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Everybody’s Stupid, LIX

Ageism. Let’s talk about it. No matter how adamantly you feel about something, there will always be people who resolutely disagree. And regardless of how vehemently you believe something, many people will passionately not give a fuck. Of all the words you speak on a regular basis, how many of them are connected to or illustrative of demonstrable, objective, irrefutable facts?! Let me help you with that. About 92% of the shit that comes from your stunted brain and out of your stupid-ass mouth is just your opinion! No, that’s not an official statistic, but it sounds about right, don’t it? According to Oxford Languages, an opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. We all agree with that definition, right? So, why does everybody act as if their opinions are incontrovertible? It must be because everybody’s stupid! In recent news, comedian Dane Cook and entertainer Marques Houston have been castigated and criticized for dating and marrying teenaged adult women. From this point forward, I’m going to keep this entire disputation as simple and impassive as I possibly can. And instead of being a hypocrite and bombarding you with my personal opinions, I’ll proceed with a series of relevant and riveting questions. What is it about history, observable human interaction, and our perpetually turbulent social climate that makes you prying, intrusive, stupid-ass motherfuckers believe other people are going to stop doing what they are free to do to satisfy the preferences and actualize the theories of complete fucking strangers?! Read that one a few times if you don’t get it. If an 18-year-old is technically a legal adult, and they are at liberty to choose their own sexual and romantic partners, why does it matter, to you, how old their partner’s genitalia is?! Can men and women over the age of 25 be manipulated and controlled in a relationship? Is it possible for a younger person to exploit and immorally take advantage of an older person? Is it necessary for people to have a great deal of common interests and life experiences for them to connect and find fascination in each other? Is age ever an automatic and accurate indication of a person’s maturity level? If a relationship is legal and consensual, what’s undoubtedly wrong about it? Why is incest and “barely legal” porn so popular and ubiquitous?! Who the fuck are y’all fooling?! What the fuck is wrong with y’all?! Who gives a FUCK about what you think and how you feel!? Are you fucking stupid?! Should you get the fuck out of here with that dumb-shit!?

Man… fuck people! And fuck all the legal adults you want. Even as we ceaselessly witness people get fired, killed, beaten up, excommunicated, renounced, cancelled, forgotten, and more for running their fucking mouths, y’all still think the elation of verbalizing your opinions is worth the potentially costly consequences. You’re not a strong person because you have the audacity to be openly stupid! Sorry. Why would shit ever work like that? How is overtly expressing contentious views, that are virtually inconsequential, a sign of virtue? Why should people forgo their own desires to do what you want them to do?! How do you feel when people butt into your life and make unsolicited suggestions about what you should be doing? If you find yourself constantly complaining about shit that is out of your control, and that doesn’t directly affect you, why don’t you see that you’re completely wasting your fucking time?! Again, who gives a FUCK about what you think and how you feel!? Do you think finding people who agree with you makes your opinions truthful and valid? Is it possible for multiple people to be wrong at once? Do you believe that people who disagree with you can find people who agree with them? Is everyone you disagree with only wrong because you disagree with them? How often do you thoroughly research topics and subjects before you form an opinion on them? Are you the type of person who believes shit just because someone you trust said it? When you are forming an opinion on something that you are hearing about for the first time, how many sides of the story do you require before you draw a conclusion? Are your opinions always solely centered around your feelings or do you consider other people’s feelings too? Do you believe everyone should consider your feelings when they are forming opinions about things that don’t involve you at all? How important do you think you are to people who don’t know you? Is it critical for strangers to approve of the decisions you make? Have you ever stated “I don’t give a fuck”, and meant it? If you don’t give a fuck, why should they?! Honestly, do you believe it’s admirable to exhaustively invest so much time and energy into attacking other people’s affairs and proclivities? Do you feel stupid yet? It doesn’t matter, I’ll continue.

Fuck you! You don’t fucking matter! That’s what it all boils down to. Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Whenever I have conversations like this, I always define freedom, and no one ever acknowledges how freedom is the only thing that makes their opinions even remotely relevant. The fact is, if you respect and practice freedom, you should probably shut the fuck up about 92% of the time! Because your freedom to speak freely is likely to entail the unreasonable repudiation of other people’s freedom. Even in the absence constitutional liberties, your “two cents” is worth less than that! And if facts aren’t more important to you than your personal beliefs and ideas, go fuck yourself! If none of my previous statements were obvious enough, now I’m about to hit you with the cliché shit just for fun. Age gaps in relationships are common, and should be expect. People are attracted to other people for various reasons, and those reasons don’t concern you. You can hate it or love it, nobody gives a fuck either way! Ain’t shit you can do about it. People should always do what makes them happy, right? If demonstrating and communicating your hatred for freedom makes you happy, by all means, do it. But understand that everything has consequences. You can’t control people! People are liable to feel as strongly against you as you do against them. Like bisexuals, outrage goes both ways. For example, you can hate the LGBTQIA+ community for being proud to have pride, and they can hate you for being proud of hating their pride. Are gay men ever going to stop fucking each other because you don’t like it? Even if gay relationships were banned, do laws stop people from being unlawful? Are all laws fair and practical? Is breaking the law always unethical or unreasonable? Do you realize that laws are often just rules that people design around intolerance and discrimination? Do you believe that intolerance and discrimination are just? Well, if you’re an ageist and a chauvinist, it’s because you are intolerant and discriminatory. Do you know what chauvinism is? Chauvinism has a broad meaning, but it basically signifies a self-righteous person who is immoderately prejudiced against, and hateful towards, people who don’t align with their causes and beliefs. It takes an inordinate amount of presumptuousness, stupidity, and futility to permanently believe that voicing your immaterial opinions is effective! Think about all the times that you’ve ridiculed and diminished a person’s actions, just for that person to progressively advance in their own chosen direction. I rarely do this, but I have to throw an LOL on this one. LOL!

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