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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXXIX

Warning, y’all ain’t gon’ like this! Do you know how I know that women are intrinsically mentally tougher than men? It’s because statistics indicate that men successfully take their own lives three to four times more than women, with data showing that suicide is the seventh leading cause of death among men and only the fourteenth leading cause of death with women. Additionally, males attempt suicide two to three times more often than females. If I had to guess, I would assume that the social stigma attached to emotional and sensitive men makes males of all ages less likely to admit to their despondence and feelings of defeat. Females get to cry, be a victim, seek sympathy, secrete softness, and sulk in sadness without much criticism. In contrast, some men are so afraid of being stigmatized that they’ll assault or berate a woman before they’ll acknowledge that the bitch hurt their feelings. From a conflicted man’s perspective, in the aforementioned situation, if you’re a bitch for being emotional and a bitch-ass motherfucker for abusing women, where’s the compromise, right? If you’re in what you perceive as a lose-lose situation, the compromise is being genuine and following your heart regardless of the consequences. When I assert that humans haven’t evolved enough to naturally adapt to reality, part of what I mean is that people habitually go against their nature—mainly to appease other people—in a way that makes nature seem unnatural. And that normalizing of the unnatural makes nature seem improper at times when your natural responses are the only appropriate ones. Personally, I’ll be damned if I ever choose appeasement over being myself and doing whatever the fuck I want to do. If men had the “balls” that they’re ideally supposed to have, they wouldn’t have a problem admitting to their true feelings—no matter how delicate or sentimental those feelings are. Am I right? Having balls means to have courage, and being courageous means to be undeterred by danger or difficulty. Unfortunately, most men are afraid of being ridiculed for having the sensibilities that their hyperemotionality often reveals. If you think you’re a smart man, you could say that the world is too inhumane for soft-heartedness. But that’s what makes you stupid! The fact is, the world is inhumane because men aren’t inclined to be soft-hearted. In American culture, manliness is mostly interpreted as the traits that men collectively consider masculine. From my perspective, American men care more about the opinions of their peers than the opinions of women. Within the culture, these acquiescent men are crazily comforted by the consented belief that the obscuring of their sensibilities is more acceptable than the exposition of them. In my opinion, real men are honest before everything else. I also believe that lying because you think the truth makes you vulnerable is cowardly. A wise man once said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” There is no one more amenable than a person who is searching for a place to fit in. And people are most comfortable in places where they receive constant reassurance. I believe it’s safe to say that most bitch-ass men act like bitches because they feel like bitches, which makes them bitches for being too much of a bitch to admit that they feel like a bitch, right? As long as y’all keep allowing these bitch-ass bitches to get away with substituting sadness and sensitivity with pretended anger, they’re going to remain comfortable and things will never change. I know the best of us are beyond tired at this point. To lead by example, you must set precedents that either didn’t exist or weren’t accepted before you. And that’s why J. Cole’s apology to Kendrick Lamar is so important for the culture. There’s nothing bitch-like about what J. Cole did. He had sensitive feelings, he expressed them sincerely, and he stood on what the fuck he believes in. If you can’t respect that, you’re a bitch, bitch! Man up and stop mothering other men to indulge them.

So, remember when I said “this shit doesn’t excite me and isn’t important to me” in reference to the Big 3 beef? Well, I’ve changed my mind. The recent diss tracks from Rick Ross and Drake have me anxious for more. However, that ASAP Rocky shit was ass. If this melodious melee turns into a Royal Rumble of sorts—with every rapper dissing every other rapper and/or Drake—this could be the greatest summer in hip hop history! For the record, I’m Team Drizzy all the way. And in my opinion, Drake’s fan base is far too diverse and universal for any of this to affect his career—win or lose. Technically, just the fact that everybody is on Drake’s ass proves that he’s in the top spot, which is a win in itself. Moreover, I hope Cole can step back into the ring and slug it out with a few rappers that he cares less about. Now, if I were Kendrick Lamar in this scenario, I would release multiple diss tracks all at once—with two designated tracks individually targeting the other two rappers in the Big 3 and one track going scorched Earth on the entire field. Let’s see how smart K. Dot really is. At the end of the day, music is entertainment and rap beefs have the potential to be extremely entertaining. But artists are human, and so are their entourages, and humans can be bitch-ass niggas! Refer to the first paragraph for clarity. When niggas are involved, a few lighthearted insults could easily turn into a lot of cold-hearted, injurious incidents. Rappers generally keep “do dirt” niggas at the ready for when times get testing and shit gets sticky. And of course, Rick Ross had to tell niggas, “If we keepin’ it gangsta, when you see me, you check me!” Granted, that’s not necessarily a threat, but it’s ominous and insinuates violence. As a hip hop fan, how do you feel about threats being made in what’s purported to be friendly competition? For me, I think threats are a cheap and easy way to rile up the less sophisticated or more antagonistic rap fans. Essentially, rap lyrics are just rappers reciting what they think sounds good, and those slick little slights and ultimatums can add a lot of suspense to a song and a situation. In spite of that, many bad things happen by accident and in moments of passion. And with men being so insecure and afraid of conveying their true emotions, hurts feelings that naturally make a nigga want to go cry in the car might make him pop the trunk of the car and do something that he believes other men want him to do during an altercation. Don’t forget, like I said before, niggas do what niggas tell them to do! That’s why J. Cole is a realer nigga than most—he’s actually authentic and doesn’t pretend. And the same can be said for Drake and Kendrick Lamar as well. Do you think police officers would respect niggas more if niggas didn’t insist on epitomizing negative stereotypes? Of course, cops have their own combative and oppressive stereotype, but niggas don’t run police culture—they influence black culture. If we are to be the change that we want to see, and we desire to observe niggas evade America’s corrupt judicial system, then niggas need to stop being so felonious and illicit, right? It’s almost like people believe things can change without their actions and behaviors changing first. Y’all stupid as fuck! If you know the system is designed to prevent impartiality, why not circumvent the system at all cost? Rick Ross was so dead set against going to jail, he became a correctional officer. How much sense does your decisions make? Y’all care so much about what other niggas think, niggas reacting to diss tracks can get just as many views on social media as the actual diss tracks. For the love of mankind, be your own fucking man! Peace.

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