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Everybody’s Stupid, XCV

Big trigger warning! It doesn’t take much to set off someone who is perpetually fed up. Web browser pop-ups, Apple intentionally slowing down older iPhones with software “updates” to incentivize the purchase of newer devices, everyday traffic-jammed commutes, inflation, the omnipresence of anxiety disorders and depression that has virtually everyone on edge 24/7, people’s perpetual penchant for using negativity as a coping mechanism to intermittently palliate their enfeebling insecurities, bills, the lack of accommodating customer service, the unpredictability of marijuana’s effect on your mood, the uncertainty of the effectiveness and safety of mental health medications, unrealistic and unjustifiable expectations from strangers, the shame of being mentally unhealthy in a world where mentally ill people are the best liars, and plain old personal problems are amongst the things that make people lose their fucking minds every day. But can you really blame people for what people are doing to people? Once again, the world’s troubles are everyone’s fault! I was just thinking about homosexuality, and how sexuality itself is made-up. And my thoughts were prompted by the whole Dwight Howard situation. Personally, I believe that Dwight Howard is sexually attracted to other human beings, which is the way I presume most humans are wired. As humans, we all know that our instincts incessantly impel us to fuck something. Oftentimes, that “something” can be an inanimate object for all we care, right? First, if a man would have anal sex with a woman, anatomically, what’s different between male and female anal cavities? There ain’t no fucking difference, and I’m sure the sensation from stroking them feels identical. Second, what’s the anatomical distinction between male and female mouths? Again, niggas and bitches’ mouths are generally identical in their anatomical make-up. Third, what about hand jobs? Other than men’s hands ordinarily being bigger than women’s hands, there aren’t any stark dissimilarities between the two. And when you consider how most people’s end goal is simply to cum when sexual instincts kick in, I feel like it’s safe to say that the majority of people who claim to oppose same-sex relations are capping! For me, I’m not attracted to men, but I’m not opposed to having sex with transsexual women. There are transsexual women who were more attractive as men than a lot of cisgender women are as women. Tell me I’m lying! And for the record, if I gave a fuck about how people feel about how I feel, I wouldn’t share my feelings. Give me two of those little Asian trans women at the same time, and I’ll tear their asses up! I even have a scenario in mind. I want to be in a penthouse in Japan, overlooking beautiful scenery, and I want those two motherfuckers dressed up like geishas. Right!? Then, I want a tag team massage that leads to them sucking and fucking on each other, after which I join in and just start banging their asses out! If that makes me bi-sexual, I’ll be that! It’s clear that most people don’t understand what “I don’t give a fuck” means. When a level-headed person doesn’t give a fuck, it’s an indication of their moral strength and firmness of purpose! None of you stupid motherfuckers get to tell me anything, period! And you’re stupid just for thinking you matter enough for someone to feel any type of way about how you feel about them. Who the fuck are you?! And why the fuck do you even care about shit that doesn’t directly involve or affect you?! Get the fuck out of here! I’ve always presumed that people need purpose to feel adequate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But everything is wrong with people hating everyone that they disagree with for the purpose of making them feel inadequate! Most people don’t want to accept that they don’t matter.

The average person ain’t shit, and there’s no majority larger than the average. That means, most people ain’t shit. Additionally, there’s no logical reason for the average person to feel alone because there are more of you motherfuckers than anybody! Yet, many of you ordinary-ass, pedestrian-ass simpletons dedicate your lives to making other people feel like they ain’t shit! Violence is derivative of everyone’s insecurities. Outside of protecting your life or your loved ones, responding violently to violence is an act of insecurity because avoiding or losing a fight is perceived as weak. A lot of people would rather win a fight and go to jail than to walk away, stay free, and get the instigator arrested. That’s self-destructive, wouldn’t you say? Fights start and end with people attempting to circumvent loss. Fighters either don’t want to lose their pride or they don’t want to lose the fight. And people who start fights are the most prideful because they believe they have the most to prove. Prideful people are primarily pussies! And their propensity for violence should never be mistaken for strength or courage. Because they’re only fighting to blanket their fear of vulnerability, despite the fact that fighting inherently makes the participants vulnerable to all types of frightening outcomes. The average person has a learning disability! To quote myself, “I believe that the presence of mental illness is more common than the absence of mental illness in humans!”. I’ll take it back to education to prove my point, yet again. I’m a high school dropout. And I believe I’m the perfect example of why going to school isn’t what makes people smart. I didn’t excel in school because I was either skipping class or being inattentive during class. However, it should be apparent to most of you that I have the mental capacity to be Ivy League. Smart people stand out in school because they go to school smart—they were smart before school. If school made people smart, everyone who attends school would be smart! Remember, passing a course in school is routinely as simple as memorizing information that you may or may not comprehend. And if people had the mental capacity to effectively learn, they wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes over and over! The characteristics of the people you’re attracted to, your dietary choices, your selected of hobbies, and all of your habits and tendencies are the result of your mental capacity—or lack thereof. Luckily for everybody, change can be as easy as doing the opposite of what you’re accustomed to doing. If you have the capacity to understand when you’re doing yourself more harm than good, when you think you’re making a bad decision just change direction—go the other way. Especially when you’ve been there, done that, and regretted it! The saddest part about people fucking themselves over is the fact that they often do it to conciliate critics. “They” say that the loudest person in the room is always the weakest. Yet, “they” also say that people must speak up for themselves. Plus, “they” are known to start the most shit. “They” don’t know what the fuck they want, huh? When someone asks a “straight” man about homosexuality, and he denounces it aggressively, have you wondered where that raging resentment comes from? It comes from fear or it’s faked! Cowards imitate champions and liars love acting. The fight of flight response is responsible for people going from “zero to a hundred”. If you feel like you’re in danger, depending on how smart you are, you’re either going to avoid danger’s approach or challenge the danger directly. Smart people generally stay as far away from danger as possible, whenever possible. And one thing that “they” got right, is the notion that there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity. It’s reasonable for a man to fear the consequences of being ousted as gay in certain communities. Technically, what happens behinds closed doors is meant to stay private, and it’s respectable to be secretive about your private sex life. However, it’s more respectable to be honest! If you’re afraid to tell the truth, or if you’re scared of being exposed as a hypocrite, the easiest method of potentially manipulating people is pretended outrage. Even though, the “how dare you” approach seldom works for anybody. People who put an excessive amount of effort into denying something that doesn’t place them in imminent danger are usually hiding something. How weak is a man who would rather live imprisoned within a lie than to live freely inside the truth?

