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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXIV

Mild trigger warning! Being a hard-ass is hard work, especially when you’d rather be a sweetheart. But it’s difficult not being perpetually exasperated when you understand shit. How tough are you mentally? And before you lie to yourself, understand that no one other than you has to know your answer. The idea that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” points to the belief that overcoming oppressing ordeals both proves one’s strength as well as increases it. That means, the more literal or figurative fights you survive, the more likely you are to survive the next. But a lot of people take that idea—the notion that surviving makes them stronger—and use it as an excuse to fight when it’s not necessary. Being a survivor is ignoble when a fight is indefensible. And nobody engages in more gratuitous grapples than niggas! Niggas want to be tough so badly that they do everything in their power to almost die just so they can brag about how they’re “real niggas”. But what happens when almost becomes absolutely? Would you create an uncertain survival situation and pray that you survive it just so people can acknowledge your toughness? Better yet, how many dead or incarcerated weaklings do you reckon have done just that? The implications of being labeled soft and sensitive are enough to make soft and sensitive niggas surrender their souls solely to seem solid. But in actuality, the more you believe you have to prove, the slushier your state and stature becomes. Like I’ve mentioned before, a reputation is based on people’s opinions about someone, and defending a reputation is an act of propitiation because the defender is fighting to curry favor with opinionated people. And as it pertains to a reputation, I’d rather not give a fuck than to care enough to ruin my life! And if you’re mistaken, not giving a fuck looks more like J. Cole and less like Tsu Surf. Sorry, Surf! I was recently in the comment section of a YouTube video about a battle rap community beef. My initial comment wasn’t very popular, because niggas are stupid, and because I was talking about how weak niggas are for being so affected by what other niggas say. In a reply, someone noted that actions have consequences—suggesting that a physical altercation is a justifiable result of an online verbal disagreement. And I begged the question, “If actions have consequences, what’s the consequence of a physical altercation?” I don’t remember what the stupid motherfucker said in response, but I assure you that it wasn’t based in logic. The term “hard” is an easy way to describe someone who is believed to possess high-level mental fortitude, right? How can you be hard if every little thing triggers an emotional response with you?! Like, who are you niggas fooling? And to make it even more fucked up, the niggas who talk the most shit are the easiest to trigger! That’s backwards as fuck. If you’re offended often, and if you feel disrespected frequently, it’s likely because you’re insecure and you’re sensitive about it! Do you want to know the crazy part? You’re sensitive because you know you ain’t shit! And the only way to overcome that sensitivity is to admit that you’re easily affected by opinions. Admit that it’s effortless to hurt your feelings, admit that you just want to be happy, admit that you don’t always want to fight, admit that you don’t mean most of the harsh statements you make, or simply admit that you’re human. Niggas aren’t helping themselves, and they aren’t doing niggas in general any justice, by keeping up this tough guy façade that has been exposed as a farce time and time again by the same niggas who perpetuate the façade. I’m tough because I’m not nearly as sensitive as so-called real niggas. That’s it!

What would you do if you discovered the exact date and time that the world was ending? And how many presumably sane people do you assume routinely live their lives as if they believe the world is about to end? For me, I honestly don’t know what I would do if I knew for a fact that this shit was over. However, I know that I haven’t experienced nearly as much as I’d like to. So, if I was given a definite schedule of the apocalypse, I’d probably try to cram as many experiences as I could into the time frame between then and the end. As for the desperados—the people who abide by the “you only live once” principle—I think they’re plentiful, and they’ll likely attribute to our downfall. Aside from niggas, regular people flip out and lose their shit all the time because of all the unnecessary obstacles they have to overcome that were purposely set in place by stupid motherfuckers with false senses of importance. The exasperation that I experience from my understandings is akin to the rage people feel when they come to the realization that shit doesn’t have to be the way it is. Again, do you want to know the crazy part? People enrage people on purpose, even though they know it’s likely to result in rampage. If your reputation was founded on hatred and inequity, you must remain hateful and inequitable to appease the people whose opinions matter to you—even if it gets you fucked up. There’s not a whole lot that people do that isn’t focused on the pursuit of favorable opinions. Diverging a bit, what’s your biggest hobby? Hobbies are imperative to happy lives because, like I keep telling y’all, boredom is burdensome. And though I’m not a proponent of social media, I recognize that posting, sharing, interacting with, and observing content on social media is a time-consuming hobby that keeps literally billions of bored people occupied every day. And contrary to popular belief, in my opinion, children and aimless adults are better off at home browsing social media than they are elsewhere without an objective. Additionally, social media is a great place to search for new hobbies. When you think about it, how many of your actions aren’t performed in an effort to remain preoccupied? Some people use their jobs to stay busy, others carry out familial duties to keep them engaged, many find fulfillment in recreational activities, and so on and so forth. But at the end of the day, most of what you’re doing is just passing time. So, when motherfuckers express contempt for your pastimes, just know that ridicule is a demonstration of their discontent, and sharing negative opinions is probably their biggest hobby. Obviously, as a blogger, expressing my thoughts and views is my favorite leisure activity as well. And there’s no doubt in my mind that I offend people regularly, although that’s not my central intention. I’m not ready for the world to end because I haven’t positively influenced enough people yet. And I know by the impact I’ve already had on people that I’m capable of changing a lot of minds for the better. Like I always say, everything is made-up, and all of the principles and standards that you live by are merely other people’s ideas. Don’t you think it’s time for people to start thinking differently—thinking for themselves? For instance, niggas are who they are because that’s who niggas want niggas to be, right? But what if niggas became something completely different, and why shouldn’t they? You don’t have to be a gang member or a drug dealer or an inmate or even an asshole. And it’s the fact that niggas stick to those stereotypes that proves they have never had mental fortitude! I’m anti everything niggas stand for specifically because I don’t want to be anything like them—they’re weak! Niggas do what niggas tell them to do. And I dare one of you niggas try to tell me that ain’t true! Peace.

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