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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXVII

Authority is either given or taken, but it’s never inalienable or unambiguous! A police officer is a human with a job, and they are no more or less human than a plumber or a postman. These are facts that have been enforced as theories! The easiest way to fool somebody is to make them believe it’s impossible. If you believe that you have freedoms that you don’t imagine are necessary to exercise, you may be disinclined to exercise them. That, or you just may be afraid of the repercussions of bucking the system. The fact is, anybody can choose to do whatever the fuck they want, at any time. The trick is to force you to trust that freedom isn’t always necessary or appropriate! Once again, I don’t believe the January 6 insurrection was the worst thing in the world. Had the insurrectionists been a lot less violent and more insistent on being heard, I suppose that their gall could have been productive for us all. Listen, if every American has a constitutional right to oppose oppression, then everybody is at liberty to interpret unfairness individually or as a consenting collective. I disagree with Trump supporters’ motivation for insurrecting, but I fully support their freedom to do so. Remember, everything has an inverse, whether you like it or not! People are going to resist as long as people exist. If the government was automatically and reliably transparent and truthful, it would be hard for even the stupidest American citizen to distrust them. Unfortunately, for the government, nobody with even the littlest lick of sense will ever trust them! Plainly, these motherfuckers have had all of us fucked-up since the beginning! I stay out of my militant revolutionary bag because I’ve had all the right people’s attention for some time now. They know that I know that they know that I would be a force to be reckoned with. I’m not religious, I support the LGBTQ+ community, I embrace racial unification, I only object to stupidity, and I’m the type of leader that is competent enough to actually change people’s minds. If you’re stupid, you might believe that changing your mind is an indication of inconsistency or instability, but that’s exactly why you’re stupid! Smart people know when to divert in order to avoid disadvantageous situations. I don’t care if you abruptly become disinterested in something or someone while you’re engaging with it or them—learn how to walk away and be satisfied with your decision. It makes sense to take the Tre Styles route if you wish to thrive and survive. If you’ve somehow never seen “Boyz n the Hood”, you should watch it—it’s enthralling and informative. Having a mind of your own is powerful, even if you’re ignorant. Ignorance and stupidity are often substituted for each other, but they don’t have identical meanings. Stupidity is being foolish, unintelligent, and having an inclination to inflict self-harm. Ignorance is plainly lacking information or awareness. But ignorance can be temporary, if you care to learn.

What makes a person smart? In my opinion, smart people are able to comprehend information in a timely manner, then effectively utilize said information to their advantage. On the contrary, stupid people often have difficulties both understanding and beneficially applying information. However, there are stupid people who’re capable of apprehending information, but they either intentionally or ignorantly fail to use the information wisely. To reiterate, some stupid people think that pointing out the obvious or “predicting” an inevitability makes them smart, but it doesn’t. If you were smart, you would realize that conspicuous shit is easy to perceive. And even if something isn’t immediately apparent, accurately guessing in a 50/50 chance set of circumstances doesn’t make you clairvoyant, or even astute—you just made a good guess. Additionally, because everybody is wrong sometimes, smart people, who aren’t scientists, generally refrain from guessing when it’s not imperative. I believe that it’s important for people to recognize these things, because it’s not difficult to misinterpret your abilities in a way that will eventually put you in a particularly problematic predicament. If you think you’re smart but you’re not, life if going to prove to you how wrong you are—and it’s not going to be an enjoyable experience. I think that anger and sadness are the two most relatable emotions on the planet. And I can see why some people may think I’m angry. Shit, sometimes I am, I’m just calm with it. If you conclude that my writing is harsh or nasty, it’s likely because you are too insensitive to view people from a realistic perspective. If you like persuasive dialogue, it’s probably due to the forcefulness and uncompromising tone of what’s being said, correct? Does that not describe my writing? Passion often derives from anger. If you don’t like what I’m saying, it’s probably because you’re internalizing things that you know can or do apply to you. Personally, my intrinsically secure nature precludes me from being moved by most people’s opinions. And I know that a lot of people believe that people who claim to be one way are frequently the opposite, but I’d encourage you to go read my last post. Shit, just re-read this paragraph from the beginning. The fact is, most people just aren’t smart! Yes, I want stupid people to feel stupid, but only so they’ll consider changing their minds about the stupid shit that they’re doing and saying. If you’d like for someone to say a lot of the same shit that I’m saying in a nicer way, I would also encourage you to start your own blog. However, this is what the fuck I do, I’m proficient, and chances are you can’t fuck with me! This shit is almost too easy for me, at this point. My rambling is more coherent and insightful than a lot of motherfuckers’ preplanned speeches. A person can be great at talking and never say anything worth heeding! Am I wrong?

The motivation game is all fucked-up, right now! A lot of these talking-ass attention whores take perceptive points from actual intelligent people, like me, and interlace those points with personalized poppycock in efforts to present said poppycock as proper and productive information. If you’re stupid, you don’t know the difference between prolificacy and publicity. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s prolific. For instance, the Sun’s rays touch every part of Earth at some point, but fruit can’t grow just anywhere, can it? If the Sun is everywhere, but fruit isn’t, how fruitful is the Sun’s presence? Not to mention the fact that, in abundance, the Sun’s powerful rays can decimate the fruit that it previously produced. Let’s say I’m the Sun in this scenario. How many unproductive but popular people would my powerful presence decimate? Y’all are afraid of me, aren’t you!? That must be why y’all are hesitant to say my name. And y’all are lucky that I’m chilling. Because we all know that I’m about to get a whole lot of y’all stupid-asses out of here! Everyone recognizes that trends come and go as people enter and exit certain phases of their lives, right? But it seems like stupidity has never gone out of style, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it hasn’t, and it never will. But ignorance, on the other hand, is perfectly erasable. Being ignorant makes people do stupid shit, which effectively makes them stupid. So, by making education and general acknowledgement of facts enduring trends, ignorance shall fall to the wayside. Subsequently, stupidity is likely to become less prominent. And because a lot of the popular people who aim to educate are ignorant as fuck, they must go! It’s the only way. How long should I let y’all bloom before I shine down on you nutrient-deficient motherfuckers so intensely, that you just wilt away? If knowledge is nourishment for the mind, and the most well-fed minds flourish exponentially, do you think your current knowledge intake is sufficient enough to promote growth? Better yet, do you believe said knowledge intake is adequate for the purpose of surviving the potent rays of enlightenment that I’m about envelop you stupid motherfuckers with? Don’t I make being smart sound cool as fuck!? How many cool-ass nerds can you even name? For as long as I can remember, preoccupation with delinquency and irresponsibility has always been considered fashionable. If you’re not engulfed in controversy and ruining your life, then you’re not trendy, right? And that shit is true in every subculture that constitutes popular culture. Everybody likes to get high and drunk and risk it all, on a regular basis. And anybody who rebukes that stupidity is lame, correct? Let me tell y’all how lame you motherfuckers are to me. Well, DMX said it best, and he spat nothing but facts, so I’ll just quote him. “You wack! You twisted! Your girl’s a hoe! You broke, the kid ain’t yours, and everybody know! Your old man say you stupid, you be like, “So? I love my baby-mother. I’ll never let her go!”. Think about that. Nah, for real. Think-think about that. Peace.

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