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Everybody’s Stupid, XC

Do you know how I know people are stupid? Because a lot of their so-called insults are more self-deprecating than disparaging toward the intended target! For instance, “I would kill myself if I were you!”, is basically a disparager admitting that they aren’t resilient and resolute enough to overcome testing times. This is how smart people think. We discern the details! And that’s why it’s difficult to effectively lie to me. Again, the list of things that I deem important is diminutive. I primarily focus on my health and happiness, and everything else is peripheral. In my opinion, my decision and natural inclination to never sweat inessential things is what promotes and preserves my health and happiness. There’s a lot of shit that healthy and happy people don’t do. First, they don’t foster ill will. Hating people requires too much energy for a healthy and happy person to rationalize allocating said energy to such a negative, exhausting, disobliging cause. Second, they don’t sulk. Speaking of wasting energy, how advantageous is it to be “down in the dumps”? Granted, nobody is happy 100% of the time. But normally healthy and happy people maintain their health and happiness by thinking positively and working to eliminate doubt. When you preoccupy yourself with devising solutions and functioning to remain functional, you don’t have time to dwell on negativity or beat yourself up. Third, they never have anything to prove. I would state that people’s opinions are unequivocally unimportant to me, but that wouldn’t be the truth. The fact is, people’s affirmative opinions about me is what keeps them interested in me. And there would be no reason for me to share my thoughts and opinions, in any capacity, without an approving audience. Furthermore, honestly, even negative opinions are motivational and revitalizing, for me. So, I’m going to stop saying that people’s opinions are irrelevant. Well, I’m going to try to stop saying things like, “fuck people’s opinions”, without an applicable explanation. However, being self-serving ain’t always a bad thing. Personally, I will always believe in myself, regardless of people’s perceptions. And I will never be selfless enough to allow disobliging denigrators to dictate my level of confidence or my courses of action! Therefore, I am unfailingly acting to accomplish my personal objectives and not ever working to prove myself to anyone. I hope that makes sense. Happiness is hard to fake, which makes unhappiness difficult to hide. And if more people were comfortable with the reality of unhappiness being an inescapable part of life, people wouldn’t feel pressurized into making faking normal. People fake because they don’t want to be judged, and people judge when they are posturing to conceal how much they fake. Who’s more pathetic, the person who fakes to strengthen their mental health or the person who judges to weaken people’s mental health? Of course, judgemental people reinforce their faith in themselves by finding fault with other people’s faking, but how weak are they for needing to diminish another person’s spirit to replenish their own? Sometimes, I like to think that ignorance plays a big part in people’s disdain for each other, but that’s just me playing devil’s advocate. The fact is, people are fucked-up! And a lot of people simply can’t be happy if everyone else is happy. Motherfuckers know exactly what they’re doing when they try to tear you down, they want you to doubt your happiness! So, start being more self-serving.

I haven’t been paying too much attention to the news because terrorism and conflict is ancient history. Also, ain’t shit that I can personally do about it, so I prefer to focus on the matters at, my, hand. Personally, I believe that war is demanded by human’s proclivity to cross the line and behave as if consequences are optional! War is the result of the oppressed fighting against oppression. And going back to what I said before, some people aren’t happy unless they’re able to make other people unhappy. Immorality exists without cause or reason because everything has an inverse. Evil is the opposite of good, pain is the reverse of pleasure, hate is the contrary of love, etc. Those are no-brainers, right? But the subjectivity of human perception is unassailable! For the Layman, I mean that it’s impossible for us to perceive everything identically. What one person sees as morally correct will repulse someone else, and vice versa. And this is why intellectuals are so nihilistic, because when you think about it, what the fuck even matters?! If some people are partial to peace and others favor conflict, both peace and conflict will inevitably be challenged, because both necessitate conservation. Oftentimes, the only way to acquire peace is via conflict, and peace is destroyed in the presence of conflict. Basically, this is why the battle between “good” and “evil” is immortalized. There’s literally nothing we can do to stop people from fighting! Additionally, this is why AI is going to exterminate humanity. That’s a joke, but it’s also a persistent probability. Humans are flawed on every level of our existence, and it’s by nature. What benefit has history served us? We know what happens when the shit hits the fans, but we also deliberately hit the fan with shit! Think about it like this, if grabbing a gun and pulling the trigger is “the easiest thing for a person to do” in a dispute, why the fuck do people act like people don’t have the courage to shoot them? Shooting people has been widely regarded as “easy” because of the frequency in which people are shot. And knowing how frequent shootings are, people still can’t seem to avoid getting shot. Make that shit make sense! People are stupid as fuck! For example, y’all can’t forget what happened to Trayvon Martin, but you forget why he was profiled in the first place. First, let me lead by saying Trayvon’s death was an unnecessary tragedy. But in my opinion, it was unavoidable. If you don’t take anything else from this post, remember what I said about the subjectivity of human perception. George Zimmerman was an overzealous vigilante who thought he was protecting his neighbors from the delinquent little-niggas who absolutely exist. And even though Trayvon wasn’t doing any wrong that night, how fed up with bullshit did George Zimmerman have to be to take matters into his own hands? As I see it, I trust young black men as much as I trust old white men. And since Trayvon’s murder, what have young black men, as a whole, done to circumvent racial profiling? Not a motherfuckin’ thang! Trayvon Martin was killed in cold blood on February 26, 2012. Two weeks later, on March 11, 2012, Chief Keef dropped his breakout single, “I Don’t Like”, and drill music took black culture by storm. According to official statistics, drill music’s influence has effectively increased violent crime rates internationally, everywhere youth populations are prodigious.

