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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXVI

As a policy, I refuse to stress myself out over anything that isn’t life-threatening. Because I understand that stress itself is deadly. But I want you guys to imagine me attempting to fit in anywhere around “normal” people or the average person. For instance, just picture me having a casual debate about something inconsequential with a person who doesn’t realize how little that thing actually matters—at least to me. By the same token, envision me working somewhere, 40 hours or more a week, doing something that I hate, and not being able to receive any level of fulfillment from it. Why would I, Beau Amoureux, find any gratification in being “normal”?! Obviously, I have ASD like a motherfucker. If you don’t know what ASD is, it’s Autism Spectrum Disorder. And it’s called a “spectrum disorder” because there’s a wide array of symptoms and characteristics that vary greatly per person, and that also deviate from what’s considered “normal”. For me, it’s difficult for me to be enthusiastic about interacting with stupid-ass people or doing dumb-ass shit that don’t make sense to me. As a result, it’s almost impossible for me to live my life in a way that would make me hate myself and said life. For example, I’m good with money but bad at maintaining a steady income. And that’s partially because I don’t care enough about people to desire expensive or fancy things that are only meant to impress others, and I’m satisfied as long as I’m safe and comfortable. Additionally, I’m highly intelligent and greatly skilled at things like problem solving, critical thinking, and writing, but I don’t have the credentials to acquire a traditional job that would pay me to do what I’m good at. And because I’m so smart, I’m not stupid enough to attend college just to graduate and obtain a job that pays only enough for me to barely pay my student loans while living from paycheck to paycheck. What’s more, I’m a thoughtful and loving person but I generally don’t care to maintain long-term relationships unless they are perpetually mutually beneficial. Basically, everything that most people do for other people’s acceptance and approval is a problem for me. I am fully aware that this may sound like bullshit to some of you, but that’s because you’re stupid. Admittedly, I’d rather have ASD than to be a stupid motherfucker! I’ll never subscribe to the notion that being different, or even deviant, means that something’s “wrong” with somebody. Again, normal ain’t natural. In my opinion, people can’t tell us shit about who or how everyone should be! And stupid motherfuckers walk around believing that all the shit that they make up, and all the ideas that they indoctrinate everyone with, are the best ways for everything to be—even when all of their inefficient systematic norms fail miserably and reliably. Busting your ass just to barely make do ain’t worth doing, right? So, is there something wrong with everyone who refuses to do it? Once more, we often fuck ourselves to be happy, but it’s normally necessary. Furthermore, statistics suggest that the average intimate relationship only lasts approximately two years—depending on the couple’s age. Plus, the same statistics claim that unmarried, cohabiting couples typically stay together longer than married couples with identical living arrangements. So, are people who decline to commit or those who reject marriage mentally ill? For the record, these questions are just for fun. Because again, who the fuck is anybody to tell everybody who or how they should be?! Y’all got life fucked up out there! At 37 years old, I’m still trying to figure out how to make the way world is work for me. Clearly, I’m not normal or simple. And because I’m different, I must do things differently. With all this being said, if you’ve constantly struggled with fitting in, it’s probably because you’re not meant to.

How often do you feel like you’re misunderstood? I’ve been thinking about the world’s mental health crisis a lot lately, and I am outright confident that said crisis could be assuaged if people understood each other better. But not only are people completely misunderstood, many of them are simply unconcerned about the welfare of other people. And when people are both cutthroat and confused, shit gets crazy! Whether you realize it or want to accept it, there’s only a matter of time before America experiences another civil war. If that sounds like a conspiracy to you, you’ve apparently not being paying much attention to what’s going on. Plenty of people will kill themselves trying to find a purpose, and they’ll kill themselves and other people for whatever purpose they discover. Without question, people are responsible for a lot of other people’s problems. Cowardice, cupidity, corruption, capitalism, carelessness, and cluelessness are just a few of the clear-cut causes of society’s sorrows. On top of those things, there’s politics. Like with my policy of refusing to be stressed-out by non-fatal failures, the government’s policy is to stress-out everyone attached to the opposing or minority political party. Hatred supersedes statutory social standards and politicians’ pledged duties because people are who they are regardless of who they’re supposed to be! Again, I’d rather have ASD than to be a hateful motherfucker—and I don’t even like people. My stance is, “I wish everyone health and happiness, but fuck off!” Republicans be like, “If you’re not with us, we hate you, you deserve to suffer for being against us, and we’re going to dedicate our lives to ruining yours!” And that’s what you motherfuckers have made normal. It’s normal and acceptable to be the opposite of who you’re supposed to be as long as enough people support, relate to, or agree with you. Get the fuck out of here! For the umpteenth time, the last thing in the world that I want to be, is normal. Things will never be just one way. And you will eternally encounter resistance if you insist on everything only being your way. From my perspective, humans haven’t even evolved enough to naturally adapt to reality. In science, the theory of evolution and the notion of natural selection suggest that only the creatures that can effectively adapt to their environment’s inevitable changes will survive. As it stands, humans are set to destroy both themselves and the planet any day now! In Beau Amoureux’s theory of adaptation, more humans need ASD! Sure, if you think you’re smart, you could make the argument that I’m the one who is incapable of adapting because other people fare better at conformity and chicanery. But au contraire, mon frère, acquiescence and artifice are the exact habits that promote the self-destruction and dissension which advances the devolution of humanity. Your idea of success ain’t everybody’s dream. And when you stop trying to think for other people, you’ll gain the ability to understand them better. On the other hand, when people abandon their pursuit of approbation and fruitless affirmation, they will obtain the capability to discover self-empowering purposes. Too bad none of that shit will happen before humans fuck humanity into oblivion! Who the fuck is going to remember us when none of us are left? Better yet, what will you remember when you’re gone? If you think about life in that manner, appreciating the fact that memories and opinions aren’t permanent, how much does being normal matter? If you ask me, you should fearlessly and shamelessly be yourself while you still possess the potential to be pleasured by the thought of pushing back against the idea that you need permission to do so! For the record, I don’t give a FUCK about humans! But I understand that you all have to exist for that to matter. Who are you going to hate when there’s no one to disagree with? Do you love yourself enough to last alone? Y’all better start looking in the mirror. Peace.

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