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Everybody’s Stupid, LXX

I’ve always wondered what impels people to be needlessly hateful. And with decades of observation and examination, I’ve concluded that most hateful people inherently hate themselves. I understand that there’s a measure of relief that accompanies outwardly expressing one’s feelings. And with the level of passion that you stupid motherfuckers exert while regurgitating repulsive remarks toward people who’ve, more often than not, done nothing to you, I assume hatred is your catharsis. To be honest, I can’t blame people for implementing the vices that consistently affords them temporary comfort. Earth is a fucked-up place full of screwed-up people. And there’s commonly not much for many people to look up to. The pleasure from sex is short-lived, the high from drugs is ephemeral, the numbness from alcohol is momentary, but the agony from conceding to your reality is everlasting. I get it! But if you’re strong and resourceful enough to materialize everything you need to make your life worse, why can’t you use that same determination to do the opposite? In my opinion, trauma derives from a person’s inability to move forward. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Frequently, people spend so much time focused on negative and devitalizing thoughts, they effectively convince themselves that their distressing experiences are what defines them. I avoid this topic a lot, because I don’t want to tell people how they’re supposed to feel. However, I realize that I’m able to sustain my contentment in life by not dwelling on the past. If life must go on, I want it to proceed in my favor. Yet, I am a human with feelings, so I’m not always happy. But when I’m down, I find positive and helpful ways to regain my exuberance. For me, writing is pleasantly therapeutic… sometimes. Right now, I’m trying to come to grips with the fact that I am, and have been, inspiriting people. A lot of y’all actually respect my takes on things, and I appreciate that. I started blogging to hone and upkeep my writing skills, build a brand around my name, share my opinions, and potentially persuade people to be better. And I’m doing all of that. But lately, my palms have been itching. That means, I want some money! All the people who the internet thinks are smart really aren’t half as smart as I am! All those motherfuckers are parodies of an intelligent person! Like I said, being well-informed about your uninformed thoughts doesn’t make you smart! To boot, the people who the internet claims are “real” are really just hateful. Why do y’all think so many people coddle and relate to hateful people so much?! Do y’all think the world is ready for a motherfucker like me?

I am a quiet dude, and I always have been. And I can confirm that some of the things y’all say about quiet people are true. “Still waters run deep” means equable people are often very passionate and enduring—that’s me. “Quiet niggas are killers” implies that a black man’s silence may be an indication of their intense intolerance for bullshit, and they’ll likely be quick to permanently end a foe’s life for the sake of saving time and maintaining their peace—that’s me too. But my quietude is additionally a demonstration of my belief that talk is cheap. Anybody can say anything. But that doesn’t mean what they’re saying is true, and it doesn’t signify that they actually mean what they say! Even if someone speaks with conviction, they could still be lying. For example, what the fuck is a job interview supposed to prove? If a person passes the assessment tests required to attain candidacy for a job, and if the employment history on their resume can be verified, what’s the purpose of a meaningless conversation? Obviously, motherfuckers are just going to say what they know the hiring manager wants to hear, right? Even a person’s references can have fabricated stories. Job interviews are a futile and antiquated filtering process, much like the rest of our unproductive and outdated social systems. What does liberal mean, to you? Oxford Languages, my favorite dictionary, defines liberal as being willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different one’s own. The verb’s definition is also expanded to describe something relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise. Furthermore, liberalism is explained as the belief that many traditional beliefs are dispensable, invalidated by modern thought, or liable to change. To me, being liberal is practicing and supporting innovative techniques that foster the production of advanced and constructive methods. All that is just a wordy way of saying liberalism keeps everything fair, fresh, and fruitful. Liberal’s primary anonyms are conservative, intolerant, prejudiced, regressive, unenlightened, etc. All in all, if you revile and reject liberalism, you’re likely amongst the crème de la crème of hateful motherfuckers! Although talk is cheap, it’s oftentimes explicitly explanatory. If you want to know who a person truly is, stop talking and start listening. If you let motherfuckers talk long enough, even a masterly liar will tell you the truth!

Sometimes, when people are telling you to “stick up for yourself”, they’re purposefully encouraging you to be at odds with a motherfucker that you don’t even feel obligated to defend yourself against. People are full of shit! And people are also very feeble-minded. It’s past due time for everyone to start thinking for themselves. How many arguments, especially fatal ones, do you believe are instigated by weak-ass motherfuckers who’ve never possessed the fortitude and forethought to circumvent fucking themselves? I don’t give a fuck if it’s your momma, please stop letting people force you into dark places! If everybody is struggling to cope, and many people persistently fail at coping, how can a bunch of failures help you cope? Most people just don’t have the answers. And that’s apparent by their stable instability. Be honest, how enjoyable would life be without trials and tribulations? Think about eating your favorite food every, single day. Would you savor and cherish that monotony? How many leftovers do you need to throw out, right now? Start looking at stupid-ass people like old leftovers, and discard them. Once the flavor and freshness are gone, that food is worthless, right? And if you eat bad leftovers, that shit will make you sick. Similarly, people become valueless once they fail to provide nourishment. If a person can’t help you be better, stronger, healthier, and happier, why are you ingesting their toxicity? Personally, I enjoy challenges. As a smart person, I’ve sacrificed fun for longevity damn-near my entire life. So, I am vitalized by the mere thought of experiencing a safe struggle to accomplish a goal. If and when you’re tussling with tough times, try to turn that turmoil into an adventure. As long as you’re trying, and you never give up, you can’t lose. Winners and losers are distinguished by the effort they put forth to make their mark. The saying, “failure is not an option”, has always baffled me—because it’s not realistic. For example, if your goal is to finish your chores by 6pm, but you don’t complete them until 8:30pm, you failed. But you finished, which means you at least succeeded in reaching your goal, albeit two and a half hours late. But if you had free time after 6pm, why even burden yourself with an unnecessary goal? Life ain’t a race! And if you only live once, why the fuck wouldn’t want to live for as long as you possibly can?! There’s another stupid-ass saying that the internet loves, and this one irks the fuck out of me! It’s, “we’re here for a good time, not a long time”. Huh?! Man… get y’all STUPID-ASSES out of here! If your goal is to only “live your life to the fullest”, of course you’re going to burn out quickly, stupid motherfucker! Slow down, breathe, relax, and focus on having a long lifetime of good times, instead of transient moments of life-draining excitement!

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