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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXXV

Why do dumb women think being stupid is cute? Wait, I just answered my own question, huh? The uvula, also known as the “dangly thing in the back of your throat”, prevents food and liquid from entering your nose as you swallow, and it also secretes saliva to keep your mouth and throat lubricated. If you want to know what happens when something passes the uvula, go to Pornhub and search “cum comes out of nose”. If you prefer learning things the hard way, fill your mouth with water, hold your breath, and exhale hardly. If you’re not a weirdo, just Google “uvula functions” or take my word for it. Some women are gluttons for punishment. You know people are stupid when all they do is browse social media, and all the most popular social media platforms serve as ceaseless conveyors of elucidative information, but they would rather be entertained than enlightened! There are people out there, like Korporate Bidness, who toil and dedicate their lives to making lessons interesting and amusing. But their efforts are often overshadowed by their necessity to incorporate fuckery into their lessons, just to keep people’s attention, commonly making said lessons redundant. At one point, for approximately 5 consecutive years, Nicki Minaj was the biggest female rapper in the world. And in my opinion, 5 years from now, Nicki Minaj will be yet another casualty of her own gluttony for punishment. As if marrying a convicted sex offender isn’t scandalous and disgraceful enough, Nicki’s husband also just so happens to be one of the goofiest, lamest, stupidest motherfuckers on the internet! Black women, what’s your devotion to bitch-ass niggas all about? It doesn’t make sense. Y’all portray these uppity, high class, unobtainable personas, just to fuck with nothing but crummy-ass, dopey-ass, ignominious-ass niggas! When you’re in the public eye, it’s customary for your partner to be a symbol of your prestige and unavailability to second-rate citizens, right? But why do black women, famous or not, insist on dating down? I’m not even rich and famous yet, but I would beat my dick before I would fuck with a bum-ass bitch! I’m not even attracted to attractive women who lack intelligence and sophistication. So, I think black women’s cultural lifestyle choices are a testament to their collective deprivation of self-respect and intellectual acuity! If bitches respected themselves and were smart enough to know how dignified women move, their lives wouldn’t be so entertaining. When you think about it, doesn’t it seem like some people wantonly make their lives unnecessarily dramatic and complicated? Sometimes, other people’s revealing circumstances can exhibit all the life lessons that you need to live stress-free. Simply doing the opposite of what stupid motherfuckers are doing can literally save your life! Immaturity is endemic in popular culture, especially black culture, even for people over the age of 50. What’s more, the most consequential detriment of immaturity is the inability to cope with boredom. Idle time and childish minds is a recipe for humble pie.

