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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXII

Trigger warning! Unfortunately, some people take pleasure in being exploited. Hulu’s Freaknik documentary was released today, and I haven’t watched it, but let’s call even more attention to hoes and the people who love them. I was born and raised in Atlanta, so “The Wildest Party Never Told” has been talked about so much that there’s nothing the documentary can reveal that would surprise me. Additionally, how hard is it to imagine what happens when unladylike women and ungentlemanly men unite under unsavory circumstances? Reckless and risqué adults often neglect to raise their children appropriately, and those kids become reflections of that immaturity and irresponsibility as they adapt to their home environments by adopting all their parents’ thoughtless behaviors. So, whenever Freaknik happened in the streets, some of that same freakiness would spill over to the playground. None of us need a lesson on debauchery and depravity, especially not these days, right? Porn’s accessibility and popularity gives wisdom and serves as a warning that freaks be freaking to an extreme, and there’s virtually no limit to how freaky shit can get. But with that in mind, how much self-taken child pornography do you think is floating around in group chats and DMs these days? And if you’re the type of person who believes this shouldn’t be discussed, you’re the type of person who would ignore such activities taking place right under your nose. Today, children have camera phones, unrestricted internet access, the injurious influence of black culture, and absentminded parents to facilitate and furnish their immorality. Personally, I believe that sex is a natural and inevitable part of life that parents can’t do much to keep their children from discovering and exploring. In appreciating that, if parents were more accountable and less unsophisticated, they’d prioritize teaching their children how to be more responsible. But on the contrary, how is a childish adult supposed to teach an actual child how to be less child-like in their thought processes? Better yet, how mature should children be—realistically? In my opinion, immaturity is a problem whenever the result of a person’s behavior disrupts their life routinely. For children, it’s time for them to grow up the moment they fail to realize that willfully imitating immaturity is worse than being immature unwittingly. But sadly, playing stupid and pretending to not care about consequences is fun for a lot of people, especially progeny and puerile grown folks. I could elaborate on that, but I’m sure y’all are tired of reading my thoughts about people’s deathless difficulty with managing boredom, right? Notwithstanding, how many hoes be fucking just to avoid being bored? And what number of people fuck hoes just because they’re bored? Over and above that, is contracting an STI, conceiving an unwanted child, being sexually assaulted, or criminally violating someone just because you couldn’t find something better to do more or less insupportable than being bored or indulging in sexless hobbies? I’ll be a lame, a square, a buster, a goofy, a virgin, and even a faggot before I’ll fuck or even touch a hoe! Before I knew any better, I assumed that all hoes have some form of childhood trauma that engenders their lack of self-respect and makes them feel valueless. And though that’s true for some, it is the furthest thing from the whole truth. The fact is, most people are simply stupid. And insouciant, insalubrious sexual escapades are not only a rite of passage, but a way of life for many sloppy and short-sighted simpletons. On top of that, a lot of people feel empowered for having the courage to be sexually liberated in a world where they presume moralism and secrecy are impediments to the expression and exercising of freedom. I hate to make this about me, but this is my shit, so fuck it. If fucking freely, meaning without discretion or discrimination, is a human right that shouldn’t be infringed upon, and I’m an advocate of autonomy, why don’t I support hoes? Think about that.

Why isn’t there a single-word noun that represents an honest person? If a liar is someone who is dishonest, what’s the best one-word antonym to designate someone who is truthful? It’s almost like the people who created English didn’t want to concisely describe trustworthy people—as if people who tell the truth should always be discussed at length. So, when you’re talking about Beau Amoureux, put some thought into it and take your time. How many people do you assume give a fuck about what you think? And because most people are inclined to ignorance, why do you think your truncated thoughts conclude discussions? There’s deviation between giving an opinion and prescribing beliefs and feelings. And there’s a bigger difference between having hypotheses and hurling hatred. Insecure people project more than they practice propriety. And projection often promotes pugnacious predicaments. Are you the final authority on determining what’s true and what’s false? People often talk as if their conjecture is authoritative and unassailable, but that’s how you can distinguish violators from virtuous voices. Inflection irrefutably indicates intent. And the more conviction a conversationalist conveys, the more convincing they care to complete. Certain topics will forever remain relevant, and talks about discussions are congenial to chew over. As it pertains to discourse on me, it’s difficult to hurt my feelings, but it’s not hard to piss me off. I can take constructive criticism, but I really don’t give a fuck about how people feel about me or anything that I do. When I communicate my opinions about other people, I try to circumvent cruel and contentious comments. How much courtesy and consideration do you believe is excessive—to the point where it makes you feel obsequious? And are you easily offended? In trading remarks with random persons over the internet for the past two decades, I’ve learned that people seemingly lounge in or slouch against their sensibilities—like they’re comfortable with them—instead of getting away from them and working to be more confident. If you suffer from a susceptibility to being criticized, developing a sense of integrity could help rectify it. Having self-awareness, which is obtained through being honest with yourself, makes breaking your spirit an onerous task. There’s nothing that anybody can tell me about me! Because what do they know? And why should I care? Like I’ve mentioned before, as someone who bases all my beliefs in rationality, there has to be a logical reason for me to give a fuck about anything. And from my perspective, there’s no logic or reason in me concerning myself with some stupid motherfucker’s conjectural point of view. And if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll come to the conclusion that you too spew your theoretical thoughts about things and people that you don’t respect or care for, but you don’t really mean anything by it. People often share their opinions merely because it’s possible, and the act of being opinionated is only substantiated when those opinions receive reactions or responses. In other words, you give people and their bullshit power just by putting energy into acknowledging them. This is where shutting the fuck up and sitting the fuck down becomes beneficial—for both the giver and the receiver of an opinion. First, why would you risk anything to prove that you don’t care? If you’re willing to fight over what a motherfucker said, it’s because that shit affected you. And if you’re willing to get fought just to say something, it’s because the shit you’re expressing your opinion about has affected you. People who don’t give a fuck are indifferent to the point where there’s nothing to say or do about anything! When an affected person claims to not give a fuck, they really mean that they don’t care about what happens as a result of their response to being affected. Genuine not-giving-a-fuckers, like myself, are steadily unaffected. So, stop letting shit affect you. Peace.

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