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Everybody’s Stupid, XCI

Jada Pinkett “Smith” is a fucking troll! In old folklore, trolls were known to lurk along uncommonly traveled paths to hinder or detour travelers, either for the fuck of it or for personal gain. In contemporary times, trolls are typically regarded as pestilent naysayers or irksome nuisances who intentionally and relentlessly attempt to disparage and discourage their targets. In mythology, a succubus is a female demon who appears in men’s dreams and seduces them in order to siphon their life force. In reality, a stupid bitch is a female of low moral compass and inferior intelligence who is normally self-obsessed and hella messy. I’m not going to censure Jada too much because it’s been overdone at this point. However, there isn’t a woman in the world who could casually emasculate me on a communal scale and in a persistent manner without me calling her a goofy-ass, underdeveloped, bald-headed-ass, shameless, loose pussy having-ass, pretty crypt keeper face-ass, goose egg head-ass, avocado seed head-ass, old “if I were a boy” face-ass, GI Jane two wannabe head-ass, goddamn stupid-ass evil bitch! But again, enough on Jada. I’m so popular these days, it’s plausible that Drake took notes from me when he got at Joe Budden. So, Willard Carroll Smith II, if you’re reading this, it’s too late! She done already killed your manhood, my boy. Things will never be the same. You might as well just go by “Carroll Smith, Jr.” for the duration of your career, sir! It’s a damn shame. I believe that people have such a hard time coping with reality because influential people have a way of making real life appear like an illusion. Pretending has been normalized and faking is a life-long lifestyle for a lot of people, which makes reality seem fake sometimes. It’s a strange phenomenon. For instance, Bill Cosby. People don’t believe me when I say this, but I’ve known that Bill Cosby was full of shit my entire life! First, The Cosby Show was fictional, and as a kid, I questioned everyone’s extrinsic character. I knew what a “sly fox”, a “big bad wolf”, and a “maleficent witch” was, so I distrusted everything and everyone that seemed too good to be true! The intelligence that is discernible through my writing didn’t just come out of nowhere, I’ve always been this intelligent. Additionally, I learned about the unbridled thirst of groupies from Eddie Murphy’s Delirious. So, as a young buck, I knew Bill Cosby had to be getting bombarded with pussy offers. I thought, “Where is he hiding his hoes?”. Bill Cosby played Cliff Huxtable for so long, the make-believe character became his assumed real-life identity. Effectively, Bill made reality appear like an illusion. Can you imagine Barack Obama giving Michelle back shots while smacking her ass, pulling her hair, biting his bottom lip, and asserting, “This is my motherfuckin’ pussy!”? They have two daughters and Barack has always been fit—you don’t think he be whooping Michelle’s shit? I can just peep Barack’s vibe and tell that he smokes weed on a regular basis. Shit, the nigga chain-smoked cigarettes up until six years ago! Moreover, I’ve dealt with enough freaky women to know better than to judge a book by its cover. That “sweet and innocent” image that smart women portray is occasionally just a front. If a woman wants to be a hoe without being detected, all she has to do is keep a modest appearance and a pleasant presence. Going to the club and fucking a random dude in the parking lot and attending an upscale bar to find a one-night stand is the same fuckin’ thang! Moving on, Melyssa Ford wants to be my side piece, and I ain’t even got no followers on social media. I must be “that nigga”, right?

