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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXV

Trigger warning! How many victims have you created? As someone with integrity, I will admit that I’ve definitely caused some trauma with a few of the questionable decisions I’ve made throughout life. And I wholeheartedly believe that any human who claims that they’ve never done wrong by anyone is a fucking liar! Certain shit just goes without saying, right? And we avoid the “real” conversations often because they’re oftentimes incriminating or damaging to our reputations. But that’s partly why today’s mental health crisis is so prevalent. When people are reluctant or afraid to tell the truth, the truth itself becomes a victim of everyone’s deception. And when people make the truth taboo, lying becomes encouraged and commonplace. For legal reasons, I must continue to state that all the information I provide about Joe Budden is alleged. Joe Budden sat on his pregnant girlfriend’s stomach after he dragged her out of bed and slammed her to the floor during a dispute, and that incident caused the woman to have a miscarriage. Do you know what he did after that? He made a song about it, denigrating and devaluing the woman, and joking and laughing about killing his unborn daughter. That’s the type of person he is! And if you don’t believe me, go to YouTube and search “Joe Budden and Esther Baxter”, and click on the video uploaded by BOSSIP. In the title of the video, you’ll see a quote that says, “Joe Budden Killed Our Baby”. With that being said, when I tell y’all that this demented motherfucker had my house bugged and put a tracker on my car because I rejected his vague, indirect offer to be a co-host on his podcast, how far-fetched does it sound? Not only that, he dug into my past to unearth any bullshit to use against me, and he’s leveraging that evidently untrue information to justify his refusal to openly acknowledge me. All because I shunned him and he’s a bitch-ass nigga! Who gives a fuck about “rumors”, Hoe Budden?! Whatever lie you’ve been told would never have gotten any traction if YOU weren’t spreading it, bitch! And in true fashion, you told on yourself with that fake-ass name. Get your groupie-ass, goofy-ass, gossiping-ass out of here! Ultimately, Joe Budden won’t say my name or admit how impactful I’ve been in his life because he realizes there’s nothing good in it for him. He knows I don’t fuck with him as a person, he understands that shouting me out would launch me straight into the stratosphere, he’s on some “if I can’t have you, no one can” obsessive type shit, he appreciates that addressing me by name would somewhat corroborate my claims of him partaking in espionage, and he’s a fucking hater. Just to put it out there, I don’t care enough about what people think to be a liar. This blog is popular enough for me to just talk shit about everyday life and still continue to grow my readership. Additionally, Google me and ask yourself if Beau Amoureux gives you clout chaser vibes! Don’t you hate when your hate-filled plan backfires on you? I’m too real for it to make sense for you to think I give a fuck, Joe. And if you just wanted “love and joy and warmth and vibes”, you shouldn’t have poked the bear! Fucking with me was like sticking your head inside an alligator’s mouth for fun, as if the alligator can’t take your fucking head off without warning. Beasts do beastly shit, idiot! You’re stupid, Joe! And I have incontrovertible evidence to prove it. Admittedly, this shit has gotten messier than I’m comfortable with. But unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten nearly as messy as it’s going to get! Fortunately, I don’t mind getting a little dirty. And since I’m “dealing with some rich niggas”, I hope you can afford to have someone clean all this shit up when I’m done, sir.

