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Everybody’s Stupid, LXVII

Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for Sukihana! A lot of people live in this crazily hypothetical, impracticable, unnatural, notional, imaginative headspace, where the way they think shit should be somehow overrules or annuls reality. For the record, reality is the state of things as they actually exist. And everything outside of reality ain’t real! That means, the things that go on inside your head, regardless of how strongly you believe those things, likely aren’t part of reality. Yes, that applies to me too. But I ain’t talking about me, I’m talking about y’all stupid-asses! In reality, y’all got it so fucked-up, the crazy shit that happens to y’all is commonly the direct result of your personal naivety and immaturity! If you willfully do something that regularly welcomes misfortune to everyone who does that thing, who, other than yourself, can you blame for your misfortune? In reality, being a hoe has nasty consequences! How the fuck can a female contentedly rap about sex, discuss sex in all her interviews, make social media posts about sex, fuck on OnlyFans for everyone to see, consistently carry herself in a sexual manner, and expect to circumvent being sexually harassed or assaulted on planet Earth?! Why would men who disrespect women as much as women disrespect themselves have respect for women?! If we get what we give, you’re going to get what you’re given! Because everybody gives whatever the fuck they want! For example, way back in the day, I saw a video on WorldStar that showed a half-dressed woman, with all her jiggly parts jiggling about, walking through a crowd of random men like she belonged there. One strange man grabbed her ass, she turned around and gestured for him to stop, he grabbed her again, she approached the man aggressively, and he beat her the fuck up! No, I don’t condone unnecessary violence of any sort. But why was that stupid bitch walking around, in public, seeking attention that she seemingly didn’t want?! Dumb bitches, what the fuck is wrong with y’all? What world do y’all live in? Everybody has a mind of their own, right? Even the most obsequious people have the ability to act at their own will. And we all know that the concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, fair and unfair, etcetera are subjective, correct? Do you believe it’s possible for you to control everyone you come into contact with? What makes you stupid motherfuckers believe that all the horrible shit that happens to literally everybody can’t happen to you? Has it ever crossed your mind that bad shit happens to people because people act like bad shit can’t happen to them?!

Nah, y’all gone learn something, today! People, y’all are stupid as fuck! Sukihana being herself and ambling around like shit is sweet suggests that she lacks the ability to comprehend reality… much like the rest of you! There’s a saying that states, “If you stay ready, you never have to get ready!”. Basically, that means well-prepared and heavily equipped people traverse their adversities efficiently, and avoid adversity whenever possible, because they always have the proper tools. What are those tools, you ask? Proactivity, good sense, sound judgement, determination, and resilience. Of course, there are several other helpful tools for people to utilize daily, but those five are imperative! Proactive behavior is conduct that serves to precaution. It’s the action of taking measures to prepare for, prevent, or control a situation before it happens, instead of reacting to the situation after it happens. The opposite of proactive is reactive. All smart people are as proactive as possible. What is proactive about the way you stupid-ass folks think and act?! What’s proactive about doing everything in your power to become an object of sexual desire, just to be repulsed by the result of your own, self-inflicted objectification?! Get! The fuck! Out of here! YK Osiris was giving Sukihana what she says and/or acts like she wants! For the sake of argument, even if the stupid bitch wasn’t as overtly sexual as she is, if I walked into a bank and put a gun to a bank teller’s head, do I have to audibly tell the teller what I want? No! We all know what a fucking bank robbery looks like! By the same token, we all know that even ultra-conservative women are sexually harassed and assaulted every day. If you know that being expressly sexual heightens your chances of being violated, why the fuck aren’t you more proactive? If you never want to be violated, stupid bitch, act like it! But if you want niggas to “slut (you) out”, they’ll be happy to oblige. Again. Get! The fuck! Out of here! I know what y’all’s problem is! You stupid motherfuckers think that defying logic and never compromising who you are, even when you’re a fucking idiot, makes you a strong person. I’ve been talking about strength a lot lately, because again, y’all clearly don’t know what a truly strong person is!

When was the last time you intentionally did something that you knew could have presented disastrous or disadvantageous results? I bet it was recently, wasn’t it? The fact is, risky business is a lot more exciting than anything safe. But mature people have contemplative knowledge of how to avoid harmful decisions. If YK Osiris should’ve known better than to be sexually aggressive toward a sexually aggressive woman, that woman should know better than to be so slaphappy around strangers. If you’re a hoe, and you know how men respond to fun and free women, don’t put yourself in the vicinity of males who are curious about your self-proclaimed licentiousness! How about, if you don’t want hoe-shit to happen to you, don’t let the whole world know that hoe-shit is your favorite pastime! What’s a victim to you? To me, a victim is an unwilling, unsuspecting recipient of loss or injury. So, in a sense, I do believe Sukihana is a victim. However, Sukihana may not have wanted to be violated by YK Osiris, but how would she have reacted if her assailant was Dave East or Michael B. Jordan? Is sexual assault acceptable if the victim finds the assailant attractive? Do you think someone like Sukihana would have been upset if a sex symbol or highly desirable man or woman sexually assaulted her? Who would assume that hoes are choosy? Why would a woman want to be widely recognized as a hoe?! Something is WRONG with people! I’ll ask this question again, do you believe it’s possible for you to control everyone you come into contact with? Anything can happen at any time. Once more, being proactive means taking measures to assure you’re prepared for whatever may come your way. It also means exhausting every known and available resource and tactic to avoid affliction. According to, approximately 15,000 to 50,000 women and children are trafficked and forced into sexual slavery every year. Additionally, reports that an American is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. If you’re a woman, a mother, or if there are people in your life that you love, and shit like that doesn’t scare you into proactivity, good luck! There are no logical reasons for women to oversexualize and objectify themselves! And y’all are so fucking stupid, when people are holding Sukihana accountable for her own actions, y’all place the blame on the guy who pushed the red button. We all know the scenario! The red button is the most alluring, intriguing thing imaginable. What happens when you push the red button? Hoes like Sukihana ain’t nothing but big-ass red buttons that are begging to be pushed! Do better.

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