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Everybody’s Stupid, LXIX

If you don’t like me, I’m going to tell you why. First, a lot of you thought you were “real” until you discovered my blog, and realized that you’re just obdurate and opinionated. That means you refuse to change your unsubstantiated opinions, and you reject the idea of ceasing to form such opinions, but you’re confident in voicing said opinions. Being stupid, stubborn, and outspoken doesn’t make you real! The hardest thing for everybody to do is get out of their own heads. Like I always say, the biggest difference between me and most shit-talkers is, I completely understand and embrace the fact that everything isn’t about me. And even at times where I lack empathy for stupid-ass people, I still have the ability to pinpoint the human nature in their stupidity. Second, a lot of you thought you were smart until you came across my blog, and recognized that there’s a lot of simple shit that simply never crosses your simple-ass mind. How ironic is that? When you’re stuck inside your head, all you can think about is what’s inside your head. But whether you know it or not, there’s a whole multiverse outside your witless, withered, wrong-most-of-the-time-ass head! Yes, I’m wrong sometimes too, but it for damn sure ain’t from lack of comprehension. Being well-informed about your uninformed thoughts doesn’t make you smart! Third, a lot of you stupid motherfuckers thought you knew me until you learned about my blog, and understood that you are absolutely oblivious. For the record, I’m not mad, but fuck outta here! I’ve told these stories numerous times. I was a quiet but inquisitive kid. I never confided in or emotionally or intellectually relied upon any of the adults around me. And I have a family full of mentally ill, pathological liars. So, if you’ve seldom been around or communicated with me, but thought you knew me, what’s the basis of your assumptions? We’ve likely never held an in-depth discussion about anything. I’ve never privately divulged any personal information to you. Your life’s events surely show that you’ve never been a sensible, serious-minded person, right? And my presence has consistently been a rarity to damn-near everybody, even when I’ve resided with people. Make it make sense! By the way, I’m referring to all of you. When people address haters, I always feel like it’s unnecessary. But when I do it, there’s always a lesson in it. Even when I’m just jiving, I’m making salient points. In my opinion, people apprehending their own stupidity is the only way to evoke a consequential evolution. In reality, a revelation is the act of disclosing a previously unknown fact. In religious mythology, it’s the “divine disclosure” of a fact to mankind, about mankind. Either way, the sooner y’all stupid-asses accept that you’re stupid, the quicker we can move past the detriments of your stupidity!

I believe uncertainty plays a major role in people’s hesitancy to change. We’re all comfortable with consistency, even when shit is consistently fucked-up. When things are consistent, we can easily predict the probable outcome of our actions, the consequences of not acting, and how we’ll cope with whatever happens next, because we’ve been there before. But uncertainty is scary as hell, ain’t it? The fear of the unknown is what causes many people to avoid doing things differently. For instance, it scares people into remaining in abusive relationships. It frightens people into a steady state of procrastination and apprehension. And that fear even hinders people from effectively devising solutions to their problems, because the idea of failing or exacerbating the problem is stressful and promotes debilitating anxiety. Unfortunately, and fortunately, I know how all that feels. And I use that fear to motivate me. From my experience, conquering fear feels better than busting the best nut possible! Now, I don’t believe I’ve managed to bust the best possible nut, but with all the nuts I have busted, I know that I prefer conquering a fear over them! Conquering fear is a million times more satisfying than those awesome lawnmowing and carpet cleaning videos on social media! Conquering fear is like becoming a billionaire after being dead-ass broke! Honestly, conquering fear feels so good, I can’t think of an imaginable way to analogize it. It’s something you must experience first-hand. I could tell a salacious story about a time I conquered a fear, but I’ll keep this one Rated PG. When I was a kid, there wasn’t a whole lot I was afraid of. But that changed when I turned about 9 and began to contemplate deeply. That’s typical, right? Your sense of responsibility is supposed to increase with age. Well, it’s not typical, but it’s definitely ideal. I learned young that many of my irrational fears derived from my tendency to scrutinize situations to the point where I only focused on the potential negative or unfavorable outcomes. It’s something I still do, to this day. I can’t shake over-rationality. Sometimes, I just think too much. Anyway, when I was approximately 12, I got a pair of roller skates for Christmas. And I wanted to skate down the same steep hill I enjoyed riding my bike down, but I was scared. I thought about skating down the hill so much, it got to the point where I believed falling was the only possible result of me attempting to conquer the fear. But at the peak of my fear, my natural rebelliousness activated. In my head, I was like, “Who the fuck am I to tell me that I’m scared of skating down this hill? Fuck me! I’m doing this!”. And I did it—successfully. End of story.

The hardest thing for anybody to do is get out of their own head. But is that always a bad thing? How many things are only just one thing? For sadomasochists, rape is consensual. For American law enforcement, vigilantism is justice. For Republicans, bigotry is liberty. For homophobes, sexuality is a system. For conservatives, pregnancy is a policy. For idiots, Star Wars is better than Star Trek. The George Lucas films are undeniably more iconic, but are they “better” than the Gene Roddenberry works?! Hell no. We don’t have to view anything just one way. Star Trek is good as fuck! By the same token, defeat is only scary because you’ve never seen it! Either that, or you’re getting your reviews from the wrong people. If your fears can defeat you, can’t you defeat your fears as well? Yes, I’m making this up as I go along, but skate with me. If you’re afraid of being defeated by your fears, imagine how fearless you would be if you constantly defeated them. What happens when conquering your fears becomes part of that oh-so-comfortable consistency? Y’all, I’m so fucking good at this! When something comes full circle, it’s returning to the point it was situated before its journey began. One day, I hope to be as fearless as I was as a small kid, while continuing to become progressively more intelligent and self-aware. People even attempt to say self-awareness is counterproductive. In their argument, some people believe that extreme introspection leads to unremitting self-consciousness that triggers deep depression and feelings of worthlessness. Per the anti-self-awareness people’s logic, acknowledging your flaws and shortcomings will compel you to compare yourself to others, which will make you envious and uncomfortable with your reality. But that’s only one way of looking at it. From my perspective, being highly conscious of who I am, why I am the way I am, and why I want to continue being who I am reinforces my belief that I’m more worthy of greatness than anyone who wishes I’d lose confidence! I won’t even let myself tell me I’m afraid to succeed, why the fuck would I listen to someone else?! Perception is reality because what we sense is what we feel, and what we feel is what we perceive as real. I perceive myself as greater than! Therefore, all my conscious actions are oriented toward surpassing whatever my naysayers believe I deserve or am capable of. And for me, the more afraid I am, the more likely I am to conquer my fear. Get like me. Ya bitches!

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