Stupidity is an addiction. I mean, it must be, right? If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t be so relentlessly stupid, for no reason, on a repetitive basis. In the absence of severe mental illness, it’s not like motherfuckers are obligated or morally committed to stupidity, it’s a preference—a choice. And if you’re stupid, but you don’t want to claim a mental illness, then you must admit that you’re wittingly witless! Do you think Nicki Minaj married a clown because she wanted to be constantly entertained outside of the entertainment industry? Clearly, legends like Lil’ Kim and Michael Jackson didn’t know what do with themselves when they weren’t working, so they tried to transform into more appealing people. MJ had a whole fucking zoo and amusement park in his front yard, and he was still bored as fuck with life. It’s possible that Nicki Minaj’s fake-ass ass could only be the beginning of her transformation. What do you do when you’re bored? Personally, I find something positive or pleasurable to do. I think a lot, I write, I do research on random shit, I exercise, I listen to music or watch a good movie or TV show, I play Fortnite or GTA Online, I take a relaxing drive, I fantasize about being the next historic revolutionary leader, etc. What I don’t do, is anything that can hinder me from doing whatever the fuck I want to do! For example, if I want to have sex at least once a day for three consecutive days, I don’t have sex with anybody that could cause trouble or potentially transmit a life-threatening illness or disease. If you enjoy sex, and you desire to keep having it for the rest of your life, there are certain responsibilities that accompany that desire. Mainly, if you’re mindful, sex is best when you’re completely comfortable with yourself and your partner. If you have any doubts, insecurities, or general worries, the sex is going to be mediocre or not good at all. So, staying clean in every aspect, getting tested with your partners regularly, and being as mentally healthy as possible will assure that sex is good every time. And maintaining your mental health can be as simple as staying away from negative people, keeping your private life confidential, accepting yourself for who you naturally are, and persistently working to change the things that can be realistically changed. I’ve realized that, because immaturity is so pervasive in popular culture, people are always uncertain or conflicted with regard to what’s worthwhile and what’s worthless. For instance, when rappers mention sex, how often do they reference OraQuick tests, blood work, or even being disease-free?! If a rapper mentions condoms, it’s “Magnums”, and it’s almost never about protection. In rap, reference to a Magnum condom is generally meant to be an analogy for a male rapper’s alleged dick size or a female rapper’s dick size requirements. Which is why you loose pussy having-ass dumb bitches experience such difficulties finding happiness! Rap lyrics are like assembly instructions for dummies. When describing his “Ryde or Die, Bitch”, Jadakiss said, “Don’t matter what size panties, fitting her small. And she don’t got no problem hittin’ us all!”. So, this nigga’s ideal bitch was a literal big-booty hoe. What type of shit is that? And when a female rapper, who would later get an ass augmentation to satisfy cultural criterion, compounds those sentiments with lyrics like, “And this black dude I called King Kong, he had a big-ass dick and a hurricane tongue!”, as she’s enumerating a long list of her sexual partners, what are culture followers supposed to think?!

Again, if you’re wondering why things haven’t changed, it’s because you haven’t changed! I was recently talking to my grandma, attempting to stress the importance of growth to an annoyingly intransigent old lady. And she had the audacity to tell me, “people don’t change”, as if that’s a valid excuse for refusing to grow! First, what does what “people” are doing have to do with you?! Second, if you’re stably unhappy, why wouldn’t you want to better yourself—which would allow you to be happier?! Yes, people are conventionally disinclined to grow, but only because they’re ordinarily too dense to recognize how stunted they are! When all you know is stupidity, you can’t see past it. You think stupidly, you act stupidly, you talk stupidly, you live stupidly, and nothing ever works out for you. When are you people going to realize that you are your biggest problem? It’s you! Nicki Minaj, who was once one of the most eligible bachelorettes in hip hop, chose to date, fuck, and marry a man who is destined to ruin her life. Young Thug, who is one of the most monetarily successful rappers in history, chose to remain affiliated with a gang after fame, and he’ll likely never perform again. Black women, who endlessly protest against their ostensible lack of respect and protection in the black community, routinely disrespect and fail to protect themselves! Why are Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion so popular? Black motherfuckers, understand, the idiots that you choose to represent you will set the tone. Your representatives are exemplifications of your state of mind, tendencies, and wishes. So, bitches, if self-objectifying, man-bashing, disrespectful, vulgar, offensive, reprehensible female rappers are your chosen representatives, be informed that the only people who will respect you are the type of people who will respect your representatives. Basically, y’all are going to be the only people who respects y’all, unless you grow! Respectfully, for me, when I think about female rappers that I’d fuck with, it’s only Omeretta and Precious Way. They’re both very talented, they’re beautiful, their bodies are natural, they don’t seem like hoes, and it’s hard not to respect that. But it is hard for me to respect people that I wouldn’t associate myself with. And I gauge a person’s respectability on their fine qualities. Let me list off some of my fine qualities—I am highly intelligent, I’m not a bigot, I like helping people, I’m an expert writer, I enjoy long walks, I don’t have any children, I stand for righteous causes, I’m the realest person you’ll ever meet, I’ve never been a bitch-ass nigga, I exude fortitude, and I love strongly! I have a challenge for everyone who reads this and cares to improve themselves. For the next 72 hours, don’t consume any content from your designated culture. For instance, if you follow black culture, don’t watch or listen to any content that was produced by or for black culture, at all. At the end of that 72 hours, if you don’t realize how little you know about the world, you’re too stupid to be saved! Peace.

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