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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXVIII

Why don’t people fuck with Ari Lennox? She’s indisputably talented, she seems like a sweetie, she’s strong-minded, she has fantastic bone structure, she’s very chocolatey, and the list goes on. However, I do remember saying some bullshit to Ari on Twitter after Jazmine Sullivan released her critically-acclaimed “Heaux Tales” album. Ari has a short interlude on Jazmine’s album titled “Ari’s Tale”, where she’s talking about how some scandalous mystery celebrity dude had her dickmatized to the point where she was willing to ruin her career just to preserve their sexual relationship. I don’t remember what I said verbatim, but I basically insinuated that she should seek therapy or pursue a psychological evaluation. I know, like I keep saying, I’m mean as fuck. But if you go listen to Ari’s Tale, you’ll see how impure, immature, and imprudent Ari sounded. Yet, that doesn’t excuse my slightly disparaging remarks. Notwithstanding, since Ari has been suspended from Twitter, I can’t apologize. It’s gotten to the point where so many famous and familiar people know of my blog that I have stopped talking as much shit as I’d be inclined to in moments of exasperation. For whatever reason, I strike a chord with my opinions. And I think it’s because I make more sense and assume more accurately than most commenters. As opposed to the average person, I have a greater capacity for understanding people, partly, because I can be objective and remove my feelings from the equation when I’m analyzing psychologies and situations. I don’t mind being wrong, I recognize that everything isn’t about me, I’m empathetic to people’s humanity, and all of that allows me to see past what I initially want to believe. On the other hand, most people inappropriately and fervidly assert their inaccurate-ass opinions, and defend said imprecise presumptions as if they’re inarguable, which offends people to the point where hatred is perpetually imminent. To my credit, if a motherfucker doesn’t like what I said, it’s more than likely because I’m right and they refuse to accept it. How do you feel about men publicly addressing their issues with women—namely women that they don’t have relationships with? Personally, I believe in equality. And if we’re all to be treated equally, gender shouldn’t be a determining factor in anyone’s decision to express their thoughts about someone. But if you know somebody doesn’t like you, and that person refrains from addressing you indiscriminately, yet you insist on mentioning them without warrant, that’s bullshit. Ari Lennox catches a lot of flak for being emotional in moments when she’s being accosted or disrespected, and that’s also bullshit. I don’t respect anyone, male or female, who is indefensibly disrespectful. In my opinion, your liberty to freely express yourself isn’t a license to openly carry out personal attacks against people who are outraged by your audacity to be unsympathetic. And the crazy part is, people who are irrationally insensitive are commonly simultaneously unreasonably sensitive! For a whole heap of people, declaring their dissatisfaction with and disapproval of dissimilar or disagreeing people is a demonstration of self-doubt. Yep, y’all are going to get tired of me saying the same shit in different ways until I feel like the lesson’s been learned. When people don’t have the confidence to be themselves, or when they feel like they aren’t good enough, they attempt to condemn everyone who they perceive as more confident and secure than them. First, of course, insecure people project their feelings onto others—by alleging that everybody is triggered by the same insecurities that they have—as if everyone’s potential to be affected by offensiveness is a guarantee that they’re offended as easily as them. Second, if projection doesn’t expose a person’s sensibilities, insecure people find superficially obvious flaws about the person and highlight them in an effort to prove that said person isn’t perfect enough to be so confident and secure. Lastly, if all else fails, insecure people deploy every ploy they can conjure up to preclude the disclosure of their own insecurities—which they know are vulnerable to divulgence if people detect spitefulness or undue resentment. Insecurity is a cycle that starts with plain old bitchassness!

So, it happened again—I intimidated some insecure motherfucker just being my regular self. Yesterday, I noticed that my tire kept losing air, so I went to get it patched at a local tire shop earlier today. When I got there, I pulled up to the repair station, told the technician about the slow leak in my tire, then stepped out of the car. When I got out of the car, the handle of my pistol was peeking from underneath my t-shirt, and I adjusted the shirt to cover the gun after I noticed it was showing. Note, it only took a few seconds after exiting the car for me to realize the pistol was visible. However, it was too late, and the punk-ass motherfucker had already begun to evince his insecurity. He began to show feigned aggression, he started using profanity profusely when talking to his colleagues, he slammed my tire on the ground after repairing it before he mounted it back to the rim, and he just exuded passive-aggressiveness. When it was all said and done, I told the technician “thank you” after briefly stepping into the lobby to pay for the repair, and he replied, “Yes, sir.” Now, what was the point of all that bullshit he did? If you’re intimidated by someone, pretending to be tough or acting like you have a bad temper is more likely to get you fucked up than being obsequious. And it took a lot for me not to laugh at this guy, but being Beau Amoureux, I immediately recognize insecurity. From my perspective, there’s not a lot of humor in hazardous human behaviors that have a heavy impact on how harmoniously humans can cohabitate. When you think about it, being insecure is kind of selfish. Because insecure people take unpleasant and disconcerting things that are going on within their minds, and use them as motivation to make other people feel the same way. To boot, it should go without saying that insecurity is unquestionably the most dominant motivator of violence. Again, humans simply haven’t evolved enough to naturally adapt to reality. If you know how pervasive barbarity is amongst humans, and you don’t do everything in your power to at least be secure and confident enough to allay the level of insecurity that could make you violent, you’re a savage. But guess what, savagery and claiming the label of “savage” have been trendy for over a decade now! And to make it even more fucked-up, insecure people offensively and negatively projecting their insecurities is often their way of saying, “Hey, I feel your pain.” That’s backwards as fuck! Nevertheless, is it hard to imagine someone being attacked for even nicely telling another human that they empathize with them? When you’ve dealt with as much bullshit as I have, when your relatives are among your primary antagonists, when you’ve been metaphorically stabbed in the back and thrown under the bus repeatedly, when you have the intellectual acuity to apprehend that humans are inherently flawed, and when you reach the point where you ain’t got time for nobody’s bullshit—if you’re lucky—you acquire a level of internal peace that is difficult to disturb. To rephrase my recent remarks, J. Cole is smart enough, and has enough life experience, to comprehend that he—as a human—doesn’t want to contribute to the idea that hostility, hatred, havoc, hopelessness, and horrible decisions are things to play around with in a cold world that’s full of hostile, hateful, destructive, hopeless, and horrible people. If you’re going on a tirade because a rapper decided that he wants to stay as far away from ill feelings and negativity as humanly possible, I can almost guarantee that your mind is riddled with insecurities and your life lacks meaning! Why can’t J. Cole’s music itself, without lyrics dissing or dismissing his counterparts, speak to his ascendancy as an elite emcee? One more fucking time, humans have not evolved enough to naturally adapt to reality! In reality, how many people died because Vibe magazine turned two rappers’ beef into a regional war—with a fucking headline?! I hate to bring up old shit, but what’s older than stupidity and hatred? Peace.

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