Stop giving these bitch-ass niggas so much credit! And by “bitch-ass niggas”, I mean men in general. Most men aren’t strong-minded at all, and that is an unassailable, demonstrable fact! And y’all wonder why your ladies like me so much. Be a better man, bitch! Even if changing or growing was the most difficult thing to do, how can you even refer to yourself as a man if you’re too intimidated by the daunting task to tackle it? Once again, you’se a bitch! Get the fuck out of here! What’s more, I believe that Diddy will die before he admits that he’s been fucking men all his adult life. What’s more masculine than fucking another masculine person? If being rugged and roughing it was an activity, it would be gay sex. How many times do you think Diddy has had a shitty dick? Granted, I just proclaimed that I would fuck a trans woman, but at least trans women have feminine qualities and are likely to douche before sex. I bet Diddy carries a big-ass bag of wipes everywhere he goes, just in case he wants to poke a nigga in the ass. And I bet that nigga has designated fuck-boys on a yearly salary, that he rotates round the clock. And I bet he’s already lived my two Asian trans women fantasy, multiple times. I wish I would give a fuck about what bitch-ass niggas think—I’d find a way to whoop my own ass! I look down on black men because I genuinely feel like they’re beneath me. And fuck a “pause” or an “ayo”! There’s literally nothing that I admire about contemporary black men as a whole. With the exception of men like Trevor Noah, Barack Obama, and Tyler Perry, there aren’t many positive male influences in black culture. Have y’all ever peeped how submissive Freaky Zekey seems around Cam’ron? It’s like he’s eager to do whatever Cam says. I first noticed this on an older episode of Drink Champs, when Cam’ron was debuting his “Pink Horse Power” men’s sex supplement. Cam made Freaky Zekey set up the boxes and shit on the table, and that passive, obedient role appeared to be very natural for Freaky. Go back and skim through that interview, you’ll see what I’m talking about. If this happens to make it back to Cam and Freaky, not that y’all should fret over little ole me, but ain’t nothing scary about you niggas, bruh! As adult males, if y’all don’t understand that people are going to express their opinions regardless of how you feel about it, I don’t know what to tell you. And like “they” say, a hit dog gone holler! But I don’t mean any disrespect. If niggas were real, in real life, there wouldn’t be much bullshit to call them on. But instead of being real for real, niggas would rather try to redefine the word. If you’re gay or bi-sexual, and you adamantly deny it in public, you ain’t real! And even though it’s your prerogative to do what you want to do, including contradict the truth, you should never expect people to respect your dishonesty. What’s gangster about being fearful of your peers’ opinions?! What’s harder to maintain, a lie or the truth? If a rumor follows you for your entire career, and you and everyone else knows it’s true, what’s the point of refuting it? How much easier would life be if people were empowered to unapologetically be themselves? I think gay men are so vibrant and carefree because they’re untethered—free from all hindrances. And for a lot of them, they’re able to preserve their contentment in life because they never feel burdened by their lifestyle choices. I’m not a big proponent of humans practicing psychology, but I recognize that therapy helps a lot of people who feel compelled to share their secrets. For whatever reason, some people experience debilitating guilt for going against the grain, even when their nonconformity has only been advantageous. Being “normal” and feeling accepted are crucial to many people’s mental health. In my opinion, one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve everyone’s mental health is for everybody to be honest. If we make honesty normal, everyone will realize that normality is a crock of shit. No one should be depressed by their differences because we’re all different! Side note, I just rambled for over 2100 words, this shit took me no time, and I’m still more perspicacious and beneficent than anyone who believes their opinions are profound and helpful! I am smarter than you motherfuckers! Sorry, but I’m not sorry. I need people to understand how low their intelligence is, in hopes that a lot of people will shut the fuck up! Most opinionated people aren’t strong, aren’t smart, and aren’t helping any-fucking-body! But that’s just my opinion. Peace.

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