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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXIII

Unsuccessful people characteristically lack certitude and resolve, which is why they fail. And oftentimes, nugatory people don’t even try. What can you accomplish without the surety that your actions will be beneficial and the ability to rectify difficulties without losing your determination? In my opinion, most unsuccessful people can’t fathom the idea of someone prevailing over trepidation or making the necessary changes to better themselves. Because all unavailing people likely lack the capacity to understand perseverance and resilience. If you’re waiting for me to stop, please do me a big favor and hold your breath until I do! Honestly, I pity the fool who bets against me. Because you’re only setting yourselves up for disappointment. So, my consistency isn’t a clear enough indication of my self-confidence? And if I am to ride a horse, why the fuck wouldn’t it be a high one?! Y’all niggas are out there on your mules, kicking the shit, finagling with your posse, and accomplishing nothing. Meanwhile, everybody who’s anybody appreciates the incontestable fact that Beau Amoureux is the future. I’m Neo to these Morpheus-ass niggas—truly The One! Yes, I’m using imperious language, deliberately, to annoy you motherfuckers! But you’re never going to stop reading, so why even bother being annoyed? Just accept the fact that I’m smarter, stronger, realer, and soon to be more successful than you’ll ever be, and everything will be fine. Oprah Winfrey couldn’t tell me that I’m not a great writer—I don’t give a fuck how many books she’s read! This is what security sounds like. And you don’t like hearing it because you don’t have it! Is that my fault? Should I stop believing in myself because you know you ain’t shit?! Fuck outta here. Again, there’s a lot y’all can learn from me—flaws and all. Mike Tyson, Dame Dash, Russell Simmons, Sean Combs, Floyd Mayweather, Curtis Jackson, Irv Gotti, Tupac Shakur—what do these men have in common? At the pinnacle of their careers, those men were preeminent in their fields. And when you listen to them talk, do they sound like the type of people who are easily persuaded? It’s no coincidence that people who rebuff humility, whether they admit it or not, are typically more successful than meek people. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be tumultuous and vexatious to consolidate your eminence. Once again, actions speak louder than words.

Creating a website is an action. Writing is an action. Posting said writing to the aforementioned website is an action. Remaining persistently self-assured is an action. Being the realest motherfucker alive is an action! What do y’all know about any of that?! If you have goals, plans, and dreams, they’ll never come to fruition if you don’t believe it’s possible. Provision is making arrangements for the future. How can you set something up for the future without foresight? If you can’t see yourself being successful, you’ll never do what it takes to be it! As a policy, I never ask for advice. I’m not saying advice can’t be helpful, but part of having goals, plans, and dreams—for me—is outlining, preparing, and executing. Everything has a process. A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. And more often than not, success isn’t a one-step thing! When people ask for advice, they’re frequently just seeking encouragement, which is fine. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated. But most of the time, you know that the key to succeeding is simply remaining tenacious. If you want to do something, just don’t stop trying until you do it. And if you’re smart, you notice that only bum-ass people will try to discourage you. However, and unfortunately, there’s a fine line between resolution and delusion. That means, it’s easy for a fatuous person to be determined to a fault. And occasionally, your lack of success, mainly in the presence of intransigence, is an indication of your ineptitude. The great news is, most stupid-ass people don’t know the difference, so what the fuck are they going to tell you? Don’t listen to people! If you’re truly self-assertive, neither positive or negative opinions will affect you—because you know who you are and what you’re capable of! Moreover, the best way to gain confidence is through success. Yet, it’s difficult to succeed without confidence. Try to use the thought of an accomplishment as incentive to stay strong. Remember how good it feels to finish something small, and imagine the satisfaction you’ll experience after completing a bigger objective. Additionally, as an overthinker, the best advice I can give is—stop thinking so much. If you know what you want, and you know that obtaining it requires patience, just stay persistent until you have it. Yes, success is that painless… if you want it to be. Life is what you make it.

What is your biggest motivator? For me, I want to be proud of myself. I want to look in the mirror, and be like, “Nobody can fuck with you!”, without having a slither of doubt in my mind. And I’m a pragmatic person, so for me to believe that, it would have to be undeniably true. Not to toot my own horn, but I believe I’m special. Special in the sense that I distinctively exceed everything usual or expected. And if I didn’t believe that, you wouldn’t know that I believe that! Ask yourselves—why are you here, on, wondering what Beau Amoureux is thinking? Then, ask yourself why you keep coming back. Do I have to tell you why? It’s because I’m indelible! And you can’t forget me because I’m special. I’m a firm believer in the notion that modest people never accomplish anything significant. Because modesty is literally defined as the tendency to be a weak-ass motherfucker! If you ever witness someone in a position of power endorsing humility, it’s because they don’t want to invigorate their competition. Nobody who yearns for and pursues ascendancy possesses diffidence or practices reticence. Not even Barack Obama! If Barack Obama tells niggas to be humble, it’s because he recognizes that he’s a one-in-a-million type of person, and he doesn’t want any of you goofy-ass niggas to step out into the world and play yourselves! Don’t believe me? Again, ask yourselves—how could anyone run for president, to be the “Leader of the Free World”, without being certain that there’s no better person for the job? Running for president is like saying, “I’m smarter than y’all. I have the most to offer. And you’re all worthless. So, sit the fuck down. And stay the fuck out of my way!”. No, I’m not saying I want to run for president, one day. I’m saying that me and Barack Obama are kind of kindred. Except, I’m doing it my way! While I’m on the subject of government, I believe that individuality is vitally important to democracy because it’s an exhibition of autonomy. And there could never be freedom without self-determination. If you are free to be whatever you want to be, why not be successful? What is success, to you? To me, success is chiefly being satisfied with the result of your efforts. Every time I hit “Publish” on one of these posts, even when I’ve exerted minimal effort, I’m satisfied with the fact that I’m confident enough to stay consistent. Get like me. Ya bitches!

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