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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXVI

How often do you show your “bad side”? There’s a huge and quite blatant misconception in society that suggests timidity is an indication of a person’s permanent unwillingness to engage in defensive or offensive shows of force. In my opinion, people misconstrue other people’s benignity and consider it a weakness because society, to its own detriment, misinterprets hostility as a sign of courage and overall mental strength. To stupid people, that whole “always stand up for yourself” thing insinuates that neglecting to do so means a person isn’t worthy of respect. And what do you do when you don’t respect someone? When you don’t have any respect for a person, you’re liable to disrespect them, right? But why?! If you’re impudent and ungracious, why would you disrespect someone just because of your personal perception of them? And what’s respectable about disrespect? Moreover, people always expose their stupidity when they acknowledge how crazy people can get while they’re simultaneously insisting on trying, enraging, antagonizing, and bothering said crazy people. If you’re unaware, I would like to inform you that happy people don’t walk around in a bad mood, people with things to live for avoid jeopardizing those things at all costs, secure people are generally unbothered by negativity, and people with nothing to prove don’t give a fuck about you! Why would you want to see someone’s bad side? If you’re a stupid motherfucker, what makes you believe humanity and mercy are cowardly traits?! Has it ever crossed your mind that being happy is the safest and healthiest thing for you and everyone else? If you’re the type of person who is susceptible to the struggle, and every situation you enter seems to involve a fight of some sort, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to circumvent struggling and fighting? How many people do you think intentionally walk around exuding their bad side because they want to exemplify the struggle, as if enduring self-destruction is admirable? Do you believe that everybody has their limits? If so, why do people test each other so much? Humans are walking, talking contradictions! I’ve always made an effort to keep the worst version of me contained. And I’m a persistent motherfucker, so I’m constantly checking myself to make sure I’m not making a fight where it isn’t necessary. Aside from those who laze in a parlous state of mind, I think people normally desire to remain on their good side to promote positivity and abstain from activities that are probable to make them cross over to the dark side. We all encounter bullshit on a regular basis because many people are on edge, either because their bad side has become their standard setting or because they’re dealing with people who are habitually on their bad side. For the record, your bad side is not a good thing! I understand that everyone wants to be strong and no one wants to be exploited or manipulated, but you don’t have to debauch your morals to prove that you’re not a punk. For instance, what’s wrong with simply walking away from testing situations without engaging with any bad-sided parties? During a proclamation years ago, Michelle Obama coined the phrase, “When they go low, we go high.” For most people, I think that’s great advice. Because if you’re fucking with a person like me and you think you’re going to get over, you’re sadly mistaken. For me, I don’t even need to be on my bad side to destroy a motherfucker’s hopes of getting the best of me. Imagine someone getting Bruce Lee to lose his shit. Go watch a Bruce Lee fight scene and you’ll see how he would effortlessly and nonchalantly issue the most brutal ass whoopings with style and grace, as if devastating his opponent was more of a chore than a life and death situation. Bruce Lee once said, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own.” Please take my advice and tweak it so it works for you.

Just out of curiosity, Charlamagne, who’s your “sons”, son?! If you weren’t talking about Akademiks, who were you shooting at? Are you sure you want this smoke? Most importantly, have you even been paying attention?! Watch yourself, now. As a black man, I’ve never been opposed to rivaling with other black men. And I’ll likely never place black people on the pedestal that others do. As you can see, I refuse to even capitalize the first letter in black when formally referring to niggas. From my perspective, there are plenty of people of other races that I respect more than some of the most preeminent black figures in popular culture. Also, I wholeheartedly believe that the longer black people insist on separating themselves from other races, the longer separatism will persist. Duh, right? How the fuck are you going to separate yourself from everyone else but fight to be treated equally? When you do that, you’re creating something to be opposed. Differences are natural and they alone shouldn’t bother anyone. If you’re drawing the distinctions and calling out the disparities to say “we’re not the same and we don’t fuck with y’all, but we want what y’all have”, how is the opposite party supposed to feel? That shit has never worked because it can’t! If you want to be treated equally, wouldn’t highlighting the similarities between races, sexes, and classes be better evidence as to why discrimination is inequitable?! I’m smarter than y’all! But I digress. I support “good” people over everyone else! By good people, I mean those who are honorable, respectable, charitable, ethical, truthful, and all that good stuff. There’s a lot that people need to unlearn. Do you think you’ll ever be able to accept the fact that everything is made up? All the principles and laws and social standards and common themes that you live by are just other people’s ideas that you’ve chosen to embody. I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret, and it’s a pretty fucking big one. If you want, feel free to share this with whomever you wish. Are you ready? Here it goes. The secret is, if you wanted to, because you’re human, you could change your mind at any time, and as frequently as you want! I know, that’s crazy, right? Who knew?! For example, if you don’t want to be racist anymore, just stop! If being bigoted is boring or currently unbefitting of you, become a liberal. You can do whatever you want, be whomever you want, live however you want, love whomever you want, and so much more. Stop letting culture, tradition, and peer pressure box you in. One of my favorite movie moments of all time is when Caesar yells “No!” in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The movie itself isn’t amongst my top favorites, but that scene is so powerful. No is such a simple and definitive word that is universally recognized as a refusal of terms. When combined, “n” and “o” are two letters that have the capability to say more than any other joined letters of the alphabet. It may seem like I’m putting too much emphasis on this, but that’s because you don’t recognize the significance of resistance. And the word no may be the only positive negative known to mankind! No is straightforwardly defined as a negative response, and it also means not any or not at all. When you tell someone no, you are informing them that you’re not interested in anything they have to offer. Remember, Rosa Parks said no and became a catalyst for the chain of events that led to civil rights reform. We don’t have to submit to shit! Live with yourself, discover who you are, and reject everything but the real you.

