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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXXVI

I think it’s weird for Christians to refer to Christ’s death as the “Passion of Christ”. I’ve always wondered if the true phrase was lost in translation, and if the word was meant to be passing instead of passion. That’s random, I know, but isn’t life regularly random? The word passion is strangely ambiguous but undeviating, simultaneously. You can act with passion, express yourself passionately, have a passion, engage in passion, be someone’s passion, etc. With that being said, passion is defined in multiple ways, but all the definitions involve people doing or feeling something strongly or intensely. Writing is a passion for me, in the sense that it is something that I strongly desire to do and intensely enjoy doing. At this point, I can’t imagine myself never writing. And this shit has kept me sane over the years. When other people lash out, self-medicate, or implement vices to cope with the traditional ills of life, I write. Writing has assisted in curbing my temper, helped me understand who I am, aided me in learning a lot, and has been overall beneficial from the beginning. I believe that everyone has at least one passion—something that they’ll never break off from. With me having more than one passion, being myself precedes writing, undoubtedly. I am comfortable sharing my writing because I am so passionate about being openly genuine. I know a lot of y’all don’t like hearing things like that, because all y’all do is lie and pretend, but that’s not my problem, is it? Just stop being fake! It’s never too late to elevate. Look at it like this, if you’re a Christian, elevating in life is equivalent to Christ’s ascension to Heaven. So, if you want to be more Christ-like, you must raise to a higher level of yourself. And the only way to do that, is to transcend norms. Because people don’t want you to be higher than them in any capacity! Norms are created to keep ground-level people complacent by maintaining the illusion of togetherness. The more people involved in identical situations, the more normal said situations seem, right? It’s not normal to be rich. It’s not normal to be powerful. But it’s normal to be part of a large group of people who share a plight! Additionally, penthouses are on the highest floors of buildings, and they are the most expensive. A house in the hills generally costs more than one in the valley. All the best liquor is on the top shelf. To be the most dominant in your field is to be “on top”. Nothing low-level is high quality, so why the fuck wouldn’t you want to consistently elevate in life? But you can’t rise up if you’re inactive. What are you doing to advance yourself, right now? One of the easiest ways to break out of old habits is to form new ones. We all know that stagnation is caused by a lack of growth, which is stimulated by people’s habit of intimidating themselves into a state of soul-destroying monotony. If you’re scared to try new things, that means you’re afraid to grow, which means you’re fearful of elevation. If you want to break the monotony, start sleeping on the other side of your bed, rearrange the furniture throughout your house, change the order of your routines, try a new hairstyle, find a way to amicably split from uninspiring people in your life, release everything unnecessary, and just start smartly switching things up. Eventually, you’ll realize how important change is, and that realization will facilitate your elevation.

