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Everybody’s Stupid, LVII

At this point, I know there are a lot of people who know of me, but don’t know me, who wonder why I’m so mean. It’s simply because something is wrong with people. It ain’t me, it’s y’all! To the people I’m referring to, I have a question. How often does my name come up in conversations that you motherfuckers have? I don’t fuck with y’all, I’ve likely never even spoken to you motherfuckers, you don’t know me, and yet I know for a fact that I’m a common topic of discussion in your lives. Why?! People can’t even mind their own fucking business without stupid motherfuckers having a problem with it or a disrespectful opinion about it! For the record, and this is for everybody, nobody gives a fuck about what you think or how you feel! Do you think I’m bullshitting? Like I always say, check the murder rates, watch your local news. In practice and by definition, murder is people proving how little regard they have for their victims’ lives. According to statistical data from several reputable sources, approximately 48 people are murdered every single day in America. That’s one murder every 30 minutes! Do you really, truthfully believe these people are being killed for “no reason”? Putting the dishonorable, corrupt criminal justice system aside, do you think it’s up to you to decide how people react to what they perceive as disrespect? I’m not saying that I am going to murder everyone who can’t keep my name out of their mouths. I’m saying that if those people end up murdered, it’s probably because they couldn’t keep people’s names out of their fucking mouths! Personally, I’m completely unbothered by most bullshit. Patently, I write essays in some of my spare time, philosophizing about how stupid people are. So, I understand that bullshit is a product of stupidity, and stupidity is a proven symptom of envy, hatred, mental illness, or all the above. Do you know what the worst type of stupid is? The type that gets you killed! That, or any time your stupidity results in a loss. For example, about 38 babies die of heat strokes after being left in hot cars every year, and year after year roughly 38 babies lose their lives when irresponsible parents leave them unattended in hot cars. And again, every day, around 48 people are murdered in the US, and 48 or so people are murdered in America on any given day. Do you get what I’m saying? That’s how STUPID you motherfuckers are! It’s the same shit, over, and over, and over! Every day, every month, every year, you all reliably and inevitably prove how hard it is for you to comprehend! Again, this is y’all! It ain’t me.

I know I can’t talk about hating people, again, without mentioning psychology, again. For the umpteenth time, I will never give credence to psychology or psychologists! Psychology, as a medical practice, is founded on society’s perception of normalcy. And it bases behavioral guidelines on preconceived societal norms. In my opinion, reading books, dissecting brains, participating in college courses, observing behaviors, and whatever else is standard study in medicine will never make a fucking idiot a people expert! People are who they are, it’s unnatural for people to attempt to control others, and reality and science are seldom parallels. How many of you understand that a scientist is wrong far more often than they’re right? They don’t get to those scientific facts without trial and error. I respect and appreciate the doctors and scientists who work diligently to give people a better quality of life, I believe their work is imperative. But most people clearly don’t understand people! Who people are and who you want them to be will never coincide, and violence is an attestation to that fact. You motherfuckers don’t get to dictate how people act! For instance, “What the fuck are you going to do?!” are the infamous last words of many murder victims and movie villains. And it’s the type of shit that murder victims say after watching a movie villain get their head blown off after saying it. Because that’s how STUPID you motherfuckers are! What you believe a person is willing to or capable of doing ain’t got shit to do with the reality of the situation. Get out of your heads, there aren’t any answers in there! Moreover, hospitals openly charge insurance companies twice what they charge patients without insurance. Big pharmaceutical companies flagrantly markup medications up to and over 600% of the manufacturing costs. Therapists typically charge over $50 an hour. What good is any of that shit if it’s inaccessible to the people who need it the most?! So, I’m disturbed for abhorring people, but people aren’t troubled for being abhorrent? Is that how shit is supposed to work? With psychology, it’s the effrontery that bothers me the most. The presumptuousness of a motherfucker believing that passing a college course somehow makes their opinion on human behavior unassailable and inviolable. Get the fuck out of here! If you were smarter, everything would make more sense to stupid people. Yeah, sit and figure out what that means!

If approximately 48 people are murdered in America every day, how is murderous behavior considered abnormal? If normal is what’s typical and expected, and about 48 people are consistently murdered every day in the US, isn’t murder normal!? That may sound like some Herschel Walker-type logic, but that’s because it’s a simple observation of the discrepancy between what people want to believe and what’s really happening. The fact is, deviance has been, and always will be, a societal norm! If you can’t admit or refuse to accept that, you’re stupid. If you’re stupid, you’re part of the problem. If you insist on remaining part of the problem, the problem will persist. If the problem persists, the problem becomes normal! Do you see how easily I explained that for you stupid motherfuckers? For the record, I’m a high school dropout. I proudly represent for all the GED graduates out there, because I know that I am a testament to the fact that damn-near everything people attempt to make important doesn’t actually fucking matter! Remember, Elon Musk is a rocket scientist, Elon Musk supports Donald Trump, Donald Trump was the president, over 74 million Americans voted for Trump to serve a second term, Trump is the current leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate, fast food kills more people than car accidents, white people think baths are bad for them, black people think cops hurt their communities more than the criminals they decline to snitch on, women think Jonathan Majors is handsome just because he has muscles, and around 48 Americans are murdered every damn day. Do you need a high school diploma or college degree to know that’s all stupid? No. Do you need to sit in a classroom or pay an educational institution thousands of dollars just to learn from a textbook that you can read anywhere? No. Do you believe that everyone who graduates from high school and college is smart? No. I could maunder on about the same old shit all day, but what’s the point? Either y’all don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on in your own lives! Just reading this, how tired are you of hearing about how approximately 48 people in America become murder victims every day? Another question, is “how tired are you of” the proper and grammatical way to prefix that question? Am I stupid if I don’t know the answer to the latter question? Should I enroll in college just to answer a question that I could probably Google for the answer? Do you know what sarcasm is? Are you smart enough to know when someone is being sarcastic? What school subject would best teach people about sarcasm? Do you think sarcasm is annoying? Is sarcasm more annoying than stupidity? Are you still there?! If you’re still there, will you make sure to keep telling your friends and family about me? The more haters, the merrier I am. Thanks!

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