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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXXIV

Trigger warning, again! Stating that you would never do something, and sweating blood to convince people that you’re being honest, doesn’t make you innocent! It’s almost comical, if it weren’t so pathetic, how a lot of you stupid motherfuckers still think words speak louder than actions. Typically, what’s the first thing that criminals do when they get caught? They start lying their asses off! And generally, what’s a guilty person’s primary form of defense? They display persistently determined denial of guilt! So, for all you sly self-publicists out there who shit on celebrities every time they’re accused of sexual misconduct—the harder you shit on your colleagues, especially while lacking empirical evidence, the more suspicious you seem to smart people. And a lot of y’all scarcely credible motherfuckers be out there looking and sounding as foolish as the Big Bad Wolf when he tried to disguise himself as an old lady in Shrek! Just pitiless judgement in itself is mistrustful, in my opinion. Like I always say, liars are deceitful for the same reason that honest people are truthful—it’s who they are. People either lie to conceal the truth or they lie because they’re liars. And a lot of bitches be lying! If my last blog post didn’t make it clear, I’m neither a supporter or participant of “believing women” just because they have vaginas. That’s stupid, presumptuous, unsympathetic, amoral, discriminatory, and more! Who’s more vindictive than an overzealous feminist? Men’s timeless barbarous and oppressive history with women doesn’t displace the necessity of justice and objectivity in civilization. And as long as people are too pusillanimous to promote and present an inflexible requirement of veracity in communion, falsity will persevere! It has gotten to the point where people can’t even express doubt or confusion without being accused of deviance. Now, remember what I said just a few sentences ago. To reiterate, “What’s a guilty person’s primary form of defense? They display persistently determined denial of guilt!”. What do you think people are doing by reliably castigating people who’re initially skeptical of new sexual allegations? They are displaying “persistently determined denial of guilt”! I made this point back when I wrote about ageism, and that blog post went mini-viral. But, I want y’all to do yourselves a favor. If I’m wrong about this, screenshot that shit and find a way to send it to me, and I will delete my entire fucking blog, indefinitely! Go to, right now, and just look at the video titles on the first page. If you don’t see any form or abbreviation of the words “teen”, “mom”, “dad”, “daughter”, “son”, “sister”, or “brother” multiple times before you click on the second page, I will disappear from the entire fucking internet! Do you think there’s so many pornographic videos with bizarre and taboo themes because people are disinterested in them? Better yet, do you think those kinky-ass, freaky-ass, perverse-ass videos are recommended first because nobody is watching that shit!? Get the fuck out of here! Again, who the fuck are y’all fooling?!

Stop the blood clot lyin’! The Notorious B.I.G. was one of my favorite rappers, but the man had some extremely questionable lyrics. He had a nigga named “Gutta” that he alleged would “fuckin’ kidnap kids” then “fuck ‘em in the ass, throw them over the bridge”. He liked his women “young, fresh, and green” and “with no hair in-between”. And he wanted to make an 8-year-old “Raven-Symoné call date rape” in 1994. Moreover, just looking at Christopher Wallace, if any rapper had the natural outward appearance of a sex offender, it was him! However, Biggie routinely bagged women that he’d seemingly never have a chance with, including Faith Evans and Charli Baltimore, who worshiped the ground he walked on. That’s not to say B.I.G. didn’t have deviant sexual fantasies, but he definitely had a way with the ladies. I’ve thoughtfully been an atheist since the age of 7, so I’ve never viewed sex as some sacred act of sanctity. From my perspective—when it’s safe and consensual—sex is fun and it feels good! In my opinion, sex doesn’t have to be about anything other than busting a nut—that’s for sexual partners to decide. But when feelings are involved, it’s a passionate way to express your love for someone. Also, whether intentional or not, it’s the most common method of impregnation. Considering everything, sex is only as serious as you make it! If you’ve never noticed, smart people aren’t real big on rules. As a smart person, I view rules as nothing more than officialized opinions. But stupid people, also known as most people, like to live by those officialized opinions. Do you know how I know people are stupid? Because when y’all see a couple with a significant age gap, y’all always ask what they have in common. Bitch, they both like fucking! What else do they need to have in common?! Y’all are fully full of shit, and that’s a fact. Why are people so obsessed with and consumed by other people’s lives? I understand the indignation and outrage that people feel after discovering someone was genuinely unwillingly victimized. But the level of intrusiveness and unnecessariness that people invoke just to express their petty and trifling differences with strangers is the most abhorrent and infuriating human trait that I can currently think of! If people spent more time worrying about what they’re not doing, instead of worrying about what other people are doing, maybe they’d have less time to worry about what other people are doing!? If you believe that all your opinions are worth arguing about or fighting over, I guarantee your priorities are all out of order. There’s always plenty to learn, personal problems to solve, health to manage, money to make, etc. But hating people for expressing the freedom to be themselves, the same freedom that you use to hate them, ain’t helping you do shit! Does that make sense? Sometimes, this shit just has to come out the way it comes out. Basically, motherfuckers, go find y’all some private business to mind!

For the record, I love and respect all lovable and respectable women. If you think I’m an INCEL, you’re not too bright. My intelligence alone has some of your favorite female celebrities wanting my goods, respectfully. Well, at least that was the case before I published this post. If they stop furtively hinting at me after this, I’ll know what’s up. I love women so much, I literally don’t even remember the last time I hung out with a dude! Honestly, I’m just tired of seeing people’s lives being ruined over sex. Because sex really ain’t that deep. Ultimately, sex is a pleasurable biological, and recreational, activity that we all instinctively desire to participate in. Sex is an innate, automatic part of our nature. And the only thing that we can do to curb our ingrained yearnings for sex, is have sex. And whether you want to accept it or not—age limits, sexual orientations, racial preferences, and all the other curtailments that people attempt to place on sex are made-up and unnatural! The problem is, most people don’t seem to know what the fuck natural means, because you’re too focused on what other people deem normal. Well, I’m about to clear all that shit up for y’all. And if you don’t understand it after this, you never will! Something is natural when it is caused by nature and not influenced by humans. For example, our human nature is natural because we can’t control it. You’re going to get horny whether you like it or not, right? That’s nature. By the same token, if I see a pretty, well-developed female, I’m going to be naturally attracted to her. And my attraction to her would have nothing to do with her age. I am a heterosexual male who is naturally attracted to well-developed females. If that female just so happens to be many years younger than me, I’m still going to be naturally attracted to her. For the same reason, if that person turns out to be a transsexual, that doesn’t change my natural attraction to them. I saw a person that I liked, and I was naturally aroused. There’s nothing that a person can do or say to stop nature from being natural! On the other hand, something is normal when it is typical or conforms to a standard. As many people’s porn preferences and sexual secrets prove, it’s typical for people to be naturally attracted to both younger and older people! So, y’all can get the fuck out of here with your nonsensical, unnatural, inauthentic outrage toward natural sexual attractions! It’s bullshit. And for the sake of argument, who gives a fuck about societal standards? Y’all have made it a standard to lie about every-fucking-thing! How much effort have you exerted trying to be normal? How many of your natural tendencies have you repressed trying to be normal? How much of a burden is it for you to try to be normal?! Like I said before, indoctrination recurrently breeds victims. Some of these female accusers be looking for a quick come-up, others feel filthy after their “hoe phase” is over and start pointing fingers, many let people get into their heads and create moral conflicts that didn’t exist before, and we also just live in a comprehensively divisive time. I dissent, naturally. So, I was never with you motherfuckers to be divided from you! Find your natural position, and make it your normal one. Peace.

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