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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXX

Sometimes, I just start thinking, and I get so deep into thought that I forget what initiated my pensive mood. I was just thinking about reality and the truth, yes—again. And my ruminative thought journey was sparked by me reminiscing about a conversation that the cast of Power Book II had on an older episode. The premise of their convo was around the idea of truth, and how people’s perceptions can alter or establish truths that contradict reality. Me being me, I disagreed with most of what the script writers proposed. In the show, the characters concurred that perception totally supersedes the factual truth. Personally, I believe that the truth, ultimately, ain’t got shit to do with how we perceive it! Perception is only reality when it involves how we interpret ourselves and each other. But outside of our individual or unanimous opinions about people, reality is the only true truth! Because facts are the truth and our reality whether we like it or not, right? Of course, if you think you’re smart, you can argue that people create truth by existing in reality and instituting events that form facts. But what’s really going to cook your noodle later on is, owning to that fact that you know I think miles ahead of y’all, would you even have reached that conclusion without my help? The vast majority of you wouldn’t have! How can people who don’t comprehensively perceive anything, determine what the truth is?! Get the fuck out of here! Republicans perceive themselves as righteous, that’s false. Donald Trump perceives himself as innocent, that’s demonstrably a fucking lie. Kanye West perceives himself as sane, and many will justifiably beg to differ. Joe Budden perceives himself as intelligent, but where the fuck did he get that idea!? At the end of the day, our perceptions of reality are seldom substantiated by the truth. And the truth is, people don’t know shit! If you’re smart, you learn early on that the more you learn, the more there is to learn. You also come to comprehend that the only way to free your mind, as to think more objectively, is to willingly and consistently remove yourself from the equation. If you habituate basing your perception of the truth exclusively on your personal interpretation or your emotions, especially without considering the actual facts, your perception will always be affected. An affected perception is as good as a lie, and a lie ain’t the truth, is it!? Be honest, who rationalizes better than Beau Amoureux?! Once more, y’all better enjoy your time basking in all that blissful ignorance while you still can. Again, the truth ain’t got shit to do with how we feel about it. The truth is what it is, regardless. Understood? All in all, from my piercing perspective, I don’t blame people for seeking escapes from reality or contesting other people’s accounts of the truth. We’re all at liberty to view things differently, and that’s the way things should be, forever. Reality is depressing, so find healthy coping mechanisms, but just make sure your escapes don’t detract you from the truth.

While I’m touching on reality, let me tell y’all the real about the streets. And I’m going to keep this straightforward, so the stupid niggas can understand it. First, every “street nigga” ain’t hard! Most of these imitation thugs bank their safety on misconceived reputations—hoping that word-of-mouth will be enough to instill fear and keep them clear of adversaries. But unfortunately, that’s just not how the streets work! In every hood and on every block, the bigger your reputation is, the more you’re going to be tested. Because the nigga that bests or defeats the proclaimed “realest nigga in the streets”, effectively becomes the new realest nigga in the streets! And what self-proclaimed real nigga doesn’t want to become the theoretical king of real niggas? When you hear niggas assert that they’ve never ran from anyone or never taken any losses, either they’re lying, they never spent enough time in the streets, or they stuck under other niggas and hid from conflict all their lives. Think about it like this, if a nigga is being threatened on a regular basis, does that not indicate that niggas are “trying” him?! If we all know that some of the rawest and toughest thugs in history dealt with perpetual tension, drama, and violations in the streets, what type of counterfeit thug brags about never being touched?! Bitch, that just means you aren’t who you’re claiming to be! If every nigga in the streets declares that “anybody can get it”, who isn’t part of “anybody”?! Anybody means every-fucking-body! What the fuck is wrong with these capping-ass niggas? Every nigga can’t be a real nigga, in the same way that every rambunctious rapper with tattoos can’t be Tupac—it’s that simple. Bitch-ass niggas either pick fights that they know they can win, they lie when they lose, they never fight alone, or they never fight at all. Stop letting these niggas fool y’all! Second, none of these niggas are in “real nigga” mode 24/7! The way that niggas talk and act, you would think that they only drink hard liquor, and solely eat meats with no fruits or vegetables, and relentlessly disrespect everybody that they come into contact with. But no, all these niggas eat candy, and drink fruity shit, and watch cartoons, and masturbate, and are cordial most of the time, and cry when they’re sad, and have anxiety about their fears, and feel like a bitch when their feelings are hurt, and do all kinds of human shit that they’re too pussy to admit! And if you’re reading this shit like, “No duh!”, then why do y’all believe niggas’ bullshit so often? What is there to admire about wrongdoers and degenerates? Going to jail just means that niggas weren’t smart enough to evade detection, and stupidity isn’t an attribute of respectable people. Getting shot and/or killed just means that niggas were hated enough for people to want them dead, and do you applaud street justice the same way you do street niggas? Whether you’re an alleged real nigga or an avid adherent of real niggas, all y’all are fucking stupid!

Let’s see… what else? Bitches! Nah, I’m not letting y’all off the hook, either. Fuck y’all! First of all, why do y’all keep fucking these bitch-ass niggas only to get pregnant, have the bitch-ass niggas leave you before the babies are born, and birth another stupid bitch or bitch-ass nigga—just for them to repeat the cycle?! Personally, my life has never and will never revolve around sex. But for a lot of y’all hoes, sex is your job, your favorite hobby, the theme of your decorations, the first thing you choose to watch for entertainment, the main topic of your conversations, the subject of your deepest fantasies, etc. Do you know what I fantasize about, the most? Being influential enough to legitimately change people’s lives! Well, that, and fucking Scottie Beam on Mondays, Tems on Tuesdays, a random white super model on Wednesdays, maybe an unfamous bad bitch on Thursdays, Cree Campbell on Fridays, and using Saturdays and Sundays to recover. Okay, yes—I think about sex too. But I’m way more responsible and self-respecting than y’all hoes will ever be! Also, if any of those women, or their people, just so happen to see this… respectfully. I’ve been famous amongst famous people for some time now. I assume that many of them discovered my blog after I mentioned them on Twitter or commented on their YouTube videos. Also, because I’m just so fucking good at expressing my opinions, word has traveled. But that’s beside the point, because if anybody in the black community has the power, potential, and persuasion to push evolution, it’s the people with the pussies! Women can literally make niggas do anything they want! So, why in the wholly fuck, would y’all EVER diminish and devalue the most fortunate, fruitful, and formidable feature known to mankind?! Am I putting too much sauce on this? I don’t want this to be too heavy, because we all like fucking. But at the end of the day, if y’all are as “tired” as you claim to be, stop exacerbating all of our problems! The pussy-ass niggas that take innocent lives, abuse guiltless females, terrorize our neighborhoods, create fatherless children, and do other despicable shit came from some stupid bitch’s pussy! If you’re an insecure female, or if you’re just ignorant and shallow, or if you simply desire to broaden your scope, do yourself a favor and go to your favorite porn site after reading this. Click on a few categories that you’d never watch, something kinky or fetish-based, and browse some of the videos. You will undoubtedly come to learn that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter what your body type is, it doesn’t matter if you have a disability—if you are willing and able to fuck, you can get fucked! I’m telling y’all this so you will consider either leaving bitch-ass niggas alone or forcing those niggas to reform before you give them any pussy. Stop looking to these niggas for affirmation, because niggas wanting to fuck you doesn’t mean they actually like you! And if you’ve ever fucked a guy that you didn’t like—just because he had a nice car, or muscles, or you heard he had a big dick—then you know what I’m talking about. However, because niggas want to fuck you so bad, make them permanently respect you and earn it! But remember, you must respect yourself first. Peace.

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