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Everybody’s Stupid, CXL

So… y’all ain’t gon’ like this either! There’s over 8 billion people in the world, and that’s a scientific fact. Don’t you hate when benighted birdbrains try to pigeonhole people into minimized categories in an attempt to downplay other people’s worth? When people are insecure, especially men, they have a tendency to overplay the few—if any—advantages or qualities that they have to convince themselves and other people that they aren’t worthless. Now, focusing on your positives and rejecting the idea that other people can stipulate your value is both acceptable and commendable. But when you attempt to stipulate or dictate other people’s value specifically to diminish those people’s worth because you recognize that they possess qualities that you lack, you’re a weak-ass person! I’ve mentioned several times that I’m barely 5’9” and only mildly attractive, but that has never mattered. For whatever reason, women like me. But bitches have laughed at me and tried to clown me as well. Of course, regardless of who you are, somebody’s going to find you attractive in some way, shape, or form. Yet, throughout my adult life, ladies who find interest in me have seemed to like me a little too much. And that’s why these niggas are mad! All the women around you niggas like me, huh? Shit, women check for me without even knowing how intelligent, authentic, sincere, funny, and high-minded I am. What’s more, I’ve never paid for sex or “dated” a known slut. If I’ve ever bragged about sex, it was mockingly around immature goofballs who think using their penises makes them manly. I’ve always tried my best to show females due regard. Ultimately, I’m just a better person than a lot of men. And that’s despite me being as imperfect and error-prone as everybody else. I try not to define people by their faults and failures unless their character is fundamentally flawed. I believe that everybody deserves respect but a lot of people aren’t overall deserving. How much do you discriminate against people? Before you lie to yourself, we all discriminate. Discernment is the ability to detect and interpret what is perceived as obscure. However, because most of everybody’s beliefs are based on personal preferences, our discernment usually leads us to pass unfair judgement on people and things that we naturally don’t like or aren’t interested in. Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of or prejudiced outlook toward people or things. And when treating someone or something prejudicially, you form preconceptions that aren’t or are only loosely based on facts or experience. For example, if you don’t like apples, you’re innately inclined to believe that you wouldn’t like apple pie—even if you’ve never tried it. By the same token, if you’ve only been around and interacted with certain types of people, and everyone close to you is as unversed in diversity and unsophisticated as you are, you’re liable to assume that everybody outside of your realm is unimportant or ineligible to join you. Plus, because unversed and unsophisticated people don’t know shit, they additionally presume that their negligible experiences are sufficient enough to ascertain everything pertinent to their personal interests. According to official statistics, with over 8 billion people on the planet, the gender split is approximately fifty-fifty. What would make anyone believe that they could say anything for certain about what attracts people to each other? Again, people’s interests, preferences, turn-offs and turn-ons, goals, desires, etc. vary greatly. If you’re speaking from experience, but you know your experiences are limited, and your idea of being objective is only admitting that your beliefs could be mistaken while making unproven or disprovable statements, shouldn’t you just shut the fuck up?! For the record, if you’re new here, all of my opinions are my own and my writing skills are a natural talent. For verification, please Google “AI Detector”, choose any site that you wish, and copy and paste any of my posts into the detector. Fuck it, use multiple detectors. If said AI detectors don’t confirm that I’m human, they’re either trolling you or conspiring against me, so prepare for the robot apocalypse!

A while back, I asked the readers, “What can you do, what are you doing, and what have you done that other people can’t do, aren’t doing, and haven’t done?!” And I posed those questions collectively because plenty of people have a propensity for bragging about regular-ass shit—like having sex, spending money, and traveling—as if those things are unique or uncommon. Those activities are normal as fuck, right? But do you know what is unusual? It’s high-level intelligence. And a lot of these niggas just aren’t as smart as they believe or as they get credit for. Diverging slightly, do you think people require you to understand or approve of everything they do? Why is it important for people to know the intricate details of other people’s actions and decisions if those matters are inconsequential to their lives? Curiosity is one of those things that could have extreme results to your benefit or to your detriment. Nosy people can help you, hurt you, or end up getting themselves into something that could get them hurt. If you comprehend the ramifications of intrusiveness and nosiness, then you know that smart people mind their business for a reason. On top of that, not only are smart people apathetic to insignificance, they are also seldom gratified by being informed of someone’s confidential information. Some people practice making mistakes, and make fucking up a routine, by being toxic and having harmful habits. And as much as I advocate people being themselves, I recognize that some people are intuitively ignorant! If you’re messy and malicious by default, and you’re immature to boot, your life is bound to be perpetually conflict-ridden. Moving on, don’t you hate when people passionately express negative and hateful shit like their cause is righteous? And I don’t mean people going on a diatribe about how racist Trump is or someone giving a stricture on Biden’s ineffective presidency. When I say impassioned hatred, I mean a motherfucker just hurling hurtful and humiliating insults at people strictly because they disagree with or disapprove of them. Do you understand that some people are just evil? When people do crazy shit, how often do you question why they did it? Like with the parallelism of discernment and discrimination, inquisitiveness and intrusiveness can too go hand in hand. For instance, to figure out why people act insanely, especially in efforts to prevent it from reoccurring or to provide incentive for insanity’s avoidance, prying and probing into a perp’s private proceedings may present a principled purpose. Inquisitiveness can be considered innocent or intellectual curiosity whereas intrusiveness is invasive and deliberately disruptive. Yet and still, if an evil person isn’t cooperating, sometimes being obstructive to disrupt their evilness is necessary. The problem is, some people take that logic—the irrefutable idea that evilness must be stopped against its will for the greater good—and apply it at times when it’s unfitting. For instance, China is the most populated country in the world, which means the Chinese are fucking like their lives depend on it, but porn is illegal there. And even when hardcore Chinese porn is uploaded to the internet, it’s often censored to hide the good stuff. What’s the point of that? To make it even more fucked-up, in 1980, China implemented a one-child policy that limited the number of children Chinese families could have. They did that to slow the rapid growth rate of China’s population, but the policy ended in 2016. If people are bored with masturbating to pixelated images, they’re going to fuck somebody, right? Duh! And this takes me back to my point about discrimination just being preferential treatment based on personalized interests. What’s the logic behind banning hormone-reducing, sexual appetite-subduing pornography in the most “let’s fuck” country in the world? In some instances, willful ignorance is when people intentionally avoid learning or acknowledging the facts of the result of their wrongdoings so they can keep doing wrong without feeling guilty and while assuming that their ignorance legally and/or morally frees them from liability in said wrongdoings. That’s stupid as fuck, right? Think about that. Peace.

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