When you think about it, it’s hard for acrophobia to be irrational. Obviously, if you fall from a high place, you’re going to be injured or worse. And understanding that mistakes and freak accidents happen, it’s perfectly rational to avoid high places. I think it’s weird that people believe they can decide when someone else’s fears are irrational. Now, growth is inevitable and essential to a person’s health and happiness, so being afraid to grow is absolutely senseless. But shit like spiders, clowns, heights, snakes, and thunderstorms have all killed people! Unavoidable or not, I understand the importance of fear. This is another point that I’ve made religiously on this blog, but it’s also something that people need to be constantly reminded of. Most fear is caused by uncertainty, and uncertainty is evoked when something is unpredictable and liable to vary. Smart people are afraid of a lot of shit, which is why we are so cautious and proactive! Yet again, fear is a word that has an erroneous negative connotation, because people don’t understand it’s preeminence in all our lives. Wearing your seat belt, locking your doors at night, using protection during sex, staying armed, owning a large dog, exercising regularly, eating healthily, drinking and smoking in moderation, and all-around insistent responsibility is fueled by fear. You’re scared of flying through your windshield if in an accident, you’re afraid of a stranger effortlessly invading your home while you’re sleeping, you’re frightened by the thought of contracting an STI, etc. All rational people are always afraid! Conversely, the more fearless you are, the more likely you are to have bad experiences. But everything has extremes. Being extremely fearful or extremely fearless can be extremely adverse. So, how do you find your perfect balance? First, trust your own instincts. We’ve been living in troubling times for some time, now. So, if you have experienced enough life to appreciate your personal limits, whatever those limits may be, respect yourself enough to listen to your gut. Right or wrong, as long as you are content with your decision, you can circumvent contrition. Second, exit your comfort zone whenever it’s safe. To discover your limits, you must test yourself. You won’t know how far you’re willing to go until you exceed a limit that you previously placed. But feel free to take baby steps. By advancing slowly, you will always be steps ahead of those who’ve retreated or withdrawn. In order to lose, you have to play, and if you’re playing at least you aren’t afraid to lose! Third, endlessly educate yourself. If you’re afraid of something, or not afraid of something, it makes sense to learn as much about that thing as possible before you make a final decision. Whether you decide to avoid or confront something, knowledge alone can determine if you’re going to fail or succeed. You can avoid something just to be confronted by something worse, and you can confront something just to be avoided by it, but knowledge can help you avoid superfluity. Last, don’t listen to people. People can give you either the correct or incorrect answers, but if there’s any doubt in your mind after consulting with someone, chances are their suggestions won’t benefit you. Trial and error has produced every cure and remedy known to mankind, so don’t be afraid to be wrong. Being wrong might reveal the right answer.

I hate humans for a multitude of mixed reasons. But mainly because most of you are stupid. One of my most popular blog posts to date, is a spiel that I wrote in approximately 30 minutes, “Everybody’s Stupid, L”, about people’s propensity to presume that their formal education or training automatically permits them primacy over everyone who lacks formality in any given branch of knowledge. Not only is that ridiculous and narcissistically presumptuous, it’s too stupid to make sense. Naturally, some people are smarter than others. And no amount of edification can be a supplement for intrinsic intelligence. In other words, it’s clear that there’s a lot of shit that many “educated” people just can’t understand! All an education is, is memorizing information. The problem is, you don’t have to comprehend information to remember it, and simply remembering shit is often enough to pass an exam. Furthermore, after you get the gist of learning, are teachers and instructors even necessary? How many of your main ideas are simply the wrong fucking ideas? Better yet, are you smart enough to know when the stuff you’re learning is bullshit?! I’ve made it clear that I am a high school dropout, and that all of my writing is organic and unassisted, right? Do you think I’m a good enough writer to work for a newspaper? I know for a fact that I am! But do you know why I don’t work for a newspaper? First, because I don’t really want to. I’m a free spirit, and I won’t be inhibited! Second, because college graduates, aka the people responsible for hiring at most legitimate companies, only recognize formalities. Admittedly, that’s logical—but it ain’t maximal! Recently, Rockstar Games decided to make an attempt at remastering the first three Grand Theft Auto video games—GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. They tasked a small video game developing company with upgrading the old graphics, and enhancing the overall quality of the games, but the outcome was an atrocious travesty. The described “remastered” games were overwhelmed with glitches, and no real improvements had been made. Meanwhile, unprofessional video game modders, from the internet, had been successfully modifying and improving those old games for years. And the modders have been responsible for unofficially correcting the bulk of the professional video game developers’ mistakes. Certainly, some of those internet modders could have formal training. But do you think formal training is a requisite for achieving masterful skill? Literally, it’s not! If hands-on experience is mandatory in a course of study that necessitates said experience, is a classroom or formal setting imperative to gaining the experience? Between real world experience and formal education, would you agree that experience is paramount? Heck, a person needs experience to teach, right? What came first, true to life experience or schools? Who would you trust more, a fresh college graduate or a successful 4-year veteran in their field—who flourishes without a formal education? If you’d choose the college grad, you’re stupid, and you probably aren’t a college grad yourself. College isn’t difficult, it’s just a nuisance. And because of that, college graduates are more sycophantic than intelligent. In my opinion, formal educations are virtually theoretical, and actual experience is appreciably more practical. But that’s just my opinion. Peace.

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