At this point, if y’all haven’t recognized that I’m an exception to all the ordinary stereotypes and misconceptions that people hold about strangers, I don’t know what to tell you! Joe Budden, you wanted to be the best rapper in the world. Motherfucker, I want to change the world! We ain’t the same. Life is all about choices. And as simple as that sounds, the best choices aren’t always the easiest to make. Throughout my life, I’ve always chosen to sacrifice. By sacrificing, I’ve selected to mostly make the difficult choices to lay the framework for my big dreams. Additionally, tradition and conformity have never been of interest to me. So, if doing what everyone else is doing, or doing what I’m “supposed” to do, is the easiest thing for me to do, I ain’t doing it! There are a few people who read every single blog post that I publish, and those motherfuckers are nipping their nails in anticipation of seeing my face, hearing my voice, etc. But what those people don’t realize is, changing people’s minds isn’t as simple as being a popular podcaster or a renowned author. And if y’all understood what I understand, we’d have homogeneity, which would render me obsolete. Especially considering that y’all are already in eminently influential positions. Yet, here we are! I disputed Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy until a few years ago, because I thought he was delusional and naïve. However, I was ignorant, and I have come to appreciate that MLK was probably the only black revolutionary leader who truly understood people! The term “preaching to the choir” refers to a person confronting a crowd of people who are already sympathetic to or in concurrence with their plight. If you’re preaching to the choir, and the choir is a collaborative component of all your sermons, the messages that you’re attempting to convey won’t reach the appropriate audience. All of black people’s favorite contemporary preachers—Charleston White, Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Umar Johnson, Rizza Islam, and whomever the fuck else—don’t do shit but preach to the choir! They talk to disaffected black people about disaffection in the black community, and for reasons unbeknownst to me, they believe they can change shit. If you want to change the way people interact with each other, you must change people’s minds—refine their unrefined nature. But if you only address like-minded people, how the fuck are you going to change anything?! Plainly, all those talking-ass niggas do is preach the same old shit, to the same old niggas, about the same old problems, and perpetuate the same old prolongation of alienation. People can’t coalesce unless everyone coincides. And without coalescence, conflict with continue to reign supreme. I’m a writer, so I adorn my words from time to time, but don’t let that make you misread my seriousness. If a person is talented enough, they can make anything sound good. And that’s why so many basic-ass people are drawn to talking-ass niggas. Like I mentioned earlier, a person’s extrinsic persona never tells the full story. And because life revolves around choices, people will forever have the ability to choose who they want to be and who they want people to think they are. What’s more, owing to the fact that sophistication is seldom associated with specified knowledge on a singular subject, people often confuse their special knowledge with encyclopedic knowledge. In other words, it’s difficult to be segregated and sophisticated simultaneously! Sophistication describes someone having, revealing, or proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture. It also describes something developed to a high degree of complexity. Pro-blackness is a movement that’s obsessive about black people exclusively fixating on self-segregation, reverse racism, and the unfair hatred of all white people in America. If you don’t know, self-segregation, which is also referred to a separatism, occurs when a group chooses to disassociate themselves from all other groups. Pro-black niggas are separatists. Where’s the complexity in those sentiments? When does the worldly knowledge come into play? My argument against pro-blackness is simple—point me to a time in history where segregation eliminated racism, injustice, and mistreatment, and I’ll shut up! Spoiler alert, I’m never shutting up!

Self-segregating is what Jada chose to do in her marriage. A lot of inquisitive minds allege that Will had no clue of Jada’s infidelity until she publicly humiliated him during their Red Table Talk cross examination. Personally, I don’t believe we’ll ever get the full truth about Will and Jada’s toxic and turbulent relationship, but I don’t really care to know the details. Discussions about other people’s personal business are mostly only good for “juicy” entertainment, and there are rarely any lessons to be learned. If you’ve seen one totally fucked-up relationship, you’ve seen them all. A person who understands boundaries, knows the importance of communication, appreciates and reciprocates loyalty, and respects their loved ones would never have these problems. But if all the drama is real, I believe that Jada Pinkett has some sociopathic tendencies, and it would be in her best interest to seek professional psychological assistance. I’ve mentioned several times that I am the type of human who thrives in solitude. Too much commotion, dysfunction, and disorganization is no good for my peace of mind. I actually require regular alone time to maintain my sanity. Contrarily, for people like Jada, amidst chaos is the only time they feel alive! This takes me back to something else that I point out a lot—people’s inability to manage their boredom is devilishly detrimental. Will Smith isn’t dangerous, but he seems like a lot of fun to be around. He’s tall, handsome, and wealthy. And he’s rumored to be well-endowed, so there’s not much to be frowned upon on his end. For the record, I am a grown-ass man and I say whatever the fuck I want! You know Will is a good person because of his silence. A lesser man would have roasted Jada, a lot worse than I did in the first paragraph, a long time ago. And though I am already tired of talking about the couple just from writing this tiny amount, I admit that they serve as an example of why marriage is stupid. If you love someone, you love that motherfucker regardless, right? What’s the point of signing a contractual agreement just to legally bind yourself to a person that your feelings for are bound to change? And knowing the statistics on divorce makes marriage even stupider. The rings and the ceremony make sense. The rings are symbols of lovers’ devotion to their partners, and the ceremony is a celebration of their union. But the rest of that shit is just superficial, gratuitous, time-honored folly that should be thoroughly reconsidered in latter-day love! When you’re not living for you, all the most inconsequential things hold paramountcy in your life. Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and flattery is the most demonstrative form of tradition. And to take it a level deeper—innovation is the biggest threat to conservatism, and conservatism is the only thing keeping freedom a policy, which is why customs are so important to conservatives. Nuptials formalize convention while making said convention seem like a choice. But really, many people only get married because they feel like it’s a mandatory part of adulthood. Doesn’t that provide a credible explanation for the inevitability of divorce? If marriages were meant to last, they would never end. And oftentimes, people are reluctant to end an unhappy marriage because they believe that tolerating incompatibility in a nonessential relationship is also obligatory in adulthood. Independent thinking is dangerous because it’s destined to liberate people’s minds. If people became cognizant of the unnecessariness of tradition, there would be no need for conservatism, and conservatism is the oldest tradition! Marriage, not unlike college, is one of those immaterial rituals that the majority of people would be better off without. Only doctors and scientists should be paying for an education. And only fools should be getting married. Stop letting people tell you what to do! And tell your elders and ancestors they ain’t got the fucking answers! Peace.

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