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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXVII

Just so y’all know, if you’re stupid, you’re stupid. And being physically outside your home doesn’t mean that you’re more aware or knowledgeable than someone who’s plainly more conscious and receptive than you, dummy! But let’s delve deep into you dunces’ dumbness. When you’re “outside”, what are you doing? Your interests are personalized, like everyone else’s, right? In being out and about, are you generally focused on anything external to your scope or area of concern? No! So, how the fuck does being “outside” make your opinion on everything more applicable than those who are principally more insightful and perceptive than you? If you’re stupid, that means you don’t know shit and don’t understand shit—regardless of how much you’re in the mix. So, shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here! In addition, how many biases would you admit to having? Some people refuse to accept the truth just because reality is antithetical to their beliefs. Partiality puts a pause of people’s potential to peep principles. Do you believe that all the information on the internet is useless? If not, how do you feel when people assert that the internet isn’t real life—as if the “world wide web” doesn’t comprise everything that anyone has ever known or been ignorant to? And if you’re of the opinion that the internet isn’t tangible or substantial, but you appreciate that most contemporary people essentially live out their lives on the internet, what do you mean? The internet is an inexhaustible source of information. For example, millions of people receive educations from accredited schools at home, online. I’m not making an argument for unenlightened know-it-alls who read half a paragraph on Wikipedia and think they’re smart. However, responsible people tend to take things more seriously than irresponsible people, and serious-minded thinkers don’t mingle with absentminded idiots enough to keep said idiots informed. With that in mind, to all you stupid-ass “I’m outside” motherfuckers, who’s out there with you? There’s an abundance of bullshit in basic people’s belief systems. Diverging slightly, how hard do you want your life to be? Personally, I only toil when it’s absolutely necessary—to avoid hardship. And I’ve consistently been a defender of people taking advantages, ceasing opportunities, exploring shortcuts, and even exploiting loopholes—as long as no victims are created. When you aren’t living to satisfy other people’s preferences and expectations, you have a tendency to prioritize doing what’s best for you. And even though I love a challenge, I hate stressing. Also, smart people work smartly, which means we hardly work hard. Moreover, I’d rather be considered lazy than to be a slave! In my opinion, people who are convinced that doing things the easy way is reprehensible are always submissive and susceptible to being taken advantage of. The idea that everyone should be honored to give an “honest day’s work” was instilled into poor, uneducated, disenfranchised people who were being manipulated by amoral industrialists and capitalists during times when people lacked power and leverage, and didn’t have a choice but to be humble in doing the menial jobs that kept them badly off but buoyant. Needless to say, that idea has been passed on through generations of poor, uneducated, and disenfranchised people. Presently, that foolish pride and minion mentality is the reason minimum wage has barely increased, it’s responsible for generational deprivation, it discourages traditionalists from fighting for change, it aides in keeping the wealthy well-off, it’s the foundation of voluntary oppression, and worse. People covet money and material things so uncritically that they worship the people who keep those things unobtainable to the masses! You have to be a special kind of fool to crave power so much that you’re willing to be sycophantic to the people who keep you powerless—foolishly hoping that they’ll appreciate your groveling and teach you how to remove them from power. You can’t even consider yourself a hustler or a go-getter if you profit the least from your own hard work! That’s a slave, boo.

Honestly, I think 50 Cent is a little slow. Not only is Curtis puerile and petty as fuck, he’s also very casually disrespectful. You don’t even have to pay attention to Mr. Jackson’s social media activity to be interminably informed about his incessant and infantile internet trolling. As a whole, black men need to grow the fuck up, right? And that’s why I respect J. Cole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar for that weak-ass, woeful, wack, wrong, waste of time diss track, “7 Minute Drill”. Personality wise, I have a lot in common with J. Cole. And as a peaceful person, being taken out of my element always kills my vibe as well. So, seeing that Cole has the heart to put his pride aside and be humble enough to express his love for and loyalty to King Kunta, and proclaim that he doesn’t want to be opps with the good kid, is alright with me. As for my opinion on “Might Delete Later”, I think it was a decent project—especially for a collection of presumably throwaway tracks that were released as a teaser to what I anticipate to be Cole’s best album yet. I’m a day-one J. Cole fan, and I downloaded “The Come Up” shortly after its debut. And I can attest that Cole’s rhymes and punchlines seem to get progressively better. Yet, there’s no denying that Kendrick has the better music overall. But to me, neither of these guys have the battle rapping spirit. And if I had to make a prediction, I would say that Drake would arise the victor of a battle of the bars amongst the aptly named “Big 3”. If I were Drizzy in this scenario, I would go ahead and diss Cole for being a flip-flopper, Kendrick for being the softest rapper from Compton, Future for being disloyal, Big Sean for being unsuccessful, Pusha T for falling off, and everybody else who ever thought that shit was sweet! Drake will undoubtedly go down as the biggest and most success rapper of all time. And as far as battles are concerned, the 6 God has the most experience. And I would take Drake’s catalog over the other two guys because he has the most variety of sound. I think Kendrick is the most lyrical, Cole is the best rapper, and Drake is the best artist comprehensively. To reiterate—if excluding Drake—I prefer Cole over Kendrick as a rapper, but Kendrick’s music over Cole’s. Ultimately, none of this shit excites me or is important to me. I enjoy good music. And niggas fake beefing, or even real beefing, doesn’t mean shit to me if the music’s quality doesn’t increase. Supremely, I want the artists that I like to remain in top physical and mental health so they can continue to produce at their best. I believe that Cole felt pressured to respond to Kendrick’s “Like That” diss but he didn’t realize until the fans responded that he isn’t in the headspace for gratuitous negativity, and that’s pretty much what he said. We all know that pressure is stressful, right? When you practice equanimity and your life is good, and you don’t have any real enemies, there has to be something unsettling about introducing unnecessary conflict into your thoughts. Granted, Cole’s lyrics have been both contradictory and passive-aggressive, but that’s a testament to his uncertainty and apprehension. I think Cole is conflicted because he understands that hip hop is innately competitive but he’s not at a point in his life or career where he needs the controversy and drama for motivation or extra attention. And this takes me back to a point that I make frequently, everything ain’t about you! Cole doesn’t owe fans anything but what they’re paying for, and that’s music. And motherfuckers don’t get to dictate how that music sounds, the content of the lyrics, the emotion in the delivery of said lyrics, etc. If you absolutely need to consume clashes and contention, Zeus is $5.99 a month, or you can just watch the news—niggas be niggering. Peace.

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