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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXV

Imagine someone sitting outside a building with no windows or doors, that they’ve never been inside, attempting to convince people what’s going on inside. In my opinion, that’s a perfect analogy for psychology. Google “psychoanalysis”. By the definitions given, tell me it doesn’t sound like some bullshit! Basically, psychoanalysis is the process of asking people questions, observing their behaviors, surmising why they are who they are, and assuming the best ways to help them function more efficiently. Essentially, it’s nonsense! Don’t believe me? Dr. Umar Johnson is a Pan-African clinical psychologist, and a popular internet loudmouth. He commonly rants about the state of racial affairs in America. He’s always disparaging white people. And he ceaselessly pontificates about why he believes black people should absolutely disassociate themselves from all other races. That means, he’s a black supremacist with a doctorate in psychology—and he actually treats patients. Which also means, he’s a hateful, harmful, stupid-ass motherfucker with clear mental health issues of his own—and he indoctrinates feeble minds, professionally! I’m not saying that psychology isn’t helpful, that would be foolish. But I am asserting that psychologists are human. And they are human as a motherfucker! Dr. Umar has the temerity to refer to his state of mind as, “King Kong Consciousness”. I guess he’s proposing that his mind is large, black, powerful, and terrifying. Nah, nigga! That shit is more like Donkey Kong Consciousness. Because your brain glitches as if it needs to be ejected and cleaned before reuse—like a Nintendo cartridge. I know that DK joke is hackneyed, but fuck that—this nigga’s an idiot! Here’s the thing about pro-blackness, Pan-Africanism, black supremacy, anti-whiteness, etcetera—it’s bigotry! I would call it racism, but a lot of stupid niggas don’t believe they can be racist, so I won’t give them an out. In a nutshell, bigotry is showing undue hatred and hostility towards people you dislike or disagree with, without justification, just because of your differences with them. A smart person would know that comprehensive race segregation is the antithesis of equity. And if you don’t want equity, but you profess to have black people’s best interests at heart, then you must desire even more inequity, right? That doesn’t make sense, does it? What traumatized Dr. Umar and elicited his deep-rooted and indissoluble delusion? Why does he believe that a disenfranchised minority group has a chance to disestablish an entire corrupted government, by themselves, without effectively and directly altering the way said government works? Better yet, why doesn’t this nigga live in Africa?!

This old proud-ass, nappy-headed-ass, shouting-ass, high blood pressure having-ass, overweight-ass, hypocritical-ass “Afrikan” won’t even take his goofy-ass back to the Motherland—for good! Shame on him. I’ve never possessed ill feelings for white people. I used the term “cracka-ass cracka” a lot, when I was a kid, but that’s the extent of my slighting toward the fair-skinned race. I have experienced racial profiling and racism, but it was never anything severe. Importantly, I have always been able isolate ill-intentioned individuals from large groups. A lot of people think they’re being smart by staying cynical, but most of them don’t have the scrutinization skills to accurately assess a person’s character. Furthermore, many cynics are simply just antagonistic assholes who are too pigheaded to realize that they’re creating conflict by being inequitable! Let me break some news to y’all niggas—most white people don’t hate black people, they hate stupid people, and a lot of stupid people just so happen to be black. Boom! Niggas, does that break your hearts? Y’all are fucking stupid. And Dr. Umar Johnson is fucking stupid! Think about it like this—why would any white person, in their right mind, who is familiar with Dr. Umar’s rhetoric, be nice to his stupid-ass? Have you ever heard the phrase, “if it’s fuck me, it’s fuck you”? In addition to being a tradition and a trend, some racism is requite—a response in kind. If you respect people who reciprocate, don’t bitch when someone returns your favor. If black people were smart, they would do everything in their power to distinguish themselves from hoodlums. No, I’m not saying that a racist wouldn’t racially profile a well-mannered black person. I’m suggesting that hip hop culture’s most destructive trends may die out if enough of us spurned them! And do you know what hip hop culture’s most enduring trend is? Having a “fuck the police” attitude! Remember, a lot of us have that “if it’s fuck me, it’s fuck you” attitude. How many innocent black men have become victims of racial profiling because of some fuck-shit that someone who looks just like them did? At some point, it’s going to become imperative for somebody to be the bigger person. And unfortunately, the punk-ass police are typically the type of people who’ve felt inferior their entire lives. So, many of them aren’t capable of taking the high road. Why give those pussies a reason to legally fuck you over? Especially, when you know they’re going to get away with it. Niggas, do the right things!

What are the right things? Well, niggas, I’m elated that you asked. First, stay home more often. We all know people who have served time or are currently serving time, right? What’s one of the most common comments they make in retrospect—after that rehabilitation evokes accountability? It’s, “I should have just stayed my black-ass in the house!”. This all really applies to everybody, but niggas are the stupidest, so that’s why I’m highlighting them. Smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. There’s a large misconception about youth and grace that emboldens a lot of young people to make deliberately detrimental decisions. Many immature youths believe that their younger years allot them time to make and correct mistakes. However, if you avoid fucking up whenever possible, you’ll never have much bullshit to amend! Why the fuck would you ever play yourself, on purpose!? For instance, what sense does it make to have unprotected sex with a person that you know is irresponsible, just to be obligated to take a pill every day after they burn you? That’s stupid as fuck! Wrap it up or don’t fuck. Second, discover who your true friends are. Peer pressure has killed and caged a slew of fools! Anybody who wishes to witness you in a compromising position is NOT your fucking friend! I’ve said it many times before, gang bangers are just cowards who find comfort in companionship. All the stupid-shit those niggas do is for attention and affirmation. Victimizing unsuspecting targets is something that desperate and deranged people do—it’s not an action of a secure person. If you’re “getting money” and “living your best life”, the last thing you want is for those things to stop, correct? Well, niggas, act like it! Third, value life. If you know what it feels like to take loses, and you can sympathize with the rage that a victim’s loved ones feel, why give people are reason to want you dead? Think about it. In the streets, retaliation is a must. But if there’s nothing to retaliate against, there’s no reason for anyone to feel as if they need get back. Now, mentally ill and bum-ass niggas are still going to stay on fuck-shit, but it ain’t nothing to line those niggas up to be arrested. If you have the dirt, start spilling the fucking beans! Fuck niggas! Get all these stupid-ass niggas out the way, so you can keep getting money and living your best life. Lastly, tell everybody you know about Beau Amoureux! It ain’t no secret—I’m hotter than ether, right now. There ain’t another motherfucker like me, period. So, this is how we’re going to end this. Fuck Dr. Umar! Fuck racism and Pan-Africanism! And fuck stupidity as an act, a theory, and as a motherfucking state of mind! And if you don’t want to be the best you, fuck you too! All you motherfuckers, fuck you too! My compositions make sure all y’all niggas listen! Peace.

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