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Everybody’s Stupid, LXVIII

Is independence a sham? How many overseas allies helped America when wars? How many of the products that Americans consume are imports? How many American-based companies rely on foreign manufacturers and employees to produce their products and occupy their customer service positions? Why does America owe China so much money? Could you fill up your car with gas without the roughnecks who extract the crude oil for the fuel company to process and have truck drivers transport to your local gas stations? When you buy stuff from the grocery store, do you ever think about the farmers who grow and raise the food, or butchers who slice the meat and stock the freezers, or the warehouse workers who make and ship out your favorite snacks, or even the electricians who assure the electricity works so the food stays cold and the lights stay on? The people who keep you entertained, how important are they to your everyday life? Who writes the dialogue for your favorite shows? How many people are on the production staffs of those shows? What brands are the cameras they film the shows with? How many components of those cameras are outsourced by the manufacturers? How would you be able to watch and listen to your choice of entertaining content without the cellphone tower maintenance workers who keep your data flowing or the field service technicians who guarantee the internet signals are transmitting? My point is, there ain’t no such thing as independence! We all need each other. But most people will never admit it. Doctors need medical supplies. Lawyers need paper to print out documents. Strippers need horny simps to fund their careers, and those simps need employers to fund their bad habits. All our lives are predicated on people doing their jobs effectively! Everything from politics, to relationships, to damn-near everything we find interest in absolutely requires multiple contributors. Into the bargain, I was talking to one of my young relatives recently, and he was stressing how important it is to have a job. As an entrepreneur, I attempted to argue that a job isn’t more crucial than income, and a traditional job isn’t vital to generating income. As someone who’s never owned a business, my young relative couldn’t relate to where I was coming from. The fact is, if everybody was a worker, there wouldn’t be any proprietors. Yes, proprietors work, but workers work for proprietors! And if everybody was happy and comfortable being a worker, would we have so much variety in life? For instance, how many fruitful moguls exclusively became millionaires after leaving their jobs and becoming proprietors? Granted, everybody can’t be a proprietor. But as one, successful or not, it’s hard as fuck for me to be a worker!

This all may sound like the same old shit you’re used to ignoring, but if you simply understood how much people need each other, you would understand why everyone is so stupid! I believe it’s possible to think independently. But outside of third-world countries, where people are disconnected from most of the world and primarily rely on the resources that nature provides, I don’t believe people can be independent. Independence is as made-up as governments! For a single person, independence is being individualistic and self-governing—remaining free of external control and influence, and doing whatever the fuck you want. But that’s only sustainable if you’re doing something that solely requires your presence, and nothing else. It’s impossible for a country to possess any true level of freedom, because Earth’s resources are too scattered out. For example, Canada is currently America’s top petroleum importer, and America has failed to produce enough oil to meet its demands for decades. That means America is indefinitely reliant on oleaginous countries to keep its economy afloat. If there’s no gas, nobody can make it to work. If nobody is working, nobody is spending money. If people aren’t spending money, companies can’t afford to stay open. If companies can’t stay open, there are fewer jobs. And fewer jobs mean we lose all the things that we want and need in life, because there will be less things to consume and less money to purchase consumables. Also, fuel prices and availability affect inflation. If it costs more to deliver the products that we consume, the people providing those products must increase their prices to recuperate the costs. Also, how ironic is it that the trucks that deliver fuel to gas stations also run on fuel? Additionally, people’s reliance and dependence on each other is even more preeminent today, because there are more proprietors now than there’s ever been! For instance, if people stopped listening to The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe and all his minions would be fucked. If you ceased to binge-watch your best-loved YouTuber’s videos, they wouldn’t generate any ad revenue. If a rapper can’t sell show tickets, they’ll be broke. There’s just no way around it, again, we all need each other! Not only that, how much of what you do is strictly for you? Like, what motivates you to dress nicely, keep your car clean, get cosmetic surgeries, live above your means, publicly project your insecurities onto others, etcetera? Everything y’all do is for other people, ain’t it!? Yet, here y’all dependent-asses are, walking around, acting like you don’t need anything from anybody! Just lies and even more irony.

I just think differently than most people. For example, how many racists are eating fully-cooked, barbecued meat today? If you dislike people of color just because of their darker skin tones, why do you like darker colored meats? If you’re a racist, eat your meat pink and raw, like you prefer your friends and family! That sounds stupid as hell, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t sound nearly as stupid as hating people because their skin is naturally more UV-resistant than yours. Well, honestly, that’s quite an envious trait, but I digress. Moreover, in order to be a racist, your ability to hate people of other races is contingent on the existence of other races, isn’t it? Motherfuckers, y’all can’t even be racists without us! Without people of color, what is it going to be, blonds oppressing brunettes just for the fuck of it? Yes, that’s how stupid y’all are! And another thing, niggas, y’all ain’t no better! Gang members literally rival each other because niggas live in adjacent or differently-named neighborhoods. Not only that, gang members often choose to be “jumped in” to a group of men who also chose to get their asses whooped just to be part of the group. What type of shit is that?! Then, these grown-ass men travel in packs, wearing identical and coordinated colors, and confront people who sport the chosen color of their rivals, even if those people aren’t participants of gang culture. I’ve always likened gang banging to Dungeons and Dragons, which is a great movie, by the way. Niggas got together, made their own little set of rules, separated into different factions, and commenced to roleplaying. Bloods hate Crips and vice versa, Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples don’t fuck with each other, and so on. And anybody, anywhere can create an extension of each faction by merely gathering a crew and proclaiming their chosen alliance. Humans are fucking WEIRD! Damn. What the fuck is wrong with y’all? If you knew better, you’d do better, right? Wrong! There’s a saying that states, “I was old enough to know better, but young enough to not give a fuck!”. And when people don’t give a fuck, who do they end up fucking over the most? Themselves. Humans are so stupid, they will torment themselves to trouble other people! I view stupidity as an extension or side effect of immaturity. Mature people habitually try hard to make the best possible decisions, given their circumstances. Immature people invariably toil to make the decisions that gain the most attention. If you’ve ever fucked yourself in a moment where you touted, “I don’t give a fuck”, you lied! The truth is, you care far more than you should. You care so much, instead of making the decisions that are most beneficial to you, you choose the ones that people will notice the most. Even y’all’s fucking stupidity is motivated by and dependent on acknowledgement from other people! Do better.

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