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Everybody’s Stupid, XCII

Trigger warning, but mostly for the bitch-ass niggas! Naysayers are nonfactors. As long as you are persistent, you have a 50/50 chance at both failure and success. But neither your failure or success will be the result of other people’s belief or disbelief in your capabilities. When people are disconsolate and unfulfilled, they seek accomplishment and self-vindication by weakly pointing out other people’s flaws and failures. It’s classic misdirection, or you can call it typical projection. But as humans, everyone must learn to not take other people’s humanity personally. Because feelings of inferiority are natural for everybody, especially the sanest of us. However, it’s not our fault when other people don’t have a healthy way of coping with their lowliness. The more popular I become, the more I realize how impactful my words are. I’ve watched people, who I know for a fact read my blog, gain confidence from the reassurances that I provide via my writing. You’re all welcome. Positive influences are imperative to people’s mental healthiness. Especially considering how vexatious, divisive, and uncompromisingly cruel the world is. I don’t want to come across as narcissistic, but I’ve said things that may have been taken out of context. And a certain female influencer may or may not have been discouraged by my statements. If you are that female influencer, and it was my words that made you seemingly stop or slow your creation of content, I swear I didn’t mean to offend you. If I’m wrong, just ignore me—it’s all love. I think I’m going to stop dropping names on here. First, I’m clearly not a clout chaser. If I really wanted to put shit on “front street”, I would undoubtedly go viral. Second, people are humans with feelings, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Also, I don’t have any reason to be vindictive toward people who haven’t wronged me. However, generally, people ain’t shit. But motherfuckers be wanting you to treat them like they’re everything, right?! Get the fuck out of here! If it’s one thing that I’m always going to do, it’s tell the truth. If it’s the truth that hurts a motherfucker’s feelings, they’re full of shit. And as a high-principled person, I would never classify my honesty as immorality—never! I believe that most people just want to love and be loved, especially men. But most of y’all bitch-asses are too weak to admit it! Personally, I cry every time I watch Cleo die in Set It Off, Mufasa die in The Lion King, and Thomas die in My Girl! Men, I’m sharing this because I know a lot of you can relate. Some shit is just fucking sad! What’s emasculating about emotions? Other than sadness sucking, what’s wrong with being sad? Do you know what’s saddest to me? It’s grown-ass men who are too fragile to admit how sensitive they are! Recently, I was out in my garage working on my car. I daily drive a classic car, and I had to remove the entire dash to replace the front speakers. As I was wrenching away, I heard my neighbor arguing with her pussy-ass boyfriend. The bitch-nigga said something like, “Yeah! You know you’re about to get your ass kicked!”, as he was threatening his girlfriend. Then he said, “And anybody else who wants to get knocked out can get their ass kicked, too!”. I don’t know what they had going on. Y’all, I swear I can’t make this shit up! Anyway, I had my garage door halfway up, and I don’t know if he thought he was talking to me, but I just ignored that shit. What the fuck is wrong with people, man? What would make a “man” think openly threatening a woman would make him scary to another man?! Again, I’m kind of muscular, and I carry my pistol everywhere. I openly carry when I’m at home. Once more, I’m not trying to come across as narcissistic, but I think beta males are intimidated by me. I try my best not to give off negative energy—despite being an unsociable, pistol-packing beefcake—but bitch-niggas gone be bitch-niggas!

Weak men always have something to prove because they’re consistently cognizant of their insecurities, and they’re triggered every time they think those insecurities are in jeopardy of being exposed. Feigned aggressiveness is the beta male’s go-to defense mechanism because betas relate hostility to masculinity. I’d bet money on the chance that my neighbor’s boyfriend overheard her and her female relatives expressing their attraction to me, and that made the motherfucker jealous to the point where he feels the need to passive-aggressively pretend like he wants to rumble with the beau idéal of real motherfuckers—Beau Amoureux! I’ve never even spoken to anyone over there. Sir, if you’re somehow reading this, I am Beau Amoureux. I’m only attracted to women who are “too fine” or “too good”! Can’t we all just get along?! Like the kids say, I’m just trying to be great. I don’t like referring to myself as a “real nigga” because of the connotation that phrase has. Technically, if reprehensible reprobates are the archetypal “real niggas”, and I’m the antithesis of that, I’m not a “real nigga”. Let me teach y’all about assertiveness. There’s a stark distinction between assertion and aggression. And the difference betwixt the two can mean the difference between a respectful disagreement and a disrespectful argument. Assertive people act and express with unyielding confidence, which is often confused as arrogance, that sets off beta males’ paranoia of exposure. Aggressive people act and express with antagonism, which is commonly mistaken for fortitude, that encourages beta males to habitually communicate angrily. To be assertive without being aggressive, you must appreciate your susceptibility to consequences. It’s simple—if people gave a fuck about other people’s well-being, we wouldn’t need criminal statutes for immoral acts like assault, murder, abuse, battery, etc. You must be smart and secure to sustain the measures of respectfulness and poise that purveys one the ability to be effectively assertive without offending others. If you naturally feel like a bitch, everything is going to offend you, you’re always going to perceive other people’s confidence as a mocking of your sensitivities, and you’re going to be relentlessly defensive! The only way to overcome those sensitivities is to admit that you’re sensitive. If you can’t accept that you feel “some type of way” about everything because you have insecurities, you’ll never address the weaknesses that promote your feelings of inferiority. Look at insecurities like muscles. If you want to target growth in a specific muscle, you can do exercises that precisely isolate the use of that muscle. For instance, if you’re insecure about your physique, do some weight training. If you don’t have the drive to go hard in the gym, find a partner who appreciates you for who you are, compliments you on a regular basis, and respects you enough to help you boost your confidence. Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt for you to be that type of partner for someone. Assertive people are solution-based. Insecurities derive from fear, fear stems from uncertainty, and uncertainty is the product of weak-mindedness. Resolution and resolve are what provides assertive people with the confidence to persistently pursue positive results. I want to be a source of positive reinforcement for everyone who cares to receive my perspectives. But sometimes people need a kick in the ass more than they need a shoulder to lean on. Tough love is still nurturing. And I believe that it’s occasionally necessary to stoop down to a person’s level just to reward them with inspirational and transformational life lessons. You can’t help someone who’s out of your reach. And someone who’s out of your reach isn’t near enough to observe you in order to learn from your example. For example, uneducated black men are inclined to heed powerful rap lyrics before they’d take note of influential words from a political speech. Because a politician’s circumstances are ostensibly less relatable to niggas than a rapper’s. Unfortunately, and I mean this with tough love, niggas are commonly too stupid to comprehend the correspondence between their struggles and the struggles of their immediate peers—their equals! I ceaselessly refer to people as stupid because that’s what most of you demonstrably are. And again, if you’re unwilling to acknowledge your shortcomings, you’re disinclined to identify and exercise your strengths.

