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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXIX

Literally nobody relates to or resonates with having a perfect life! Because literally nobody’s life has ever been perfect. And if you’re the type of person who loves to luxuriate in lies, and imitate imaginary idealism, you’re weak! Trauma is often inherited through the transference of stupidity, misconception, disorganization, weak-mindedness, and other unhealthy and counterproductive learned behaviors. I don’t have any pity stories to tell, but both of my parents were absent while I was growing up. However, I can honestly and genuinely state that their absences were for the better—at least for me. To nurture is to care for, protect, support, and encourage growth. Frankly, I believe that a great deal of people are plainly too dejected and inept to effectively nurture—and ordinarily to no fault of their own. Again, trauma is habitually transmitted from damaged person to abused person. Abuse can be psychological, and most people aren’t mindful and empathetic enough to know when their demeaning exploits are causing lasting harm to the abused. If perfection is perfectly unrelatable, then that makes imperfection uber-relatable, correct? In the black community, people gravitate toward imbeciles like Boosie and Charleston White because their level of unsophistication and unabashed openness is perceived as authenticity. In reality, those niggas are authentically stupid! Black people are so systemically self-traumatized, they’ve made stupidity the golden standard. “Struggle rap” is a subgenre of hip hop that generally characterizes a song with lyrics that depict a rapper’s struggles with coping with life’s trials and tribulations. And not so ironically, the more “niggerish” a black person is, the more they resonate with struggle rap. And frequently, the stupider a rapper is, the more struggle raps they have. Niggerish is a colloquial term that describes the actions of a black person who insists on being as consciously self-destructive as possible. In my opinion, because “the struggle” is so identifiable and correlative with people’s flawed lives, rappers and niggas seeking sympathy and assimilation utilize and dramatize their struggles to appear more strong-willed and resilient than they actually are. For instance, Boosie has been a millionaire for the past 15 years, and he still can’t stop fucking up! What person in their right mind wants to align with that? If you discovered that Boosie revels in controversy for the sole purpose of remaining closely connected with his core fans, who are niggerish as well, would that surprise you? Be honest, if you’re black, don’t you feel like the purposive perpetuation of our negative stereotypes is good reason for the continuance of systemic racism? If you think that makes me sound stupid, how do you think I feel knowing that many of you stupid motherfuckers happily bolster up all of Boosie’s bullshit!? Boosie blew up in 2006, a year after I was supposed to graduate from high school, and he still acts like some of the niggas I went to high school with!

I was a little poor in high school. Again, both of my parents were absent. My mom, who had me as a teenager, was off with her irresponsible boyfriend living her second childhood. And my dad was too busy working to pay child support for kids that I didn’t know existed, and cheating on his wife, to provide any form of monetary or moral support. My parents separated as teenagers. I did see and spend time with both parents on occasion, but they were rarely pleasant experiences. There was a time when I had holes in my favorite pair of Reebok Classics, and I told my bitch-ass dad that I needed a new pair of shoes. He made-up an obvious lie to get off the phone, and the next time I saw this fat, bald-headed, selfish, deadbeat motherfucker, he was Ralph Lauren from head to toe—and everything was brand new! Now, why wouldn’t there be any resentment there? Punk-ass motherfucker, you’re not even a man to me! I don’t really think about this stuff too much, because it makes me angry, but I don’t mind sharing the stories. Over and above that, shoutout to my grandma—who did her best to juggle her own responsibilities and my parents’. I don’t have the best relationship with my grandma, because she has trauma that she refuses to address and alleviate, but I love her nonetheless. On a lighter note, let me tell y’all about this big, soft-ass nigga who tried to bully me and others in high school. This wannabe tough guy just so happens to do security for Rare Breed Entertainment, a battle rap league based in Atlanta. I was born in Atlanta, Grady Hospital to be precise, and I was raised in Decatur, GA. Back in high school, I used to roast the fuck out of anybody that I thought was fake. And I used to talk all kinds of shit to this corny-ass, chubby clown! He never had any good comebacks, so he could never win a roasting session with me. One day, he got fed up, and this Pillsbury fuckboy caught me in the lunchroom, by myself—he had about five niggas with him. At the time, I was approximately 5’6” and about 150 pounds, but I was solid. I ended up growing a couple more inches before I turned 18. But this nigga was damn-near the same height and weight that he is now, so him having a gang of niggas with him is a clear indication that he didn’t want a fair fight, right? And I guess this nigga thought he in a movie or something, because his entire approach to the situation was farcical as fuck. While I was standing in the lunch line, he sauntered over to me with his goofy-ass goons in pursuit, pushed me up against the wall, grabbed my shirt and balled it up in his fist, and proceeded to whisper the wateriest quasi-ultimatum that I’ve ever heard! Y’all, I expected this nigga to utter the hardest words that a bogus badass could conjure. For the record, this is a true story—remember how much I hate liars. This nigga said, verbatim, and I quote, “I told you to stop talkin’ all that smack, nigga! You gon’ stop?!”. Sorry if that was anticlimactic, but those were his words, not mine! I told him, “You got it.”, and he walked away. A few months later, he got jumped, his leg was broken in the process, and all that tough guy shit went right out the window! No, I wasn’t involved. Again, these are all facts!

