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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXXIII

Trigger warning! Are you a victim or are you just too delicate to acknowledge your guiltiness? It’s very convenient for certain types of people to make willful regrettable decisions while possessing enduring, quasi-unconditional societal sympathy that allows them to depute guilt to any mutual party. If you’ve ever wondered why people still struggle to understand equality, I believe it’s because most people are devoid of integrity. Everybody ain’t strong enough to own their shit. And many self-proclaimed “survivors” are merely dirty, deceitful, worn out wusses who can’t conjure the courage to tell themselves that their own laxity and irresponsibility plays or played a major role in the things that they regret the most! As this era of acute political correctness persists, people become growingly more sensitized to the truth every moment. The facts are—women lie too frequently, some of the LGBTQ+ community is too soft, a lot of comedians go too far, black people are too senseless, white people are far too stupid, Americans are too sensitive and too insensitive, multiple people under the legal age of consent are too sexual, numerous youths are too liberal, countless old people are too conservative, and everybody is guilty of being too quick to cry victim! A lot of your trauma, misplaced hatred, and self-loathing could be attenuated if you simply accept the unquestionable fact that having regrets is totally unavoidable. More importantly, everyone should trust the incontrovertible, evidential truth that a good 97.645% of humans are 100% full of shit! In my opinion, stubborn people often refuse to change their minds because they don’t want to admit that they were wrong. The longer you have a misconception, especially when it has negatively affected your life for an extended period of time, the least likely you are to acknowledge that you regret believing that bullshit for so long! How many times have you heard people with traumatic or dramatic pasts claim that they don’t regret any of the stupid-shit that they’ve done or any of that stupid-shit’s detrimental consequences? That’s cap, and we all know it. And this is why I call people weak so fucking much—because it’s true! Everybody has done things that they wish they didn’t do, everybody has taken an action that put them in a compromising situation, everybody has been naïve, everybody has been on the receiving end of mistreatment, everybody has views that are contrary to other people’s views, everybody has shortcomings and insecurities, etcetera! But how many people are comfortable divulging all that? How many stories are you ashamed to tell, just because you know people are going to lie about having similar or identical stories? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to keep secrets. Your business ain’t everybody’s business! By the same token, stop judging people for having the fortitude and resilience that you lack! On top of that, stop inculpating people to circumvent the sadness, remorse, and disappointment that you feel after you fucked-up! If it’s not fair for you to be misused and abused, it’s also not fair for you to misuse and abuse other people!

All of this stuff crossed my mind after I was scrolling through my YouTube recommendations and saw multiple street interviews that depict damaged and demoralized people being exploited for monetization purposes. Everything is oversexualized these days, from comedy skits to sad stories. And a lot of those sad stories are just as contrived as those comedy skits. Writing about this is tough, because victimization is real, trauma is serious, and justice is important. However, like most of today’s male and female rappers, victimization goes both ways! What you perceive as ill treatment could very well just be opportunism. And your personal, unforced implementation of opportunism very likely places you in positions for people to oblige or reciprocate. For example, like I’ve mentioned before, young people often foolishly believe that being young entitles them to leniency—as they make consciously and willfully irresponsible and regrettable decisions. But clearly, they’re mistaken. It’s not that youth grants you clemency, it’s that youth indicates your anticipated ignorance. The thing is, there’s a difference between ignorance and idiocy! If you rob a convenience store in America, where cops have murdered suspects for less, and a police officer shoots you in the back and paralyzes or kills you as you attempt to flee the scene—you’re a fucking idiot! If you go to a party that your parents forbid you from attending, after they explained to you that unchaperoned parties and underage drinking is unsafe, and someone takes advantage of you after you pass out from intoxication—you’re a fucking idiot! If you had consensual sex with someone that you lusted over, but you didn’t want anybody to know and somebody found out, and you cried rape to sidestep shame—you’re a fucking idiot! Why does this type of shit even still happen? Because people are fucking idiots, right? Honestly, I understand victim mentality, although I don’t respect it. People with a victim mentality believe that every uncomfortable and unfortunate event that they experience is someone else’s fault, even when it’s evident that their alleged victimhood is the result of misconstruction. Additionally, insecure and timid people would rather be sympathized with than criticized for their failures and regrettable decisions, because they believe that the burdens of defeat and regret are punishment enough—and I agree. Nobody should be mocked or ridiculed for having human experiences, especially not by other humans. For the same reason, nobody should unfairly blame someone else for their despondency, just for the accused to be wrongly chastised because the accuser wants to save face. Believing you’re a victim doesn’t give you grounds to create other victims—potentially real victims. If you want wrongdoers to have accountability, recognize that if you share that accountability, you may realize that you’re the one doing the most wrong. Stop putting yourself in positions to be done wrong, and stop putting other people in positions to do you wrong—it’s only fair.

I believe I’ve triumphed over trauma. Because, statistically, I should be traumatized as fuck—but I’m not. Since I was a kid, I’ve obligated myself to comprehend and simplify everything that I possibly can. And having such shitty relatives and past acquaintances, their poor quality and undisguised shamelessness has taught me tons. The way I see it, trauma is plainly the constant recollection of the past. That’s why mindfully living in the present is so important. If certain old memories make me feel some type of way, I focus on good memories. And in the event that bad feelings begin to infect me, I try my best to forget them. That “forgive but never forget” shit is nonsense, and it will never work for everybody or in every situation. How can you forgive someone if you’re consistently fixated on something that you deem unforgettable? If you’re unfailingly reminding yourself of why you’ll never forgive someone, why bother trying to forgive them? That doesn’t make sense, does it? If you’re forgiving someone, you’re ceasing your anger and resentment and moving on. You can’t look forward to new shit if you’re always looking back at old shit! Foremost, if you’re traumatized, do you feel the way you feel because that’s how you naturally feel, or did someone force you to believe that’s how you’re supposed to feel? In my opinion, a lot of trauma derives from indoctrination. How many of your thoughts and takes on things are intrinsic? If you read my blog and appreciate that I think more freely than most people, then you probably aren’t a freethinker. And if you were to begin thinking freely in every respect, you would come to discover that most of your beliefs were unnaturally and involuntarily drilled into your mind or dictated to you. Before you dismiss everything I’m saying in a “this nigga doesn’t know what he’s talking about” fit of rage, think for a minute. If none of this shit is resonating with you, it’s likely because you have a victim mentality. And if you have a victim mentality, you presumably got it via the transference of irresolution and infirmity—meaning somebody intentionally or inadvertently taught you how to be a victim. If that’s true, I guarantee that same person trained you to subsist in pessimism and dejection! I’m not saying that freethinking is a cure for trauma, but I’m almost certain it can be a source of relief. Furthermore, did you feel the way you feel now during the experience? If you had opposite feelings in the process of the experience, what changed your mind? What about the past traumatic experience is stressing you out or distressing you presently? Are you worried about someone exacerbating a defunct experience? Why are you constantly reminding yourself of something that may not even be pertinent to the present? Situational awareness can help you prevent trauma and heal it. Knowing your surroundings and controlling your environment are great ways keep bad things from happening. Yet, understand that the least control you have, the more uncomfortable you’re going to feel. If you’re dealing with someone that you don’t trust, don’t relinquish any power to them. But also, never expect anyone to give up their power. Good luck! Peace.

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