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Everybody’s Stupid, LVI

So, recently cable news has really been pissing me off! I’ve never had much confidence in television news reports. And I’ve always believed there was validity to Donald Trump’s “fake news” claims. But I’ve become almost completely turned off by all cable news, lately. I was watching MSNBC, and there was a segment about Donald Trump that I found to be trivial, irrelevant, hateful, and altogether unnecessary. In this segment, the news reporter was essentially like, “Look at this bum-ass nigga Donald Trump in his 32-year-old airplane! Real billionaires have airplanes that are younger than their grandchildren, but this fucking loser can’t even afford a new plane! He’s worthless!”. Of course, I’m paraphrasing, but that was the vibe the monologue was giving. I couldn’t watch more than a couple minutes of it. After I stopped watching the revolting news video, I did some research. And it turns out that Trump’s plane, a Boeing 757, cost him upwards of $100 million dollars, and it was just recently renovated. If car enthusiasts can spend beaucoup bucks restoring vintage cars, why can’t Donald Trump do it with an airplane? Before I continue, I want to make it clear that I am an apolitical, nonpartisan, Independent-leaning American who has always voted Democrat. Like I always say, simply, I think Republicans are idiots and Democrats are pussies. But I respect how resolute Republicans are and I admire the reasoning of Democrats. However, I will NEVER pledge fealty to either party! I believe politics in America only exists for the sake of divisiveness and opposition. There are millions of people in this country who will never be strong enough to live and act on the power of their own free will. A lot of people gain purpose and ambition to live by being a part of a cause that they believe is bigger or more important than themselves. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that people aren’t smart enough to know when their fidelity undermines that greater purpose. Martyrs often sacrifice themselves in acts of futility. For example, what did the January 6th insurrection accomplish? Personally, I don’t believe insurrections are the worst thing in the world. I’m manifestly a rebel and a contrarian, at heart and by practice. And I believe the People of a democracy have the right to fight for the purpose of ensuring all checks and balances remain in good standing, per our collective standards. Yet, I will never serve anyone else’s cause at my own expense, especially not at the cost of my life! But I don’t blame Donald Trump for any of the dumb-shit he’s done. It’s all our fault!

Put yourself in Donald Trump’s shoes. I’ve been trying to have empathy for people that I dislike and disagree with, and I’d appreciate if you all would join me on this journey. Can you relate to someone who has his every word and action criticized by the entire world? If you were born into wealth, and women have been throwing themselves at you for ages, wouldn’t you believe that it’s acceptable to grab an unfamiliar, flirty mistress by the pussy? Like, seriously. Donald Trump is 6’3”, in his prime he was a fit and handsome guy, he’s always been charismatic, he’s had big money his entire life, he’s white, and there’s no reason for us to believe that he’s ever had to do anything other than walk in a room for women to want to fuck him. But for the same reasons, it’s preposterous for lower and middle-class Americans to surmise that Donald Trump can connect with their plight in any way! How stupid are Republican voters to know of Donald Trump’s generational wealth, but believe his claims of being self-made? Yes, I’m aware that there’s a fine line between keeping it real and straddling the fence. For the record, I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump, but I also no longer hate him. I believe Trump is doing his best to keep whatever sanity he’s retained in a world that has created unrealistic expectations for him from the time he was born. Daddy’s shoes must have been a big pair to fill. And I have my own dreams and aspirations, so I somewhat sympathize with a man who has seen his name in lights all across the globe dreaming of ruling the world. Politics were disreputable and the government was corrupt long before Donald Trump! In surveying Trump’s behavior over the past nine years, I believe a lot of his disagreeable views and objectionable activities derive from ignorance and spite rather than sheer hatred. I think Donald Trump readily embraces anyone who supports him because he’s a human being, and he’s motivated and empowered by positivity and endearment. Donald John Trump is obviously a very sensitive, indisposed, egotistical, dishonest, offensive, delusional person. But he also has feelings, just like the rest of us. To suggest that the media doesn’t relentlessly bully Donald Trump is equivalent to assuming that school shootings aren’t typically triggered by incessant torment. How stupid would you feel if you knew that all of Donald Trump’s apparent attacks on democracy were payback for the innumerable times the media gratuitously insulted him? If the fucking national news is persistently being petty, why can’t the president do it?

Humans, grow the fuck up! Think, and tell me that broadcasting uninterrupted, superfluous assaults on a person’s character doesn’t galvanize other people into mimicking those assaults! Why wouldn’t a child roast or denigrate their classmates if they see it’s possible for them to obtain a career in journalism doing the same thing? You motherfuckers have the audacity to blame guns for outrage and savagery, but you’re doing to Donald Trump and others what school shooting victims do to school shooters! Of course, I know that some of these school shootings are conducted by adults and young adults who target small children. But maybe elementary schools are the genesis of those people’s incense? Maybe those mass shooters believe they are saving other children from the mental anguish that they were subjected to in elementary school? How the fuck would y’all know, when you’re too busy being childish?! Get the fuck out of here! You’re all stupid. I was watching a movie or TV show, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but a character stated that the best way to hide a lie is to “sandwich it between two truths”. That’s what the news media does. It mixes facts with bias and packages it up like they belong together! And no news outlet is exempt, they’re all guilty. Motherfuckers talk about Donald Trump like they can read his mind. Y’all don’t know the difference between impartiality and intolerance, but you can tell us everything that’s going on inside Donald Trump’s head? Like I said, we all have feelings. So, I don’t expect all news hosts and reporters to be dispassionate and disconnected. However, the age of Donald Trump’s $100 million dollar airplane ain’t got shit to do with his political views, or even his immorality. In the same way that Rachel Maddow’s sexuality is irrelevant as it pertains to her commentating skills and her virtues. Who gives a fuck?! The news should never be an inducement for the perpetuation of zealotry and dogmatism! And the people who report the news shouldn’t gossip and prattle like disaffected roustabouts who are pursuing extracurricular careers in stand-up comedy. Lawrence O’Donnell couldn’t be funny if he was high on LSD while being possessed by the ghost of George Carlin. I’m trying to lighten this up a little bit, but we are metaphorically sitting on a steep downgrade in heavy traffic, loaded beyond capacity, with intermittent brake failure and engine overheating issues. Honestly, I believe humanity is irreversibly fucked. But hypothetically, if people could show others just a little more respect, maybe “random” acts of violence would become less frequent? Think about it.

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