guess and make up shit, chiefly to fulfill your predilection for being right, you’re not helping yourself and you’re not disproving the truth! I was recently watching something where it was implied that every man needs to be a member of a tribe to maximize their potential. I couldn’t disagree more. I will never accede to the notion that it is unhealthy or abnormal for people to prefer independence or individualism. A self-reliant person is never seeking or open to other people’s opinions about their personal preferences, neither are they uber-focused on other people’s proclivities. If someone isn’t unambiguously self-destructing or crying out for help, it’s redundant for a motherfucker to express disapproval of that person’s actions solely because they disagree with said person’s decisions. Fuck how you feel about how securer people feel! Everybody’s not looking for validation and toleration from people that they don’t even give a fuck about! The way I see it, if a motherfucker can’t accept me for who I choose to be, fuck ‘em! Strong-minded people never capitulate, conform, or concur with weak-minded people. How many of you hate to hear, or read, unfaltering confidence and unwavering self-assurance? I rarely speak like this in audible conversations because I seldom feel the need to prove anything to anybody or convince anyone that I am who I am. Fuck people! Outside of writing, I’m the type of person who will allow people to believe a lie before I’ll exert myself trying to demonstrate the truth. If the truth is the only thing that’s real, and if a lie ain’t the truth, that makes the lie imaginary, right? What the fuck do I care about imaginary shit?! Better yet, how do you think I feel about people who can’t discern reality from imaginary shit?! People give themselves too much credit and people give other people too much power. Once again, facts are the only reality, regardless of how adamantly people deny it!

On a lighter note, I’m mad as hell at season seven of Rick and Morty! And while I’m on this topic, let me reiterate something awesome. If you’re new here, I have reason to believe that I was shouted out via an “Easter egg” in season six, episode six of Rick and Morty. This might get a little cringe for the skeptics and the nonbelievers, also known as the undistinguished lamebrains who will never accomplish anything momentous in their lives, but go fuck yourselves and listen. In that episode, there’s a character named “Beau” who owns a barbecue restaurant. While Rick and the president are enjoying barbecue at the restaurant, “Bar-Beau-Q”, they mention boredom and being tired of watching Grammarly ads on YouTube. I’m a writer, and Grammarly is AI writing software—that I would never fucking use! I’m a writing purist and I despise all the wannabe Beaus out there. Y’all know I’m surgical with the keyboard—a top tier keyboard warrior! And an acclaimed aficionado of the liberal arts. Anyway, my YouTube legacy username URL is Copy and paste that into your browser for confirmation. And note, it’s called a “legacy” username URL because only grandfathered accounts have one, and it can’t be changed. Now, if you think all of that is a coincidence, simply read all of my blog posts and go watch that episode of Rick and Morty. A few of my hot takes and unpopular opinions were alluded to in the dialogue. Not to mention that the whole episode is about dinosaurs plagiarizing a writer’s book without crediting the writer. On top of that, in an adjacent episode, Rick talks about making nods to the viewers, at which Morty replies, “Which viewers?”. Then, in a later episode, after a terrorist attack, a news reporter voiced by Rick’s voice actor declares that the attack was, “definitely not amore”. But with extra emphasis on the “amore”. Amore means love in Italian and Amour (the core word in my last name) means love in French. I don’t give a fuck how crazy this sounds, it’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m a fucking legend! Don’t be hatin’. Why the fuck would I need nobodies to appreciate my greatness when many achievers regularly recognize and highlight my prominence and proficiency?! That’s not to say that nobodies can’t serve a purpose, but if you ain’t on this train you best not be standing on the tracks. Because this fully-loaded locomotive ain’t stopping! Yeah, I’m about to be dreadfully corny for the duration of this post. Rick and Morty’s voice actor, and the co-creator of the show, Justin Roiland, was relieved of his duties amid controversy surrounding sexual allegations. He was also a writer on the show. In his absence, the show has noticeably diminished in quality. The new voice actors for the two main characters sound a lot like Roiland, but it’s just not the same without him. And unfortunately, I believe this is the end of the Rick and Morty epoch. If you don’t know, Rick and Morty is an animated series about an alcoholic, egotistical, genius scientist and his panicky, introspective, affectionate grandson. They embark on wacky, futuristic journeys through outer space and alternate dimensions, and their quarrelsome, action-packed shenanigans are fantastically classic. The flagship Adult Swim smash hit is heavily based on the relationship dynamic between Back to the Future’s Doc and Marty characters. I didn’t start watching Rick and Morty until I saw a Curren$y interview where he noted that it was his favorite show to watch when he was high. And the show was somewhere in its second season by the time I caught on. Nonetheless, after watching one random episode of the brilliant buddy comedy, I was an instant fan. When you think about it, living life ain’t nothing but passing time. We’re here, and it’s in our best interests to enjoy ourselves as frequently as possible. And entertainment makes passing time extremely enjoyable. Laughter is ultimately a free stress reliever, and everyone is aware of how detrimental stress is. Dr. Umar’s rants are entertaining, so I watch them in their entirety from time to time. And I’ve never seen that nigga laugh—not once! He smirks and sniggers, but never laughs. Even if I’m wrong, and there are times when he shows joy, I presume that those moments of delight are too infrequent for Umar to reap the benefits of laughter. This is more-so about circumventing displeasure and exasperation than it is about Dr. Umar. Some people will lead you to believe that everything is worth fighting for. Like, if somebody made a mistake on something that you purchased, that’s disrespectful, so fight a motherfucker. If your close relative is dating outside their race, that’s intolerable, so fight a motherfucker. If you’re too insecure to grasp the fact that people are going to disagree with you, that’s unpleasant to you, so fight a motherfucker. You know, you can be just as passionate a lover as a fighter. And do you know what I do when I see y’all fighting about nothing? I laugh at you stupid motherfuckers! I laugh hard as fuck, too! Because stupid people are funny as hell. And I fucking love laughing! Peace.

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