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Everybody’s Stupid, LXVI

In my opinion, black men will forever be lost until they are comfortable saying and embodying the phrase, “I just want to be happy!”. What type of person doesn’t want to be happy? Better yet, what type of person enjoys being unhappy?! So-called real niggas, how can you be hard when you’re not even a secure person?! If you’re so insecure about your manhood that you must always assert yourself in a manner that inevitably repels and offends literally everyone you interact with, how and why do you feel like your repulsiveness is an indication of your mental strength?! That shit don’t make sense at all, does it? Y’all niggas are weak as fuck—the antithesis of strong! For the record, at all times, a secure man is going to handle his business! And that’s despite the fact that stable men are almost never pugnacious, quarrelsome, or unnecessarily violent. Being loud, craving attention, and always appearing like you’re ready to fight ain’t got shit to do with being a strong or a real person! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Strong people aren’t easily offended and cruelly self-justifying! And “real” people consistently express their genuine emotions and beliefs, regardless of their audience! But y’all “real niggas” like to perpetrate the fraud! Yeah. In the words of the late, great Earl Simmons, “Y’all niggas is characters, not even good actors!”. So, what’s going to be the outcome? Let’s add up all the factors. You’re emotionally unstable, you’re unwilling and unable, your life is a fable, you’re maybe mentally disabled, and the consequences are fatal! Shoutout to Ari Melber. By the way, that was a little freestyle—I wasn’t even trying. There are a lot of ridiculous misconceptions in society that perpetuate a steady state of confusion for both onlookers and participants of fuck-shit. The sad fact is, most people don’t know what a truly strong person looks like, or sounds like, or acts like! Because most people aren’t strong. Which means most of the people that people know aren’t strong. From my perspective, strength is having the fortitude to deal with every possible situation without jeopardizing anything essential! From a real nigga’s perspective, I presume they view strength as the ability to create and overpower opps. I don’t know exactly what real niggas think, because I don’t possess the potentiality to deplete the majority of my logic and good sense on command. Sorry.

How does this sound? “Jeffrey Dahmer? The little punk-ass, weird-ass, gay-ass white boy with the thick-ass glasses? What the fuck is he going to do?”. What about this? “You know that little fat, retarded pussy Jeffrey Weise? I just gut punched that emo bitch for no reason! We all know he’s not going to do anything about it!”. I love to make this point, because it proves a lot. I won’t expound on the point, because it should be clear to anyone with the capability to comprehend. But I will broach a few things that the point proves. It proves that malevolence is present in everybody. It proves that violence is spiteful, willful, gratuitous, and resultant. It proves that hatefulness can be completely unprovoked. It proves that people often pursue a false sense of superiority by imposing their will on people they perceive as weak. It proves that people relentlessly and tragically underestimate each other! And among many other things, it proves that real niggas are a myth! Jeffrey Weise was a troubled Native-American teen who got fed up and took out as many of his opps as he could. He killed his grandfather, then took his grandfather’s gun to school and aired that bitch out. He smoked five students, a teacher, and a security guard. This all took place at a high school in Red Lake, Minnesota back in 2005. Once the cops arrived at the school, Jeff shot it out with them before he was forced to head tap himself to avoid being apprehended. What’s the difference between Jeff Weise and King Von?! If you don’t know, King Von was a promising rapper from Chicago who met an untimely demise after squabbing with an opp outside a nightclub in Atlanta. Von was shot and killed by an associate of the man he was fighting. It’s alleged that King Von, whose real name is Dayvon Bennett, killed enough people in Chicago to be legitimately labeled as a serial killer. If King Von is was a “real nigga”, doesn’t that make Jeff Weise a real one too? They both bussed their gun. They both murdered multiple opps. They both believed their actions were justifiable. Were Jeffrey Weise and Dayvon Bennett strong people? The truth is, they weren’t. Both of these guys’ deaths were the result of their insecurities. Jeffrey internalized the deprecation that he was subjected to at home and at school, and it consumed him to the point where he was willing to surrender his life to exact revenge. Dayvon internalized black culture’s system of pernicious, self-destructive behavior because he didn’t have the pluck to stand in opposition of fuck-shit.

If you want to be a real nigga, the fight ain’t with joining in on the fuck-shit. The fight is with rejecting the fuck-shit! Capitulation is the path of least resistance in black culture. For example, which one of these people would you have more respect for? The first guy is an honor student at an inner-city high school in an active gang territory. This honor student walks to school every day, and he has perfect attendance despite being chased and jumped on a regular basis because he refuses to join the neighborhood gang. The second guy is a newly recruited gang member from the same high school, but he got his ass whooped once and just gave in. This newfound gang member has murdered two rival gang members in just one week of being recruited. Who’s the stronger person?! Come on, now. Oh, I say it again. You’ve been had! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok! Goddamn, y’all got life fucked-up! There ain’t no way around it, niggas are weak and stupid! Rest in peace to King Von and Jeffrey Weise, they both deserved better! The next time you watch the news or retweet an article about another senseless crime, try to acknowledge the part you played in that shit. Because either you’re doing nothing to prevent the perpetuation of fuck-shit in black culture or you’re willfully encouraging it! What can you do to stop fuck-shit, you ask? Well, for starters, grow the fuck up! You can become more mature by simply being more selfish. Yes, that sounds crazy as hell, but hear me out. Selfish people put themselves before everyone else, right? Are you putting yourself first if you place yourself in a situation that you can’t control? For example, if you meet someone somewhere for a fight, can you control whether or not the cops get called? Can you control the measures the other person is willing to take to win the fight? Can you control whether or not weapons are involved? You can’t control shit! But if you’re selfish, that other person doesn’t even matter enough for you to entertain the idea of them putting you in a fucked-up situation. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t, you’re stupid! I’m done with this convo, y’all ain’t real! Niggas, the culture is killing y’all! And if you were stronger people, you wouldn’t feel any apprehension in telling niggas that you just want to be happy! Because what type of person doesn’t want to be happy?! And what type of person enjoys being unhappy?!

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