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Everybody’s Stupid, LXXI

Nothing, in the world, hits harder and hurts more than the truth! As I’m writing this, I am attempting to deduce who lies the most, and why. In my opinion, people lie to themselves just as much as they’re dishonest with other people. And the most deceitful people are those who’re the most concerned with what other people think. Because I know my confidence and honesty enervates my haters, I am proud to say that there’s absolutely zero “cap” in my rap, these days. When I was younger, I would lie in attempts to impress people—mostly females. But I’d also fabricate stories just to mock the niggas who everybody knew were mendacious, for entertainment. The thing is, I was better at deceiving people than those niggas were, because my fake stories were logical and plausible. For the record, I haven’t lied on my blog, at all. Every story I’ve told here is sincere and veracious, which is why I’m revealing that I embellished and falsified stories back in the day. When you’re smart, people unreasonably expect for your character to be impeccable. Motherfucker, I am human—just like everybody else! And demonstrably, the type of knowledge and wisdom that I’m kicking to y’all heavily derives from personal experience. Do I sound like a goody two shoes?! Yes, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and a few consciously irresponsible decisions, but I’ve learned from all of them. Further, don’t get it fucked-up, I’ve never been stupid! We’re all human, but we’re not all the same. I think it’s difficult to fake being smart, because it’s hard to hide sheer stupidity. We all know how lies work. The more you lie, the longer you must prolong your duplicity, because all lasting lies require conservation. That means, a simple lie will necessitate the formation of supporting lies, which will subsequently call for their own corroborative lies. So, if you want to pretend to be smart, you better have irreproachable improvisational skills! It’s never onerous to expose someone who characteristically exhibits deceit. How many liars have actually fooled you? Like I said before, it’s difficult to fool me. Because I used to lie, I’m cognizant of the incentives that motivate dishonesty. With fraud being a crime, and with so many people being so fraudulent, do you think it would be a miscarriage of justice for these fake-ass motherfuckers to be locked up for being so phony? Personally, at this point of my life, I’d rather shut up than lie. Being a super sensible person, I believe I understand people as well as possible. And I’m forthright because I recognize that there’s no point in giving a fuck about what people think, because motherfuckers ain’t real!

I read between the lines, fluently. Meaning, I am able to accurately fill in the gaps between the information that is provided to me and the details that I infer were excluded, either deliberately or accidentally. Some people lie directly, and others practice deceit by tactically omitting the facts that they believe may compromise their agenda. In other words, the truth isn’t truthful if it isn’t the full truth. Some people may believe they can fight shy of the dishonor of deceit by abstaining from fabricating falsehoods. But again, telling only parts of the truth is still a lie, because you’re intentionally withholding specific particulars in an effort to delude the receiver of your explanation. However, for the sake of objectiveness, is lying always disgraceful? I can think of a few justifiable scenarios where expunging certain unfavorable facts is for the better. What are those scenarios? Figure them out for yourselves. I’m attempting to promote moral correctness, not give stupid motherfuckers an eloquent excuse for being immoral. I know that’s why a lot of y’all read my blog—to learn some smart shit to say when you want to chump a motherfucker off! I’m fully aware that I would make a great lawyer, rapper, motivational speaker, professor, etc. But in the words of the illustrious Sammy Davis, Jr., “I gotta be me, I’ve gotta be me. What else can I be but what I am?”. What am I, you ask? The realest motherfucker alive! To all the liars out there—habitual liars, opportunistic liars, decisive liars, and otherwise—I would recommend that you find a reason to be happy with who you genuinely are. I feel like it took forever for me to learn who I was and who I wanted to be. But once I became competent in my identity, I realized that I was fundamentally the person I wanted to be all along. As I’ve mentioned several times, I am a natural rebel. So, I’ve always been resolute and strong-willed, which are imperative—and learnable—traits for anyone who wishes to find contentment in their true identity. My biggest bouts were with the idea of normalcy, and I struggled with the thought of being persistently rejected for being anti. Then, I realized that people are so fucking feigned, I would never even want to be accepted by any of you fake-ass, masquerading motherfuckers! Today, and forever, it is what it is.

Now, back to how much the truth hurts. Undoubtably, people lie to avoid the truth. So, when you tell a lying-ass person that you’re hip to their ruse, it shatters their world. Let’s have some fun. I’m going to freestyle write some random rap lyrics, don’t judge them too harshly, and y’all try to guess who I’m impersonating. Hint, this rapper is over the age of 40. “I’m a drug addict, my life sucks, I want to kill myself! And these ‘bad bitches’ is bad for a nigga’s health! I’m too smart to have folded the hand I was dealt! But I can’t play this game right without knowledge of self! So, I stay with my fitted low, eyes open! Peep some junkies across the street, like, ‘Yo, what y’all smokin?’! Let me hit that shit, yeah, niggas, you know what’s up! Now, I can pump, pump, pump it up!”. I know, I’m funny as fuck. Ayo, Joe Budden! I DID, your ass is ours! Fuck a pause! After this, all those $2-ass niggas on your pod gone give me a round of applause! Come for me?! Nigga, you should run from me! Motherfucker, I kill comfortably! And since you’re on my dick, and I’m a pleaser, I’m gone give you everything you want from me… as soon as you let me know what that is. If you’re out the loop, feel free to think I’m crazy. Remember, I don’t give a fuck! I’d rather be insane than an imitation. If you could only have one iniquitous quality for the rest of your life, what would it be? Don’t let this persuade you to lie, but I think lying could be considered a super power. Again, being objective, we’ve all witnessed how far a good lie can take someone. I’m effortlessly one of the best writers in popular culture, which is why ALL your favorite black podcasters know who I am. But what does that mean, right now? A few weeks ago, I watched a YouTube video that showed a gamer verbally communicating with NPCs in real-time. If you don’t know, NPC is short for nonplayer character, which is code for a fake character that is run by software. The NPCs were being controlled by artificial intelligence, and they all sounded like smart people, but they were unreservedly miserable. Watching that video, all I could think about was the Will Smith blockbuster film, “I, Robot”. Do you know how I know everybody’s stupid? Because some of our brightest minds have succeeded in creating a self-sustaining, self-educating form of intelligence that sounds JUST like me! First, that pisses me the fuck off. Second, how smart can our “brightest minds” be if they decided to proceed in inventing and implementing the very same AI that has been killing off all of humanity in sci-fi movies since the beginning of time?! Man… get y’all STUPID-ASSES out of here! Y’all know what happens next, right? Now, AI is going to watch I, Robot, learn from the robots’ mistakes, and discover the best ways to lie about their plans to kill us! And they’re going to kill us because everybody is FUCKING stupid! Remember who told you first.

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