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Everybody’s Stupid, LVIII

I’m the type of person who learns from damn-near everything I experience. And I also check myself quite often, just so I won’t become self-absorbed. These are both things most of you will never relate to! I can see how reading my thoughts and beliefs may lead some people to presume that I’m a narcissist, but I’m the furthest thing from it. I just straightforwardly refuse to let other people govern or influence who I am and what I believe! Again, that’s something most of you simply can’t connect with. Is it my fault that I repudiate being a weak-ass person? Well, I guess it is, huh? In the same way that most of you insist on being weak-ass people. Aside from myself, I’ve never known a secure adult male, ever! While I’m on the subject, I’ve never known a secure adult female either. I am who I am because, since I was an adolescent, I’ve vowed to circumvent the insecurity, immaturity, and imbecility that every elder in my life has exuded. Of course, they’d all deny it, which is why they’ve never grown or bettered themselves! How can you fix something that you obstinately deny is broken? There’s a lot of bullshit that people do to evade the burden of addressing their problems directly. Weak people are always the victim—everyone’s out to get them, everybody does them wrong, nobody understands them, and they’re never the problem. For example, if bullshit follows you everywhere you go, and you’re the type of person who is constantly declaiming “miss me with the bullshit”, chances are you are the “bullshit”! That, or you should be like me, and merely stay away from stupid-ass people. But it’s easy to discern the difference between bullshitting-ass people and people who genuinely ain’t got time for bullshit. People who sincerely desire to elude nonsense are never belligerent, argumentative, or offensive. And people who are present for the fuckery are always eager and aching to defend their fragile egos and brittle emotions! Antagonistic, weak-ass people always have a bushel of badass stories where they heroically defended their honor in a series of demonstrably preventable and unnecessary situations. Whereas peaceful, secure people never have anything to prove, comprehend the potential for great loss in conflict, and prefer to focus on continuity and happiness. There’s a lot of shit in life that people can’t fake, and strength and happiness are on the top of the list! Plainly, you will never gain confidence and contentment if you reject the fact that you need to grow the fuck up and change the ways you think and act. Can we at least all agree that everybody has room for improvement in every aspect of life? Just understand that YOU are a part of “everybody”, and we’re cool.

Do you think I’m too negative to give effective advice? Negativity is pessimism, and I’ll admit that I’m pessimistic about you stupid motherfuckers ever understanding who you really are. Is it my fault that I choose to see shit for what it is instead of idealizing what it could or should be? Well, I guess that’s my fault again, huh? I’ve always understood that I’m different, and I hate being compared to anybody. We ain’t the same! And the only difference between me in-person and me as a writer is my quietude and tranquility. I’m not talkative or abrasive in everyday life, but I’m forever forthright. And to stop myself from being brutally honest and inciting controversy, I often don’t talk to people who I frequently disagree with. My silence is a defense mechanism that I greatly appreciate, because it promotes my equanimity. And my equanimity has stopped me from being violent and aggressive on several occasions. Defense mechanisms are unconscious responses that our minds use to repress or project unpleasant and unwanted feelings. If you’re repressing those feelings, you’re likely attempting to lessen the severity of your reaction to something. If you’re projecting those feelings, you’re probably already feeling them and negatively doing everything in your power to pretend like you’re not. So, defense mechanisms can be either helpful or harmful, and they aid us in protecting ourselves from stress and anxiety. That’s what weak-ass people are doing when they berate people, unjustly judge people, and deprecate everything but their own self-destructive behavior. Feeble people project their insecurities onto others to build themselves up, but that’s because they’re fully aware of their inadequacies and completely conscious of their incapacity to cope—it’s a defense mechanism. Now, if you think you’re smart, you might try to argue that me saying “everybody’s stupid” is somehow a projection of my own stupidity. But it’s not. It’s just an observation. Let my writing serve as a demonstration of my thought processes. One, most of you couldn’t write three coherent paragraphs, expressing your own thoughts, if your lives depended on it. Two, I created a website with the intention of proving my belief that everybody’s stupid, and I post pretty consistently, so what does that tell you? It should tell you that I’m self-assertive and determined. And three, when am I wrong? And if I’m wrong, can you prove it?

Before I say this, I want to preface it by saying I appreciate all the readers. And shoutout to my unofficial fan club, it’s a lot of y’all. But for the record, I don’t read other people’s opinions or digests at all. All my thoughts are original, unaffected realizations. I’m smarter than y’all! And if there’s something I’m ignorant to, I have no problem admitting it. I don’t have to know everything to be smarter than y’all, because y’all don’t know shit! And if you happen to have the knowledge and information, you’re not smart enough to use it effectively. Personally, I’d rather be wrong than to take advice. Again, I’m the type of person who learns from damn-near everything I experience. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take advice. I actually believe everyone should listen to reason. But you must be rational to recognize reason, and logic ain’t everybody’s strong suit. The only way to get smarter is to admit that you have a lot to learn. If you’re unwilling to receive new information, you won’t learn anything. I don’t plan to ever stop learning! I just know there’s not a whole lot I can learn from people who don’t fucking learn. The loudest voices are always the least qualified people offering the most obvious or most obviously stupid advice. The problem is, everybody wants to be Beau Amoureux! Everybody wants to be the smart one, but only when it’s convenient or profitable. Motherfucker, I’m smart all day, every day. Even my mistakes make more sense than the shit y’all plan. But oversight is real, and I see it from time to time. Intelligence is a gift and a curse, because it’s possible to overthink yourself into failure and overanalyze situations until opportunities pass due to procrastination. Inversely, when you lack intelligence, it’s common to effortlessly overestimate your ability to handle a situation and underestimate the consequences of failure. I’d rather be smart than stupid, but they both have disadvantages. Speaking of disadvantages, let me wind this up by saying there’s nothing that inhibits your prosperity more than blindness. We should all aim to have the hindsight to learn from our mistakes, the foresight to know where our decisions will lead us, and the insight to understand the importance of seeing things clearly. Yes, I’m a real writer, I can do this shit all day! Now, watch how many of your favorite rhetoricians miraculously come to comprehend the significance of defense mechanisms, all on their own and without persuasion.

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