This shit is depressing, so let’s change the subject. What qualifies as hoe-shit these days? When I’m bored, I browse videos on Facebook, in addition to looking for good deals on Marketplace, from time to time. And Facebook recently started showing me this cute, chocolate-ass news anchor, Ashley Garrett. I liked the anchor’s pictures because she’s bad, but she seems to have decorum and class. Personally, hoe-shit turns me off, completely. However, a couple days ago, the anchor posted a workout video where she was wearing a unitard, with that motherfucker crammed all the way up the crack of her ass. And as I marveled at all that chocolatey loveliness, I pondered, “Is this hoe-shit?”, for at least a minute—after replaying the video. No, the anchor wasn’t exposing any of her goodies. And other than the outfit being skin-tight, she wasn’t necessarily being overtly sexual. After watching the workout clip a third time, I decided that it wasn’t salacious or indecorous enough for me to justify categorizing it as hoe-shit. I believe that women should enjoy and embrace their femininity. And ass and titties are elements of said femininity. Outside of a bikini, a little cleavage and a lot of thigh meat, without the booty cheeks peeking, is acceptable feminine attire in my book. But, like I always say, everything has an extreme. I’m not suggesting that any woman reading this is obligated to consider my opinion, but it is my opinion that hoes and hoe-shit are overvalued in popular culture! I started this blog for several reasons, one of them being that I knew not many opinion-based, urban, creative writing blogs were popular. And as of late, I have been dominating this space. By the same token, I am the man that I am because I desire to exude singularity—distinctiveness. For me, there’s no fun in trying to be like someone else or trying to do things that have already been done! That’s not to say that routines are redundant, but redundancy is insignificance. In other words, there are too many hoes and too much hoe-shit going on for women to shun seeking new ways to acquire significance. Likes and follows seldom correlate with a person’s importance. And if your aim isn’t to be important, why do you care to be recognized at all?! Of course, this is my personal perspective, and I welcome everyone to acknowledge the subjectivity of all opinions. How important is quality to you? When money is no object, I prefer the best of whatever is being offered. But as it pertains to people, affluence hardly ever translates to superior quality. And without question, the wealthier a person is, the more people they’ve exploited. You know bitches are vacuous when they decry hardworking men who get up and work every day, despite having very little to show for it. That shows diligence, determination, stability, principle, etc. Stupid bitch, if you understand the system, you know that it is designed to keep hard workers dependent. Without hardworking men and women, indolent wealthy people wouldn’t exist! For the same reason, without slaves and servants, kings and queens wouldn’t have lived so lavishly. Nefertiti didn’t have a fucking job! She didn’t even have any real skills. But if she needed money, I guarantee you that she wouldn’t have been a prostitute, or a porn star, or a nude model, or held any compromising position—in spite of her being labeled a “sex goddess”. We live in a time where insecure women go get plastic surgeries, then take to the internet to bash people that they find unattractive. Bitch, that ain’t even the real you! What’s wrong with y’all? Again, what benefit has history served us? Modern women think they’re empowered by the option to objectify themselves without being beaten with sticks or stoned to death. Meanwhile, many girls in Africa are still having their nipples and clitoris severed if they’re caught, or even suspected of, being sexual. Yes, that is a fact and I didn’t make it up. What does that have to do with American women? Nothing. But while you insist on referring to yourselves as “queens”, recognize that your behavior ain’t queenly! Peace.

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