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Everybody’s Stupid, XCIII

Sorry, but this one elicits a trigger warning, too! And the following is speculative. What if Jada Pinkett is jealous of Will Smith’s success? What if Jada feels like Will deserves better than her? What if Will’s convivial personality dispirits Jada because she suffers from dysthymia? What if Jada villainizing herself was always part of the plan to get Will Smith back in people’s good graces after that choreographed-ass slap?! Why would Chris Rock want to fuck Jada Pinkett, today? Insecurity manifests in various ways. It’s conceivable that Jada’s high and mighty disposition is a symptom of her enduring aspiration for reverence. If you survey Jada’s career, she’s never portrayed a weak woman. I’m not saying that Jada has trauma, but I wouldn’t doubt that she’s uncomfortable living in or being depicted in compromising positions. And that’s despite the magisterial malevolence that Jada is attempting to pass off as vulnerability! If Jada is envious of Will’s ubiquitous acclaim and appreciation, maybe her humiliating him over and over is her way of tarnishing his reputation enough for him to possibly feel the disincentive and defeat that she feels. In theory, if Will’s career slows down, which it has, that would give Jada enough time to compose her scandalous memoir and steal the spotlight, which she has. Perhaps Jada fucking August Alsina was her thumbing her nose at Will for every time she played second-fiddle in threesomes or felt inferior to Will’s pretty young things in their mutually agreed upon open marriage? I could be wrong, but it’s clear to me that Will has been getting enough sexual satisfaction to keep him occupied and out of Jada’s way. For me, I only slightly dislike Will Smith following the fake-ass Oscars slap. Because I’m vexed at the indefatigable deception of all parties involved in the highly publicized hoax. And continuing on with the theme of my speculation, how subsidiary to Will and Chris Rock do you think Jada felt in the aftermath of their planned and rehearsed collaborative deceit? It’s possible that Jada thought her and her alopecia would be the primary focal point of the pretended predicament, but people were more concerned with both Will and Chris’ mental health following the phony foolishness. There are a few black men that can almost do no wrong in the black community. It’s Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, Samuel L. Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, Beau Amoureux, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, The Wayans niggas, Martin Lawrence, and Will “motherfucking” Smith! I could have left out a few good men, but y’all get the gist. And the list of faultless black females is even shorter. It’s Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, KeKe Palmer, Queen Latifah, Angela Bassett, Cicely Tyson, and Oprah Winfrey on occasion. Think about the pressure that Jada is believed to feel while under intense public scrutiny as the other half of black culture’s long-time most prized thespian! Jada not being able to match the excellence or meet the eminence of her husband must be sickening to the both of them, right? Oxford Languages defines glory as high renown or honor won by notable achievements. When someone is attempting to steal one’s glory, they are acting to misappropriate a glorious one’s honor and distinction by flagrantly trying to substitute themselves for said glorious one. But if glory is won by one’s notable achievements, what’s noteworthy about everyday avarice and spite? Glory is bestowed on a distinguished person by people who value and respect that person. So, I believe that one’s glory can be lost but never stolen. Yet, for everyone with their eyes on my glory, be informed that my story will never end!

As a human, how does it feel to know that everyone could be immensely happier if people simply minded their own fucking business? Personally, I believe that people sharing their intimate stories and the thrilling tales of their life’s events can be exceptionally educational and immensely informative. Sometimes, simply sympathizing with someone who has felt the way you feel is enough to incentivize your perseverance. Also, people enumerating their mistakes and their proven methods of correcting them is a great way to circumvent unnecessary adversity. However, how many people have ruined their lives by trying to propitiate prying people’s pitiless perceptions? Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? When you hear whispers or chuckles in public, how often do you think somebody’s criticizing you? We’re commonly encompassed by negativity, to the point where we anticipate it with bated breath. Society stresses people to strive for perfection while insisting that perfection is impossible. Am I right?! And y’all wonder why people are so fucking crazy! How the fuck can people make up their minds if people can’t make up their minds!? How often do you judge people? If you say you “don’t judge”, you better have incontrovertible proof of your alien genealogy! A human can judge motherfuckers all day without making anyone aware of it. So, even if you toil to avoid offending people, you’re still judging them round the clock! When you judge people, do you ever think about how you feel when you’re being judged? I find myself castigating people all the time, but I always have the cognizance to acknowledge how unimportant my opinion is likely to be to the person I am reprimanding. Once again, when you understand that everything isn’t about you, it’s hard to overstep boundaries. In my opinion, insulting someone or hatefully attempting to impose your personal interpretations onto them is a type of violation. I’ve witnessed people exert themselves in efforts to embarrass someone, then they cried and became distressed when the tables were turned. The nosiest and most interfering people are typically those who are the most susceptible to feeling offended. People generally inquire impertinently when they are searching for confidence boosting oversights in other people’s decision-making. In other words, weak people are motivated and empowered by other people’s setbacks, and they often find pleasure in watching other people in pain. If you don’t believe that’s true, what’s a hater to you? A hater for damn sure ain’t someone who wants to see you flourish, right?! Haters detest you, passionately. So, why wouldn’t they want to see you in the most disadvantageous situations possible? Humans are so fucked in the head, they’ll try to hold you back and beg to convince you that it’s for your own good. And to make that even more fucked-up, those same people are inclined to be offended by you rejecting them and their repressive ways. This is a habitual form of manipulation. When people think you’re disrespecting them by declining their advice or assistance, keep those stupid motherfuckers far away from you! And unfortunately, the most manipulative people are usually the people closest to you. Anybody who thinks they can tell me anything is a fucking fool! And if you want to expose a manipulator, tell them that nobody can tell you anything. Then, watch how those exploitative, untrustworthy, disagreeable, meddlesome also-rans start bitching about how they’ve “seen it all and done it all”, and why disregarding them will be the worst mistake of your life. Get the fuck out of here! Intelligence is as rare as painite. Plus, an idiot can walk to the Moon and back a million times without retaining enough knowledge to make the journey easier for anyone seeking guidance. For instance, if a man impregnates 15 different women, does that make him a good father or a fertile ejaculator? Shit, getting 15 women pregnant doesn’t even prove that he’s good at sex, does it? How responsible is a man who had unprotected sex with at least 15 different women? What special knowledge would you assume the man has? What would that idiot be able to teach you? There are children who know better than to conceive offspring that they are incapable of caring for, because they know what it feels like for a parent, or both parents, to be absent. Some of us are smart enough to have the knowledge without needing the experience!