I’m a cool person, until. The worst things you can do to Beau Amoureux is lie on me, try to insult my intelligence, and try to intimidate me. However, you’re likely to get away with those things if you don’t pose a threat to me. Yet, when I feel like a motherfucker has gone too far or done too much, it’s over for them. But I’m a law-abiding citizen, so I’m going to ruin your life legally! Joe Budden thought that he’d have plausible deniability if he never mentioned me by name as he was poking at me subliminally and invading my privacy to make me question my sanity. But narcissists are prone to oversight, as they’re generally too focused on themselves to apportion the appropriate amount of attention to their primary objective. The best way to not get caught doing something iniquitous or illicit is to not do it at all. Diverging a bit, have you ever had someone attempt to lie about you to other people while you were in the room? It takes a special kind of fucked-up brain for a person to even have the audacity to try that. Yes, that’s happened to me before, several times, by my pathologically lying aunt. I’ve felt sorry for that lady my entire life. Pathetic people can’t comprehend that the people around them routinely give them grace out of pity. But when you lie to a liar to spare their feelings, especially when they have a glaring mental health problem, you’re only enabling their dishonesty and bolstering their denial about it. For instance, if someone is convinced that arguing is helpful in minor disagreements, and they irately refuse to concede to the fact that arguing generally exacerbates all disagreements, at some point sensible and level-headed people are just going to stop arguing with that person. And those pitiful pinheads—imbeciles who lack the capacity to grasp how imbecilic they are—are usually the type of people who play the victim to justify all the victimizing they do. Seeking sympathy and pointing the finger when under scrutiny are telltale signs of a manipulative liar. And copping to a lesser charge voluntarily is not accountability. Occasionally, respectfully hurting overly sensitive people’s feelings is required in order to help them. People who are offended by the truth are typically pleased with the ability to get away with lying, so why would they ever stop lying? If you know you can’t trust a deceitful person, but you respect them enough to continually deal with them without constantly addressing their deceit, neither of you are trustworthy! In simpler terms, if you lie to a liar by neglecting to acknowledge their lies, you are a fucking liar, too! In my aunt’s case, it’s so obvious that she needs help with her mental health that I question the mental healthiness of everyone who can’t see it. You can’t claim to care about a person that you allow to suffer! But when people are surrounded by mentally unhealthy people, that unhealthiness becomes normal and seems acceptable to everybody. As it pertains to mentalities, it’s sad to understand that unhealthiness becomes the default for people without healthy examples and influences. But to the credit of people who attempt to be helpful, it’s always difficult to deal with that “I know you are but what am I” frame of mind in adults. And let’s not talk about those “I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I’m a good person” motherfuckers who don’t do anything but fuck people over! Delusion is the distraction that duplicitous devils need to proceed in their dirty deeds without feeling guilty. For a lot of people, accepting the truth would be traumatizing because it would force them to come to grips with the fact that they’ve caused trauma. More often than not, victimizers play the victim because they internally empathize with their victims and they’d rather be sympathized with, like the victim that they created, than to be scolded and spurned, like the victimizer that they are. And others play the victim because they’re just plain old liars.

So, Wendy Williams is trending after the premiere of her documentary that depicts the turmoil and tribulation she’s facing as her mental and physical health gradually degenerates. And that’s following the diagnosis of her dementia. I won’t watch the documentary because I’ve never been a big fan of Wendy’s, so I’m not very interested. Also, I don’t want to be depressed after watching such an otherwise lively person listless and lacking luster at the lowest point of her life. However, much like Wendy, there is a long list of people who wish the worst for me. And though it may be hard for you to believe that someone as famed as Joe Budden is on the top of that list, recognize that even Joe recognizes that I have a promising future that is likely to make me more prominent than he’ll ever be! Remember, you can’t start at the top to rise to it. You know you’re an interesting and intriguing person when motherfuckers illegally and secretly surveil you in an effort to discover ways to discredit you and stop you from succeeding. But enough of that for now, it’ll all be brought from the dark to the light soon enough. However, to everyone close to Joe, he’s going to need you now more than ever. I hope you all can get him the help he needs. Amy Winehouse was one of my favorite artists, and I always wonder what type of support system she had. Again, having dealt with mentally unhealthy people all my life, I’m well aware of how difficult it can be trying to save people from themselves. But as an intelligent person, I understand that mental health issues are based on a person’s inability to control how they feel and what they think. And when I ruminate deeply and try to be politically correct, I regret calling people stupid so much. Then again, a lot of you stupid motherfuckers know exactly what you’re doing when you’re causing trauma and creating victims, and you’re just too selfish to give a fuck about the impact your actions will have on the receivers of your stupidity! As a leader, as an influencer, and as someone who people are bound to look up to, I’m still working to find the balance between being myself and being the best example of rationality and respectfulness possible. I want to be relatable but I also want to be perceived as worthier than most. I’ve never worked well with teams because it’s hard for me to follow unless the person leading the group has proven their competence and reliability. People form habits and get stuck in their ways, and if I see a better way of doing things that’s more efficient than the way I was taught, I’m going to do shit my way. That’s part of the reason why I’ve mostly worked for myself. The fact is, we aren’t all built the same and leaders, like myself, are born with a pioneering posture. My attitude towards everything is based on my intrinsic individualistic nature. If I weren’t able to think for myself, I would be a reader instead of a writer. And if I let people dictate my character, I would be a pacifist instead of a warrior! You don’t have to trade physical blows to beat a motherfucker down. In fact, you don’t even have to exert much energy. Sometimes, you can just tell the truth and people will beat themselves up. Shit, they’ll beat themselves up just in anticipation of the truth being told! That’s why I’m a truth-teller, a truth seeker, a truth lover, and a purveyor of truth. But truth be told, the truth’s already been told. You just have to believe it. Peace.

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