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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXVI

How many of you understand what projection is? As an example, some people project when they witness someone in a specific situation, ponder how they would feel or what they would do in said situation, and speciously presume that the person who’s actually in the situation would react the same way they would. In other instances, a lot of presumptuous people project by using imprecise recollections to make assumptions about a person’s current thoughts or desires. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people genuinely make an effort to mature and evolve as they progress in age. Granted, we all know that maturity isn’t common. But if you know that, why don’t you realize that you’re immature?! Don’t you hate when motherfuckers start or end a thought with, “if I was them”?! Shut the fuck up! I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret—nobody gives a fuck about you! I hope that doesn’t trigger anyone who doesn’t deserve to be censured. If you spend the majority of your time minding your own fucking business, like a real motherfucker does, then this isn’t about you. However, if you sashay your silly-ass around, running your fucking mouth, assuming that you’re more important than you’ll ever be, go fuck yourself with a telephone pole! Mature people don’t project. Better yet, smart people rarely disregard what most people take for granted. When something or someone is taken for granted, it isn’t receiving the proper appreciation or respect. For instance, if you’ve ever shunned voting in an election, because you believed that your “one vote” wasn’t going to make a difference, not only are you fucking stupid, you also took your own power to induce change for granted! It’s sad that a lot of adults are this ignorant, ain’t it!? Anti-voters, if 80 million Americans believe that their “one vote doesn’t matter”, that’s enough absent votes to alter the course of history! Every time you say, “my vote doesn’t count”, you’re joining the list of millions of other stupid-ass people who willfully neglect to exercise their authority. The saddest part is, some of the people who complain the most about the government being corrupt, are the type of people who never vote! What fucking sense does that make? If you love expressing yourself, I would love for you to appreciate that voting is one of the few instances where your opinion actually matters! Now, back to projecting. I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said, “Anybody who tries to tell you what the fuck somebody else is or isn’t going to do, is a damn fool! What the fuck are they supposed to be—psychic?!”. I may have heard it from a random vagrant or pedestrian at Five Points MARTA station, way back in the day. Regardless, I agreed with it then, and I still do. Whether it’s misapprehension or mistaken identity, y’all better start paying closer attention!

Ultimately, projection is an act of disrespect. It’s a manifestation of a person’s flagrant disregard for your ability to think for yourself and make your own decisions. And instead of asking you what you want and how you feel, they’d rather prescribe your thoughts and feelings. Additionally, this is yet another reason why psychology is often ineffective. Many people, even intelligent people, have difficulties isolating their opinions from facts. A lot of stupid people believe that the stronger their feelings are, the truer their opinion is. That’s not how you make facts, people. Facts make themselves! Facts are reality, and your opinions are simply your thoughts about reality. What makes you feel powerless in a democracy? Do you know what a democracy is? In a democracy, all eligible members of a population have the authority to elect the people that they believe best represent their interests. America operates on a two-party system to prevent any single party from controlling legislation without being challenged—that’s a good thing. Legislation is just a fancy word for laws and policies. If you think you’re smart, you might believe that your vote is redundant because the government seems to do whatever they want, regardless of the legal principles and precedents set forth by said government. Yet, like many people have been pointing out over the years, if voting wasn’t important, republicans wouldn’t be toiling to stop you from voting against them! I’m going to be honest, I’m not a historian or a government expert. However, I am someone who has always been able to think for myself. If you understand context, and you read my opinions often, you should be able to discern that I aim to be a liberator. I don’t want anyone to try to be like me or think like me—I want you all to be yourselves and think for yourselves! I know, politicians are some of the most self-interested and unscrupulous motherfuckers on the planet! Which is why you should use your own judgement to decide, for yourself, who you believe best represents your interests. And if you’re not rich and you enjoy freedom, the Republican Party probably isn’t the party for you! Did y’all see that old Republican-ass nigga drag Charlemagne on The Breakfast Club? I thoroughly enjoyed that. Who doesn’t like watching bullies get bullied? Charlemagne knows who I am, and he’ll probably read this. So, I’m about to drag his ass too! Charlemagne, you old bald-headed-ass, fake-ass Morris Chestnut face-ass, Vans wearing-ass, radio hosting-ass, wannabe comedian-ass, black-ass boy! That was light. But if you want to become good at insulting people, just tell a motherfucker exactly who they are. Don’t try too hard, just observe and report—it works every time.

In your opinion, what’s the most disrespectful thing a person can say to you? For me, it’s any lie. I hate liars with every fucking nanogram of who I am! Also, insulting my intelligence, or trying to insult my intelligence, is the easiest way to piss me off. Who the fuck do people think they are?! Do you know how I know republicans are stupid? Because Donald Trump told those stupid motherfuckers that he never leveraged his generational wealth to acquire corporate success, and they believed that shit! This motherfucker’s grandpa was rich, his father was one of the most successful real estate developers in the state of New York, and those goofy-ass republicans treated Trump like he was a self-made billionaire. Yes, that’s old news, but think about how farcical Donald Trump’s entire existence is. In 50 years, Earth will be burnt to a crisp—if the planet isn’t nuked into oblivion before then—but how do you think your children’s children would react to today’s ubiquitous absurdity? Shit, in 25 years, how angry are your children going to be, knowing that your premeditated negligence caused the widespread droughts and famine that they’ll inevitably be burdened with? We’re literally living in hell, right now! This is the hottest recorded summer since people started recording temperatures. People are more unhappy than they’ve ever been—which is made apparent by the prodigious suicide rate and the flabbergasting drug addiction epidemic. And that’s sad without mentioning the increasingly inordinate violent crime rate. Do you know why all this stuff is happening? Because you can’t be honest! Aside from boldfaced liars, there are certain types of people that I plainly can’t fucking stand, with a passion. First, those motherfuckers who laugh at everything, when nothing is even fucking funny! Of course, you can say that humor is subjective. But you know the exact type of fake-ass faker I’m talking about! Those exaggerative pretenders who need everybody to hear them laughing, when they are clearly just using laughter to mask their internal torment. Take your phony-ass to a therapist like a normal person, and stop annoying the fuck out of me, before I need a therapist too! If you’re that type of person, sorry I triggered you. Second, again, those unenlightened, self-absorbed know-nothings who think they can previse a stranger’s thoughts and feelings. How did you feel when you saw those so-called psychics on talk shows back in the day? You thought they were complete nutcases, right? Well, that’s how I view people who project and attempt to prophesize. You don’t know shit! Even if your hypotheses are true, they’re not true because you said it, they’re true because they’re true! And you’re not going to win any awards for voicing valid opinions about shit that has nothing to do with you. So, if you’re one of those people, I’m not sorry that I triggered you. Just shut the fuck up and let people live! Peace.

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