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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXIII

Did you know that pollen contains the male sex cells necessary to carry out the sexual reproduction of plants? So, pollen is basically plant semen. Additionally, all of Earth’s seed plants—which is basically every plant—require pollination to grow. What if the release of pollen is Mother Nature’s way of telling humans to seek shelter while plants do their thing? And why are so many of us allergic to the one thing that makes our planet so beautiful, nurturing, and inhabitable? Plus, how ironic is it that oxygen-producing plants thrive on a substance that impedes many of our ability to breathe? You don’t have to be high to wonder, “Why?”. And whether you’re smart or stupid, life is always full of questions. But as someone who avoids stupidity like it’s undesirable, I constantly contemplate why people are so stupid. Like, what sense does it make to be selfish but self-destructive? How are you only thinking about yourself while doing things that aren’t beneficial to your well-being? I believe that we should never expect irrational people to make rational decisions. And I further believe that nearly everything is subjective. But health and wealth are universally accepted as things that promote prosperity and profit. With that in mind, if you’re not prospering and profiting from your actions, you’re likely not doing what’s best for you. Maintaining your physical and mental health is like permeating pollen all over your life—making everything around you flourish. But while I’m on the topic of selfishness, how many relationships do you think are ruined by the inconsideration of self-absorbed assholes? If you’re unaware, boundaries are designed to simultaneously keep wanted things in and unwanted things out. And boundaries are important for everyone involved in any type of relationship because they set limits and are intended to pronounce guidelines for what’s allowed and prohibited on the part of the setter of the boundaries. So, your boundaries should forbid everyone from imposing their will onto you. Yet, self-centered people form relationship boundaries that are meant to inhibit the introduction of anything that threatens their ability to dominate and demand within said relationship. Those “me, me, me” people will permanently have an “us” problem because many selfish people are intrinsically insensitive and unsympathetic. However, there’s a difference between setting out to control someone and attempting to motivate someone. Go-getters and leaders often seek to invigorate and push others to maximize their potential, even when those motivators and people with encouraging spirits aren’t at their best. Sometimes, people put up boundaries that prevent them from seeing more, doing more, and being better. I grew up surrounded by people who are convinced that change is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. And guess what, those people still haven’t changed! I’ll never stop growing or advancing, and my boundaries are portable—they move with me. Diverging slightly, when was the last time you were genuinely proud of yourself? I frequently write shit that impresses me, which regularly makes me proud. I also set micro goals for myself every day, and I’m pleased every time I complete them. If you’re prone to fixating on self, focus on self-control, self-assurance, self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-improvement, but try not to be self-obsessed. Would you agree that respect is the foundation of all healthy relationships? Do you believe that you can respect other people without having self-respect? When you’re self-respecting, you behave in a manner that promotes a sense of pride and contributes to your confidence. But the fucked-up part is, you can be proud of and have confidence in your actions while you’re disgracing yourself, destroying your life, and doing wrong by everyone around you. And if you’re self-serving, you won’t even know how fucked-up you are! Having self-respect is appreciating that people will treat you accordingly, so it makes sense for you to respect everyone else in order to have that respect reciprocated. Because what shakes your pride and diminishes your confidence more than being disrespected?

Kendrick Lamar don’t be saying shit! And those Dissect Podcast dudes dick-ride Dot devilishly. Whenever Kendrick Lamar raps, motherfuckers act like symbolism in lyrics is a rarity. No, I’m not about to go in and prove that I’m a better writer than most mainstream rappers because motherfuckers already obsess over me and copy my shit without actually acknowledging me by name. So, why would I waste the effort? But if I wanted to, I’d kill niggas—metaphorically! Like I always say, Kendrick Lamar is like spaghetti and meatballs in a market oversaturated with chicken-flavored ramen. It seems like what Kendrick says is so much more substantial than what you’re accustomed to hearing, right? In my opinion, Kendrick’s skills are overplayed by people who only pay attention to who’s trending. For instance, I think J.I.D. is a better rapper than Kendrick. But like I said before, everything is subjective. Certain types of people will always be persuadable, and that’s ignorant motherfuckers, stupid motherfuckers, and insecure motherfuckers. If you don’t know shit, if you can’t understand shit, and if you lack self-reliance, you will inevitably succumb to other people’s influence. I bet you believe that you should believe anything that everybody believes, huh? “If everybody is saying it, it must be true, right?” Wrong! Do you know why? It’s because everybody’s stupid! If everybody accepts something just because everybody else accepts it, and nobody scrutinizes the something to validate its validity, everybody could be mistaken. And if you don’t have a mind of your own, you’re going to walk around unmistakably mistaken, guaranteed. This is less about any particular rap artist and more so about the right to be perceived as wrong. Have you ever lied about how you feel just to fit in? Better yet, have you ever regretted allowing someone to sway your thoughts about something? How important is it for you to accurately assume who’s better than whom at anything other than the presidency? And do you believe you can assume anything unimportant with appropriate accuracy? Whether I care about something or not, I never care about how people feel about my feelings. Moving on, Diddy’s properties were recently raided in a widespread human trafficking investigation following several lawsuits alleging his participation in the crime. Personally, I don’t know what to think about Diddy at this point, but I strongly suppose that he’s not absolutely innocent. Moreover, I don’t believe that Diddy is easily broken. Hate it or love it, from my perspective, the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary revealed that nearly all of Kelly’s alleged victims either pursued him or willfully put themselves at his disposal. In every genre of music, groupies and promiscuous females who make themselves easily accessible are an established topic of discussion—on and off wax. I just told y’all how I feel about hoes, and I believe that hip hop culture consists of copious quantities of them. Fucking and forgetting hoes wouldn’t be part of the culture if hoes didn’t fancy getting fucked and forgotten, especially if it fetches them fame and fortune—or even just frolics and fun. Victims and victimization are validly vexing problems, but so is lying and lying about it! Granted, both accusers and the accused are able to fable, but a looker-on’s job is to remain stable and not enable. Seriously, I don’t succor sluts or sinners, and I don’t trust whores or wrongdoers. But whether you did or didn’t do what they said about you, nobody without a clue should regard anything as true. Honestly, I’m tired of hearing people debate about what’s real and what ain’t, what’s good and what stank, but when you’re under the gun, you’re drawing blanks. If you’re not clean, you know exactly what that means. Peace.

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