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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXI

If you’ve never noticed, irresponsibility and immaturity are just as connected to the pursuit of happiness as they are to stupidity. “Girls just want to have fun” and “let the boys be boys” are concepts that prioritize and incentivize carelessness. And because wild and unwise people are generally the loudest, they have the greatest impact on impressionable minds. But that goes without mentioning the fact that many people simply can’t cope with boredom. Yes, I’m touching on this yet again. I’ll never stop highlighting the importance of discipline and self-control because momentary moments of goofy glee are likely to result in prolonged periods of grueling gloom. All of the most enjoyable things—sex and partying, sugary and fast foods, alcohol and drugs, etcetera and so on—are only conducive to the attainment and maintenance of your happiness if they don’t jeopardize your physical and mental health. And if being unhealthy makes you happy, that’s not good for you. How simple is doing the right thing? If the right thing is the thing that best works to your advantage, even if it involves the least exciting events, why choose the thing that puts you at a disadvantage? Do you understand what happiness is? And do you believe that you can be happy without understanding its meaning? In my opinion, you can be in any state of mind without even knowing how you actually feel, why you feel that way, or if the experience is good or bad. Realizations often take time to reach, and appreciation may take even longer. If you believe that understanding your feelings is vital to your happiness, start taking more time to think about how you’ll feel during and after every action you intend to make. It’s possible to think too much, but it’s common to not think enough. I’ve always been a thinker, and like I’ve mentioned before, every time I’ve decided to go against my intuition, disaster ensued. Again, we fuck ourselves to be happy—which couldn’t be any more counterintuitive. Speaking of such, comedian, actress, and internet ranter, Amanda Seales, is currently trending because she recently claimed that black people in Hollywood have blackballed her for reasons she hasn’t clearly specified. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Amanda’s because she’s intelligent and authentic, but she also gives me “Karen” vibes intertwined with a little bit of Mo’Nique energy. Back in the day, when she was immersed into hip hop culture, the former MTV video jockey took on the stage name of “Amanda Diva”—I suppose to underscore her flare for dramatics and unappeasable disposition. Social media and reality television has ruined a lot of people’s reputations and revealed their spurious personas by making them easily accessible and removing the mystery and intrigue that makes many people appealing. The internet additionally provides everyone, including celebrities, with the ability to disseminate their perspectives and policies, as well as dictate their demands and nonnegotiable terms. Ms. Seales has intentionally and intently used her online platforms to pose her points of view in a manner that implicates her guilt in people’s allegations of her being disrespectful and difficult to deal with. By being caustic and candidly critical of everyone she disagrees with, Amanda implies that impudence is intrinsic to her character. As a villain myself, I’m keen on fellow not-giving-a-fuckers. But villainy forwards fighting and forsaking. And if you don’t go along to get along, you’re going to be alone, period. If Amanda’s gripe is with her inability to acquire mainstream gigs due to niggas’ repudiation of her, it makes sense for her to create her own opportunities. If she was more entertaining and less irritating, her presence would be more pleasant, which would make her more inviting, which would subsequently make her more hirable. But because Amanda is unwilling to strike a balance, she’s fucking herself to be happy, but it’s halting her progression and making her life unfulfilling. Go figure, right!?

There’s always more you can do. And doing things that you may not want to do is generally the best way to get unstuck from a rut. Who is your competition? If you can’t answer that question, who are you constantly comparing yourself to? For me, I just want to best myself. And my only disappointments come when I don’t meet my own goals or expectations. But in my opinion, a lot of irresponsible decisions derive from people’s misconceptions about success. Success is plainly the achievement of desired results, and all your desires should be especial and of your own. However, Amanda Seales is the perfect example of someone who is true to herself to a fault. No accomplishment arrives without compromise. If you’re not a large creator or curator but you want to present on a larger scale, you must concede, be willing to follow, and forgo your ego. Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your goals or sell your soul, just use other people’s success to foster yours. The entertainment industry is a business, and businesses don’t work without workers. Entertainers work for the entertainment industry and the industry’s job is to provide entertainment to consumers. But guess what, consumers contribute to the industry by consuming the products produced by it, which provides the industry the means to produce more products. Not to mention all the equipment the industry consumes that gives consumers who work for manufactures and suppliers the security necessary for them to consume. This is something else I will never stop pointing out—the entire world is dependent! Independence is basically a figure of speech. Better yet, independence is a fallacy founded on the false notion that self-rule is self-sufficient in a world where resources are a currency and a commodity that everyone leverages because currencies and commodities are also necessities of which demand dependence! I believe that a lot of people’s insecurity is inspired by their appreciation of how dependent they’ll always be. And I also believe that dependence is the most natural element of life. For instance, how dependent are we on the Sun? Oxygen comes from plants and plants don’t grow without sunlight, right? Plus, many of the animals that we eat consume grass and grains. Furthermore, cotton is a plant and it’s used in damn-near everything we wear. To boot, extreme cold destroys everything. So, we would freeze, we wouldn’t be able to breathe, we’d be naked and hungry, and nothing on this planet would survive without that one fucking star in the sky! Yes, the Sun is a star. That’s all shit that we learned in elementary school, and I bet you’ve never drawn the conclusion that all living things are inherently dependent. Because if you understood that, you wouldn’t waste so much time pretending that you don’t need anyone. Granted, I’m a proud individualist who functions fantastically with minimal dependence—at this point of my life. Still, I’m the person who’s explaining this shit to you, so I’m fully aware of the significance of dependence. And the fact that the words dependent and dependence have negative connotations and are somewhat derogatory spells the irrationality, idiocy, and insanity of humanity. What the fuck are y’all talking about?! If you’re overly sensitive, perpetually angry, or just regularly lonely, it’s because you need someone to love you! If you’re unemployed and unable to provide for yourself and your loved ones, it’s because you need somebody to work for! If you’re tired of society’s corrupt systems making life more difficult than it needs to be and you want to help bring about change but you don’t know what to do, it’s because you need a leader! People need each other, but everybody’s too dependent to admit it! How pathetic is that? I’m done, until Thursday. Peace.

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