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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXXI

The internet makes me feel extremely emotionally unstable. Because it’s easy for me to see things that take me from slightly disliking humans, to altogether and absolutely hating you stupid motherfuckers with every active neuron in my brain, to believing that there may be hope for you impudent imbeciles! Tyrese has been trending, again. And every time this open and plain-spoken man turns on a camera to show his natural and uninhibited humanity, people decry his honesty and diss his humility. Why? As someone who could be renowned and preeminent at any point that I choose, and it’s coming—so starting fretting now, I frequently wonder how I would respond to people’s contentious and disrespectful responses to my comments and my character. Just being in my presence in-person, most people perceive me as a serious but chivalrous guy. I’ve been around people who were mean to literally everybody but me. But I’ve also been around people who’ve incautiously attempted to challenge everything that I say and do. On the internet, I’ve shut so many stupid-ass people the fuck up, I wouldn’t be surprised if a motherfucker was performing a voodoo ritual on me, right now. Like I keep telling y’all, regardless of how adamantly you believe something, facts are reality and your opinions are only your thoughts about reality—and your awkward adamance doesn’t make your opinions factual! In my opinion, Tyrese consistently sharing his vulnerabilities with his supporters and objectors is a recurring manifestation of his fearlessness and mental fortitude. If Tyrese was insecure or indisposed, he would be as ambivalent about being honest as most of you are! The timorous men that sat their pussy-asses in a circle, Indian style—while their abused women were limping around, cooking, cleaning, feeding the baby, and doing laundry simultaneously, as their debilitated men concealed their anxieties and uncertainties—and dictated that men should never show emotion, were more fearful than their women ever were! In other words, niggas have been bitches since the beginning of time! If a man doesn’t show emotion, do you know what that makes him? Either a rogue or a fucking psychopath! Moreover, how can you flighty, fake-ass, foolish-ass folks find fault with people beautifying their lives on social media, then turn around and criticize Tyrese for sharing his honest-to-goodness sentiments?! I think people are so accustomed to faking, they’ve indoctrinated themselves with their own insincerity. Social media has been a prevalent source of synthetic stimulus for so long, people have epitomized flawless fakeness. Because most social media content is based on the glamourization of artifice and intrigue, people who revel in the disconnection between social media and reality also base their lives on their social media personas. Do you know why y’all do that? Because you’re weak!

We all know that social media ain’t for real motherfuckers. Again, that’s why it ain’t for me. Not only that, official statistics and basic evocations prove that people were generally much happier before frequently feeling like they are obligated to trump their peers’ trickery and tall tales. Of course, the haves and the have nots have always been at odds. And the have nots have always wanted what the haves have. The thing is, these days, nobody can distinguish the have nots from the haves—because everybody is so good at posing, pun intended. If more people were as authentically unreserved as Tyrese, I believe that many people would be disinclined to be dishonest. Why does honesty, which is the most effortless form of expression, require so much courage, maturity, and insensitivity? How ironic is it that actual children are some of the most honest people on the planet, but childish adults don’t do nothing but lie? Everybody in my family is dishonest, excessively sensitive, and emotionally immature. And when I say everybody, I mean every-fucking-body! Except me, of course. And that’s not narcissism, it’s native wit. Remember, I’m forthright and objective because I know, for a fact, that most people aren’t strong enough to keep it real. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again—I don’t want to be anything like y’all! Despite how my writing comes across, I’m actually a positive person. I write about stupidity and stupid people a lot because those things indubitably exist in abundance. And I rebuff humility because I wholeheartedly believe that there’s no room for timidity and self-doubt in a world full of indecent, immoral, weak-ass, stupid-ass people who rejoice in and are entertained by experiencing other people agonize! As a matter of fact, I’m such a positive person, I often forget all the foul and fucked-up things that my relatives have said and done. Don’t get me wrong, I have my faults as well, but I own my shit and I don’t lie to myself and everybody else just to circumvent admission of guilt! As far as social media goes, how guilty do you feel knowing that your fakeness contributes to people’s agony? At this point, I’m almost completely certain that we all know someone who has had a mental breakdown this year, right? Those breakdowns are caused by stress, and stress is often evoked by uncertainty, shame, fear of judgment, misunderstandings, feelings of inferiority, helplessness, lack of support, etc. I have a family full of people who feel like nobody cares about them, and these fucking idiots don’t even talk to each other! What fucking sense does that make?! All y’all are available to support each other, but you’d rather pretend to be strong than to admit you need support! And that’s the same shit people do on social media. Instead of encouraging Tyrese to stay strong, many people use his unshielded frankness as an opportunity to say, “I’m depressed, but at least I’m not crying on social media!”. I’m not even going to insult y’all, I’m just going to move on.

I think some of the realest shit that I’ve ever heard, so I know I write some of the realest shit that y’all have ever read. And if you’re new here, I’ve mentioned many times that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It gets a whole lot deeper, trust me! Y’all are getting the free version of my beautiful mind. And just as another reminder, everything you read here comes from my mind and straight to text. This ain’t no assisted writing software or none of that bullshit. I don’t even reference other people’s opinions. I think a lot, and I make it my business to memorize as many synonyms as possible. I’ve forgotten just as many words as I know. Also, I’m a high school dropout, but I’m likely the most sensible and insightful person that you will ever know or know of. People internalize a lot of bold misconceptions that ultimately ruin their lives. And people habitually misconceive things when they lack the ability to think independently. Unfortunately, all cultures have the potentiality to invoke a hive mentality. Social media itself is a catalyst for the perpetuation of conservatism in popular culture. Even though some trends come and go, the popularity of a trend is determined by groupthink—which is another term for hive mentality. And to discourage individualism and eccentricity, do you know what groupthinkers do? They reject innovators, appropriate innovative discoveries, and try their damnedest to make everybody the same! And they do that because they are afraid of being singled out as someone who follows the crowd, despite the fact that that’s exactly what they’re doing. Freethinkers frighten groupthinkers because freethinkers exhibit the creativity and individuality that groupthinkers are incapable of possessing. Originality makes groupthinkers feel excluded, so they arrogate and dilate formerly original shit, so no one will realize how fucking regular they are! Still don’t get it? Think about it like this—why do people follow trends in the first place? To fit in, right? And why do people desire to fit in? To avoid being left out or singled out. But who ever admits that they’re a follower?! And this is where people start lying to themselves and everyone else. You goofy-ass, copycat-ass, unoriginal-ass, scared to be yourself-ass, untruthful-ass… just do better. I’m so irritated just thinking about this shit, I can’t even be funny. Do me and yourself a favor, and listen to me. All y’all are fake, and all y’all know that you’re fake, but none of y’all can say anything because you know you’re fake. Just stop being fake! Thinking independently is probably going to be the hardest thing that many of you will ever attempt. But luckily for you, I have the hack. Do you want to know what it is? Just do the opposite of what you’re used to! Stop worrying about what other people are doing, stop giving a fuck about what people think of you, and stop pretending. You’re welcome! Lastly, Melyssa Ford, on a scale of one to ten—ten being the most smitten—how smitten are you with me? And you can be honest, because as an admirer of mine, you must know how perspicacious I am, right? Let me know. Peace.

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