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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXII

Racism is a tradition. And that means it is the consequence of the immortalization of stupidity. Stop letting people tell you how to feel! I don’t know who originated this saying, but on an episode of Hot Ones, LL Cool J referred to tradition as “peer pressure from dead people”. Additionally, I believe it was Albert Einstein who said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”. On top of that, we all know the excellent erudite, Beau Amoureux, has always testified to the fact that “everybody’s stupid”. That Beau Amoureux is something else, ain’t he? People just don’t understand anything! For instance, Al Sharpton is 68 years old, and he became an activist for civil rights way back in 1969, but his narration has never changed. Where’s the irony in that? Well, if Mr. Sharpton has been talking the same shit for nearly 55 consecutive years, and his aim has always been for society to reach a point where said shit-talking becomes redundant, doesn’t that make it already redundant!? Whatever he’s saying and doing isn’t working, and has never worked. By the same token, if racists insist on actively spurning the presence of people of color in America, but we grow progressively more prosperous as time passes, doesn’t that make racism futile and hopeless!? What the fuck do racists stand to gain by interminably exposing their futility? Racists, if you’re reading this, we’re not going anywhere! And ain’t a motherfucking thang y’all can do about it! If you’re a frequent reader of Beau Amoureux’s blog—I’m Beau Amoureux—it’s highly likely that you have observed the repetitiveness of my arguments. And if you haven’t been living under a rock your entire life, I’m certain that you’ve inevitably become aware of the repetitiveness in humans’ actions. The Bible says, “There is nothing new under the Sun.”. How long does it normally take you to apprehend new information? For me, there are a lot of concepts and ideas that I can’t grasp without being made aware of multiple perspectives. For example, most people don’t understand that homosexuality is an intrinsic and natural human characteristic. And I didn’t appreciate that people are born with thoughts of identifying as the opposite sex until I witnessed multiple gay people expressing identical sentiments. Think about it. Sexuality is a human construct—a fabricated ideology purely founded on the curtailment of human rights. Who the fuck is anybody to tell everybody who they’re supposed to be!? Similarly, racism is based on white people’s innate feelings of inferiority that urges them to fight for superiority through hatred!

Kids like sex. If we were all once children, and we all experimented sexually with the kids around us, why do we grow up and act like the shit has never and should never happen? Ain’t y’all tired of bullshitting?! It’s little lies like this that aid in preserving stupidity. If you teach your sexually active underage children about safe sex, maybe teenage pregnancy rates would plummet? How the fuck is your freak-ass uncomfortable having conversations about sex with the children that you conceived by having sex? Not to mention the fact that most contemporary kids have unrestricted internet access to suckle their unremitting thirst for answers. Do you want the internet to teach your babies what sex is?! When I was in the fourth grade, I had a teacher named, Ms. Schmidt, who looked just like Summer Sanders. Summer Sanders is an Olympic champion who used to host a game show on Nickelodeon called, Figure It Out. I was extremely sexually attracted to Ms. Schmidt and Summer Sanders. And given the opportunity, I would have given both of them the business, as a fourth grader! Why the fuck should I have to lie about that?! No, I’m not saying children are naturally mature enough to understand sex. And I’m definitely not insinuating that adults should sexually impose themselves onto children! I’m saying that sex is natural for everyone who has the ability to become sexually aroused. And for many of us, sexual arousal happens consistently before we even turn 10. This isn’t perversity, it’s reality! Although, this probably isn’t something I should be proclaiming as my name becomes increasingly more emergent, but I wouldn’t be me if I was afraid to push the envelope. And you wouldn’t have had the “the birds and the bees” conversation with your underage kids, right after reading this, if I hadn’t inspired you to do it, right? I don’t have kids, and I don’t want any. Children are a life-long commitment that I simply don’t care to be burdened with. Shit, I can’t even drive the same car for three months without feeling faintly restrained. In my opinion, a good parent never stops being a nurturing source of support and encouragement, regardless of their child’s age. And when you think about it, after a child “leaves the nest” and is obligated to fend for themselves, they’ll need more guidance and consolation than ever before. People have the wrong ideas about so much shit! Isn’t it past due time to start switching things up a little bit? The shit these geezers thought us just doesn’t make sense, and it’s oftentimes glaringly unrealistic! Unfortunately, a lot of old people just ain’t got the answers! If they did, old problems wouldn’t still be burning!

I didn’t even watch those Alabama riverfront brawl videos until yesterday. And I’m not the type of person who needs to see a fight to energize me. Yet, it is people’s stupidity that motivates me to grind away and go hard in opposition of it. Stupid people will always exist, because mental incapacities are inherent to human’s immanent imperfection. There’s nothing we can do to stop people from being imperfect! However, there’s plenty we can do to better ourselves and hearten people to do the same. I’m sure I’ve said something here that many people will recognize that other people will disagree with. But don’t let the thought of that variance constrain your acknowledgement or halt your willingness to concede to the truth. You know I’m right! But you’re worried that people will contradict the truth in a way that is inordinately unnecessary, and you don’t want to deal with what you perceive as inessential objection. What are you willing to fight for? In my opinion, the truth is more worthy of your audacity than anything else! The Bible also says, “The truth shall set you free.”. Yes, I am still an atheist, and I didn’t know these quotes came from the Bible until I Googled them shits, today. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we stand on what makes sense! It doesn’t make sense for white people who are hostile to racism to not make it known. In addition to being a tradition, racism is also a trend. We all know that “Karens” are inspired and incentivized by white women with like-minded views. Why can’t we make integration and unification an enduring tradition and a popular trend, too? For instance, if you’re not racist, why not promote interracial relationships on a regular basis? If you have influence amongst your people, why not try to encourage your closest friends and relatives to expand their horizons? Personally, I am attracted to all women. In fact, I saw a white woman with red hair, green eyes, freckles, and a naturally big booty at the library about 17 years ago, and I still think about that bitch from time to time! She was fine as hell—one of the most elegantly beautiful women I’ve ever seen. If you are truly tired of something, how long are you going to continuously complain about it before you attempt to do something to change it? For me, again, talk is cheap. Benjamin Franklin boasted, “Well done is better than well said!”. Y’all have all the time and courage in the world for perpetuating bullshit, but seemingly none for standing for what makes sense. Do y’all even realize when you’re deliberately prolonging and buttressing subjection and repression? Besides, for every hood rat there’s approximately five pieces of white trash! That’s an official statistic. I’m just saying.

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