Why even bother pretending these days? And if you know that most people appreciate honesty and transparency, why do you believe your dishonesty and opacity will be appreciated? No, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t guard and cherish your privacy. But if you’re going to divulge information or present yourself to the masses, why not be one-hundred percent real?! You’re weak if you profess to have struggled more than you have, and you’re weak if you pose that you haven’t struggled as much as you have. Just tell the fucking truth! Like I’ve mentioned before, everything from the prodigious suicide rate to the inordinate violent crime rate are stimulated by weak-ass people’s inability to be honest and accept honesty. The fact is, we all have vulnerabilities, and we’re all worried by uncertainties. However, we’re not all willing to ruin our lives just to be congratulated by people who champion underdogs! Y’all can’t tell me that you don’t believe a lot of the nigga-shit that niggas do isn’t on purpose!? More often than not, people chase clout to arouse fear or respect. Clout is an informal word that means power or influence. And if one wishes to be powerful or influential, then I believe it’s safe to assume that they either want people to be afraid of them or they want to be admired. What’s wrong with wanting to be yourself? If you’re here, especially if this isn’t your first time, chances are that you fuck with me because I’m me, right? I don’t give a fuck, in real life. My integrity is powered by my confidence in the fact that most aren’t strong enough to be sincere. And my rectitude is a consequence of incessantly encountering and witnessing so many immoral and disreputable people. I’m motivated to stay honest every time I see or hear one of you fake-ass motherfuckers falsifying your character. Have you ever thought about how easy it is to concretize a lie? It’s as simple as doing something that you’ve never done, after you lied about doing it, just to legitimize the lie. How many rappers and regular-ass clout chasers do dumb-shit solely to personify their fabricated personas? It may not sound like it to some of you, but this is me attempting to encourage you to be a better person—an honorable person. It doesn’t matter how ugly your truth is, I guarantee that it’s more trustworthy than those pretty-ass lies that you’re accustomed to telling! But unfortunately, the most fucked-up part is, a lot of y’all’s lies are uglier than your truth. What fucking sense does that make? You’re going to downgrade and disparage yourself in your own lie?! That’s some trauma for your ass, ain’t it!? Listen, for the umpteenth time, niggas are weak and stupid. Boosie is so hellbent on proving that he’s a product of the struggle, that he’s insistent on persistently struggling! Game is still blooding, Snoop is still cripping, bitches still ain’t shit but hoes and tricks, Tupac’s murder case is still a hot topic, niggas are still senselessly killing each other every day, and y’all are still wondering why nothing has ever changed! Personally, I don’t need anybody to make this make sense. Do you? Peace.

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