On a positive note, I have watched Tems’ “Me & You” video at least 10 times in the past two weeks. To me, Tems is like if God existed and decided to incarnate Africa in female form! I don’t even really get crushes anymore, but if I ever saw Tems in-person, I’m pretty sure I would lose my shit—and I’m not even the type of person to lose my shit. For the record, if she’s naturally thick and dark-skinned, she automatically gets my attention. Everybody has a “type”, or at least a list of ideal characteristics for their perfect mate, right? Primarily, I like intelligent, self-respecting women. But if I had a metaphorical kryptonite, it would be thick-ass, dark-skinned hood rats. And not those BBL, boob job, nip-tucked stripper bitches. I’m partial to the chicks that barely wear make-up and hardly ever have expensive hair-dos, but they keep their hair and nails done, and they have excellent hygiene, good skin, self-assurance, and a fucked-up attitude. Mean bitches are sexy as fuck! But while I’m on the topic of bitches, I’m minded to explain what I believe distinguishes a thick chick from a big chick. Let’s start with the dissimilarities between phat asses and big asses. A skinny chick can have a phat ass, but it’s unlikely for a slim chick to have a big ass. A phat ass is rounded, like a basketball. A big ass is broad, like the back of a leather chair. Admittedly, Tems’ ass is more big than phat, but she’s proportionately thick—so that big ass is balanced with wide hips and plump thighs. Tahiry Jose and Bria Myles are two of very few celebrity women that have naturally phat asses, respectfully. Serena Williams and Tracee Ellis Ross are honorable mentions, but you can go to any Walmart in the country and catch a store full of those type of cheeks. Naturally phat asses are soft, occasionally as soft as boobs. Yet, big asses can be stiff and dense, which makes them less enjoyable to squeeze. Next, belly size. Personally, I like fluffy women. As long as she’s healthy, ain’t nothing wrong with a little chunkiness. However, once again, everything has an extreme. SSBBW is an acronym that translates to “Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman”. Basically, an SSBBW is the Super Saiyan version of a BBW. I’ll take down a BBW in a heartbeat. In fact, I have respectfully taken down a few. But SSBBWs ain’t really my type. The difference between a BBW and a SSBBW is the overall size of the woman. If the belly hangs over the FUPA, chances are she’s a super-sized big beautiful woman. But if nothing else, big women will always have a loyal following—a community of grateful men who are willing to worship them. I can’t attest to the claim that big girls have the best sex because I’ve never had bad sex. But there is a more comforting ambience that I feel when in the presence of thick women in the bedroom. In my opinion, sex is far more psychological than it is physical. That’s why risky sex is more thrilling and pleasurable. Having sex in public, leaving the door cracked when a roommate is home, randomly hearing people talk while you’re doing it, fucking your partner’s best friend, cheating after you lied about your whereabouts, experimenting with the same sex, having infrequent group sex, and everything that somehow breaks the monotony or alters the routine of sex makes it better. But for someone like me—a person with a very active conscience—if risk means danger, I can’t even get aroused. It’s hard for smart people to be irresponsible and put themselves in harm’s way because that goes against logic, and illogic is ultimately contrary to being smart. In the same way, though I am genuinely attracted to thick-ass, dark-skinned hood rats, my conscience doesn’t let me take the risk of fucking with them. Women with humble backgrounds can come with a lot of baggage. But they can also be the most resilient, staunch, and worthwhile women that anyone could ask for. And do you know how women gain and uphold their strength better than men? They do it by embracing their sensibility, facing their vulnerabilities, and focusing on their assets. If you can’t find something about you that gives you an advantage, a strong point or an asset that benefits you and would benefit your partner, it’s going to be hard for you to be confident. Additionally, women don’t feel culturally prohibited from demonstrating their unrestricted emotions. And for the stigma of emotional men being weak to be eradicated, men must stop feeling humiliated for being emotional, and men must stop bashing emotional men with blatant insincerity. Did I refer to men as “bitch-ass niggas” multiple times in this post? Yes, I did. Nonetheless, I’m not calling y’all bitch-niggas because you’re emotional and sensitive as fuck. I’m calling you bitch-niggas because you’re emotional and sensitive as fuck, but you try to act like you’re not! Stop the cap! Peace.

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