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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXV

Like I always say, motherfuckers be thinking they’re keeping it real for expressing their discourteous and depressing feelings bluntly. And because of that, Lizzo has proclaimed that she’s abandoning her fans and resigning from her music career—highlighting that she’s fed up with people making her the butt of jokes, smearing her, and making her potentially amazing life miserable. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I had a bigger platform so I could tell a greater amount of people exactly who they are. To put it lightly, Lizzo has more confidence and courage in her left pinky toe than most people have completely! And the fact that she’s maintained her power and perseverance this long is a testimony to her toughness. People are weak and stupid, and that’s just a fact! Whenever weak people catch wind of someone with more will power than them, they work to wreck that person’s will by wreaking havoc until the willful is weary. Many people hate themselves because they’re flawed. And because flawed people are frequently insecure, they oftentimes can’t fathom how folks who they perceive as more flawed than them are seemingly more secure than they are. As a result, those imperfect, insecure people project their unconfident feelings onto those who they envy—assuming that other flawed people are also pretending to be secure to disguise their self-hatred. In reality, if you’re weak-minded and self-conscious, that’s a personal problem that doesn’t have anything to do with anyone but you! Having undetermined thoughts of and being casual about other people’s states of mind is a glaring sign of intelligence. Unintelligent people point out superficial facts and regard them as obvious because they don’t have the mental capacity to compute minute details. In other words, stupid people make specious arguments about surface-level shit because they are not smart enough to spot what’s not plain to see. So, calling Lizzo fat and supposing that she’s secretly insecure about it because they mask their insecurities, and failing to apprehend that calling her fat is liable to create an insecurity that she doesn’t have, is weak-ass, stupid-ass people’s way of exposing what they believe isn’t obvious to other people. In simpler terms, weak and stupid motherfuckers think they’re smart and strong for saying what other people don’t or won’t say. I hope this makes sense. When I’m vexed, it’s difficult for me to focus. And when I believe something should be apparent to people, I may have a hard time simplifying something that is super simple to me. Ultimately, people don’t fool me. And unlike stupid people, I see well beyond the surface of shit. When you’re a halfwit, your mind constantly plays tricks on you. For stupid people, reaching a conclusion is like busting a nut without an orgasm. And in this scenario, stupid people don’t believe the orgasm is necessary because they can bust a nut without it. Shit, those stupid motherfuckers may even believe that they’re having an orgasm when they’re not or they may not even know that orgasms are possible. But the fact is, if you’ve ever had an orgasm, you likely don’t want to cum without having one. Granted, orgasms may be rare, but so is intelligence! What I’m trying to say is, finalizing an incomplete thought is only satisfying when you’re unaware that you’re missing something. And being smart enough to know how much you don’t know makes you only speak when your thoughts are complete. If Lizzo was insecure, she wouldn’t be so fucking secure! That lady has never hidden her flaws, so why the fuck would anybody believe that she’s ashamed of them? Again, people are weak and stupid. And the more you run from that reality, the more reality will haunt you—and hunt you! Weak people get fucked by reality every day, and all of reality’s completions are orgasmic—but only for reality.

Fuck people! Motherfuckers just want to be right, right? And that’s even truer when they’re wrong. As the disrespectful discussions about Diddy persist, more and more pontifical people are claiming to be braver than those who’re sensible enough to assume that their assumptions could be inaccurate. Obviously, a lot of outspoken onlookers believe that “the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence”. When the federal authorities raid someone’s residences, arrests ordinarily occur—that’s a given. So, why are all these fake-ass Sherlock Homeboys acting like they’re deciphering a labyrinthine conundrum? Whenever people say exactly what they’re supposed to say, I don’t trust shit that they say! Declaring that you denounce Diddy and his described dirty deeds doesn’t dissuade me from deeming you deceitful. And despite Diddy’s dishonorable past, I don’t believe that he doesn’t deserve decency. Diverging slightly, I have a bit of good news—people are getting a just a smidgen smarter. The United States military has been struggling to meet its recruitment quotas for the past few years. And said Armed Forces are generally greatly reliant on recruits from rural areas to satisfy their target recruitment numbers. But rural Americans are letting it be known that they ain’t got time for that bullshit no mo’! You can’t treat people like shit and expect them to appreciate it. And the military exists because people often overstep boundaries, which initiates conflicts. By the same token, when would-be military veterans observe how real-time veterans are mistreated by the government that recruited them, that discourages them from traversing the traps and trenches that lead to mistreatment. Keeping that in mind, if you think of all cultural groups like established entities—not unlike military branches—it should be difficult for you to intentionally ill-treat your allies. According to the National Institute of Health, over 42% of Americans have obesity and more than 30% are overweight. That means, approximately 72% of Americans could stand to lose a few pounds. With that being said, who the fuck are all these fat-ass motherfuckers bullying Lizzo?! Get the fuck out of here! If anything, big-bodied men and women both should be praising Lizzo for pushing positivity with pride and passion. Instead, they’re body-shaming her because she’s not ashamed of her body and they’re ashamed of theirs. That’s backwards as fuck. Additionally, Diddy has been a diehard defender of niggas and black culture from the genesis of his career. And even though he has “raped” a few artists with exploitative contracts as a music mogul, that doesn’t mean he’s enslaved everybody he’s engaged with as a sexual savant. If Diddy shouldn’t be shown respect, then you and your criminal comrades should be dependably disrespected. And if Lizzo doesn’t deserve to be treated delicately, then neither do you or your overweight friends and family. That’s fair, ain’t it? Equality is the state of being equal. And if you think you’re smart, you’d say that both Diddy and Lizzo are being flamed and flouted like every famed fool who finds themselves face-to-face with fault-finding foes who force to them fight for the freedom to live fortunately. But when you’re foraging for faults, why don’t you feverishly focus on your own?! How the fuck is it fair for folks to fixate on everybody else’s flaws and failings while they front and finagle in fatiguing feats to force other folk to forget how foul and fucked-up they are?! Do you think Diddy is the only debauched and double-dealing dude in the industry? And if Lizzo is one of very few female icons who hasn’t received any cosmetic surgery, why does she get more flak than all those plastic bitches? How many people do you believe are completely happy with who they are? If everybody told the truth, they’d admit that they’re liars. Peace.

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