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Everybody’s Stupid, LX

So, I was thinking, which is something I do often. And I believe I’ve come to realize the primary predicament that prevents people from being happy. It’s self-doubt! For example, uncertainty promotes a lack of confidence that commonly triggers anxiety. Anxiety causes an undue sense of urgency that leads to poor decision-making. Poor decision-making regularly results in disadvantageous or dissatisfying outcomes. The more people fuck-up or miss their mark, the more uncertain they become. Eventually, uncertainty fosters complacency that impels people to settle in their unhappiness. And unhappiness stimulates stress, trauma, depression, resentment, vices, and just a whole bunch of mismanagement and misunderstandings. Am I right? Uncertainty is the precursor of self-doubt, but I think it’s the lack of self-confidence that discourages people from persevering. If you truly believe in yourself, there’s no series of unfortunate events that can demoralize you, regardless of how long your losing streak lasts. There’s an easy way to gain more self-confidence fast. It’s as simple as lying to yourself, relentlessly. A lot of self-doubt is a consequence of a person’s propensity to psych themselves out. When you psych yourself out, you are convincing yourself that it’s impossible to succeed because you’re certain that you are ill-equipped to or incapable of conquering the task at hand. And to overcome that perpetually negative state of mind, you must eliminate all doubt. When you’re sad, smile like a mad person. When you’re angry, laugh like The Joker. When you’re depressed, get up and dance. When you lose, celebrate. You basically want to do the opposite of what you’re accustomed to doing, aiming to trick yourself into feeling the contrary emotion. The objective is to NEVER give up! I know that may sound stupid as hell, but humans are simple creatures. For instance, I turned 36 earlier this year, and caressing a new pair of soft and shapely booty cheeks continues to make me as giddy as the first time. Additionally, I still love to grab a big bowl of cereal and binge-watch anime. My point is, I know who I am, I know what I want, and I don’t have any shame. How many times have you heard somebody say, “you’re too old for that”? As if having fun has an age limit!? I used to have a slight crush on Angela Rye, until I saw an interview of her disparaging adult men who play video games. Bitch, who do you think designs and creates video games? Not only are there lucrative careers in the video game industry, but playing video games has proven to be a skill-building hobby that can be far more productive than just running your fucking mouth for a living. The moral of that short story is, don’t allow people’s opinions to exacerbate your already difficult-to-manage self-doubt. If you can rely on yourself to always do what’s best for you, it will preclude all self-doubt!

Don’t you hate when people think they can tell you how you’re supposed to feel about something? I used to work as a security guard on movie and television sets in Atlanta. On the set of Baby Driver, two people from Jamie Foxx’s team were attempting to get past the checkpoint without identification. I held them at the gate for like 15 minutes, until my supervisor came and confirmed their identities. Honestly, I didn’t give a fuck about them or Jamie Foxx, I was just doing my job. But I remember one of the punk-ass motherfuckers in the car acting like his job was more important than mine. But I could have easily let someone on set that had intentions to harm their boss, Jamie. And because they didn’t have their badges, they might as well have been crazed fans, from my perspective. If I remember correctly, once the faux pas was over, the asshole in the car asked me for an apology, and I ignored him. I eventually got fired from that job for sleeping on the job. And that’s the perfect segue for me to say, Jamie Foxx is overrated! I’m glad he’s survived his medical emergency, and I hope he makes a full recovery. But he’s a mediocre actor. I think he’s a talented impressionist and a decent musician, but his acting is ass! I feel similarly about Denzel Washington. Denzel plays the same nigga with different names every time he takes on a new role. Those Oscars and other accolades are supposed to mean something, huh? They’re meant to serve as a representation of an entertainer’s excellence in their field of art. But really, those trophies ain’t nothing but tokens of other people’s opinions! Who the fuck is even serving on the voting panels of those academies? And why are those people’s opinions so important everyone?! How much self-doubt does an artist feel if they don’t win after being nominated for an award? And how much uncertainty do artists have if they’re never nominated for an award at all? Am I supposed to doubt my own opinion if it varies greatly from the general consensus or the “experts”? Because I don’t, and I never will! When it comes to personal, inconsequential, and negligible things, I only care about how I feel. Fuck other people’s opinions and feelings! Fuck the academies, fuck the poll results, fuck the tweets and comments, fuck the fans, fuck the blogs and tabloids, fuck the news reports, fuck the commentators, fuck the conversationalists, fuck everything and everybody but the facts and me! That’s how I feel about everything, honestly. It’s up to us, as individuals, to determine what’s important to us. Self-determination is a form of liberation that will ensure self-doubt never rears its ugly-ass head in your life. Don’t let anybody tell you how to feel about anything! Manipulative people are usually very persistent, but just deny those motherfuckers as tenaciously as they’re attempting to persuade you. Once your mind is set, and you don’t have any doubt that you’re making the right decision for you, don’t change your mind.

Like Tupac said, “It’s all about you!”. That’s lame, sorry. But why should it be about anything else? Even if you have kids, loved ones, and a partner that require your love and attention, you won’t be any good to them if you’re unhappy. Energy and emotions are contagious. We all know at least one person who can walk in a room full of joyful people and suck all the joy out the room, without even saying anything. Some people are like black holes that inundate and obliterate everything around them! And I know for a fact that most people don’t want to be that person. Eliminating self-doubt might just help everyone become a better person. Even as a writer, I’ve learned that the fluidity of my typing is most consistent when I’m not second-guessing every word I type. If I’m perennially worried about trying to convey messages in the most eloquent fashion, and I’m perfervid about emphasizing my prodigious vocabulary, it takes an appreciable amount of time for me to make a point. But when I’m just writing and I don’t give a fuck how it sounds, it’s easier. We can apply the same simplification method to life. Why overcomplicate shit for no reason? Live efficiently. Such as, I don’t like people, so I stay to myself. I’ve never liked working regular jobs, so I’ve always found unconventional ways to keep money in my pocket. I don’t believe monogamy is natural, and it’s not for me, so I’ve never committed to an exclusive relationship. These are all things that many people condemn and frown upon. But in my life, again, it’s fuck people! People give themselves way too much fucking credit. And y’all often give people too much power! How much of your stress and anxiety is engendered by your fear of being criticized or vilified? Who the fuck do people think they are?! Never let anyone convince you that people aren’t full of shit. If two naked, homeless identical twins were walking through the woods, and they both found leaves to cover their asses, the one with the biggest leaf would feel empowered to brag about it. That’s the average person’s mind in a nutshell. Don’t be that person! And don’t invigorate that person. A’ight, let me wrap this up. I was trying to be more positive with this post, but positivity gets cringy quickly. Being encouraging doesn’t have the same dramatic effect as the “point-blank, period” style of expression. So, I’ll finish this up by bursting some bubbles, just for laughs and contrast. Michael B. Jordan looks like a puppy with muscles and half a goatee. Beyoncé is overrated, musically and attractively. Speaking of overrated, Kendrick Lamar! Yeah. Rihanna and her baby’s foreheads are literally already the same size. That’s a little mean, but it’s true. I don’t believe Donald Trump is a racist. Lori Harvey is a hoe, plain and simple. And so are Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Doja Cat looks like her pussy is always musty and the bottom of her feet are always dirty, even when she’s all dolled-up. I’ll stop here, but I could definitely keep going. Sometimes you gotta just let this shit fly, right? How many perfect people do you know? I don’t know any. Not even me.

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