There ain’t no fucking age limit on wisdom! Stop letting stupid people influence you, regardless of their relation to you, and especially if they hate you for it! Afresh, all of my strength and sagacity derives from my natural intelligence and fortitude. Nobody taught me shit! But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from people. I’m a firm believer of the notion that everybody can teach you something. However, because people are so demonstrably stupid, you’re more likely to learn from their inaccuracies than their instruction. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times—smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. For example, if having an open “marriage” was meant to relieve tension in Will and Jada’s relationship, but it’s had the opposite effect, maybe being single makes more sense than being in a tempestuous uncommitted partnership!? Will and Jada are human, so no one should expect them to have all the answers. Yet, all the signs are pointing to their union being unhealthy for all parties involved. Also, for the record, this is me judging them. To judge someone is to be critical of them, and to be critical is to express disapproval. How do you feel about the concept of everybody being entitled to their opinion? Entitlement is a right or privilege. Personally, I agree that everyone has the right to form their own ideas and conclusions. But of course, that shit goes both ways. And this is where most people fuck-up at! If you’re entitled to your opinion, so are the people you’re referring to in your opinions. If you’re audacious enough to openly express your thoughts and feelings, you should be prepared to receive responses. How many contentious exchanges have resulted from you exercising your entitlement to your opinions? Of those exchanges, which one taught you the importance of courtesy and discretion? Oh, so you still ain’t learned shit, huh? Tasha K lost a $4 million slander lawsuit to Cardi B, but she’s still talking her shit. DaBaby’s career ain’t been the same since he incautiously disparaged gay men, but he hasn’t quit intentionally offending people. Rap lyrics get rappers killed regularly, but niggas refuse to shut up. Is freedom of speech really all that it’s cracked up to be? Every statement that Jada Pinkett speaks makes her sound progressively more blameworthy. Will Smith recently proclaimed that he’ll remain by Jada’s side for life. I admire that level of loyalty and devotion, but what does that mean? How much can a person endure before they break? Maybe Will views his and Jada’s alliance as an endurance test? Will has been skydiving and doing all kinds of white folks shit lately, so it’s possible that he considers his testing marriage a test of his will. Let’s say the slap was real—that would definitely be classified as an interruption of mental strength, right? You can’t slap the shit out of somebody for doing his job—telling a joke—and declare that you aren’t being persuaded into insanity! It’s hard to decipher a celebrity relationship when you don’t care enough about the details to do extensive research. But from what I’m seeing, I wholeheartedly believe that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are two of the fakest celebrities in Hollywood! I don’t know if I believe anything they say. Their correspondence is starting to read like an ominous catastrophe that has been prophesied but can’t be prevented. I don’t believe their relationship is healthy at all! And I’m comfortable saying this because I don’t mind being wrong. Ultimately, what Will and Jada eats don’t make me shit. But toxicity and turmoil is stressful, and stress is like a disease—it’s infectious and often contagious. Not to mention that stress kills people every day. Tell me you don’t think a tumultuous relationship is stressful! I think the Smiths are sending the wrong message, and setting a bad example, by airing all their dirty laundry like privacy isn’t important and having their unsuccessful union set a precedent for “black excellence”. Nobody’s perfect, we all know that. But if you’re in an influential position, especially when you’ve been there for decades, it’s unacceptable for you to shrug off the responsibility that accompanies that power. Will and Jada have every available resource to discover and hire the best therapists and relationship gurus in the world. Yet, instead of working to mend an outwardly adverse relationship and sharing scarce tips that they learn along their journey, Will and Jada have opted to spark controversy and further sully their legacy! I’m just trying to provide a different perspective, because I believe that the bullshit going on with the Smiths is liable to be written off as just another inconsequential scandal from the entertainment industry. But the trends of popular culture establish a way of life for everyone following the culture. People are impressionable as fuck! And if hip hop pressures niggas to kill each other and emboldens bitches to be hoes, you don’t think Will and Jada can convince people who hate each other to stay together?! Do better. Peace.

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