I’m not going to lie, this Meek Mill and Diddy scuttlebutt is pretty fucking hilarious to me, respectfully! Recently, talks of Diddy and Meek Mill being in a romantic relationship began to circulate after some punk-ass, no-name music producer filed a laughable lawsuit against Diddy—alleging that Diddy did some less than believable things to him. In the aftermath of the new allegations against the already disgraced Sean “Diddy” Combs, the internet resurfaced old interactions between The Love Album’s main attraction and Philadelphia-born rapper, Meek Mill. There are pictures of Diddy and Meek wearing matching outfits, there’s a video of Diddy addressing Meek as “Daddy” as he congratulates him on his success while Meek is in the pool, the two hip hop artists were captured at a party dancing near each other while Meek is freestyling, etc. Obviously, it’s difficult to believe that Meek Mill is a homosexual. And if Diddy is bi-sexual, I think people would have much more respect for him if he simply admitted it. Personally, I believe that a person could never be considered authentic if they aren’t honest. If there’s any doubt about your character or your intentions, that’s all the incentive people need to question and discredit you. And I also believe that honest people can get away with a lot more than liars can in the public eye. People naturally assume that you don’t have anything to hide if you’ve never hidden anything. That’s why I try to be as real and forthcoming as possible. Like many other human constructs, sexual orientations are more categorizations than natural inclinations. I truthfully believe that many humans are naturally sexually attracted to humans in general, not genders specifically. And like I’ve mentioned before, because humans like to believe they’re intelligent, they discovered that the only way to reproduce is for men to mate with women and decided that anything outside of that is unnatural. The thing is, it’s not natural for motherfuckers to dictate what’s natural, stupid motherfuckers! If something is natural, it is what it is without interference—it’s unaffected. If people are affecting other people’s instinctual proclivities by attempting to control who has sex with who, how the fuck is that natural? In other words, fuck how you feel about how other people naturally feel! If you’re gratuitously hateful, you don’t fucking matter! How can humans be intelligent when they don’t even know when to move the fuck on? If hating everyone who isn’t heterosexual has never made everyone heterosexual, what’s the point of hating? Restless futility is a demonstration of insanity. Outside of the Constitution, what makes you feel entitled to your opinion? In my opinion, without the right to speak freely most of you motherfuckers wouldn’t even fight for free speech! And the sad part about that is, all people do is talk. I understand that expression is liberating and therapeutic. However, is talking shit a true exercise of freedom when your views are founded in indoctrination and convention? Why the fuck do you even care who strangers are fucking? And if you claim to not care but you have strong feelings against homosexuality, you’re a fucking liar! To not care is to be unaffected, like nature. Honestly, and this is a common belief amongst liberals, I believe that every man who vehemently denounces homosexuality secretly masturbates to gay porn and fantasizes about gay sex! Because why the fuck do you have all that passion in opposition of something that doesn’t affect your life at all?! Y’all secretly gay asses need to grow some nuts and fess up! And what do you down-low booty warriors think you’re saving your sons from? A lot of you repressed effeminate pussies are out there abusing women and terrorizing your communities, but gay men are the bitch-ass niggas in your eyes?! Get the fuck out of here! If you identify as heterosexual but all you do is bitch and whine about other people’s sexual relationships, you might as well be gay! Peace.

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