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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXII

If you could only accomplish one thing from now until the end of your life, what would it be? For me, I would want to make it into every history book, in every language, and have my story serve as an educational example of how determination is a staple of all success. Some people hear shit like that and think it’s funny, but that’s because they know they ain’t shit. If you refer to my last post, I touched on how weak-minded, self-hating people get gratification from making other people feel as inadequate and diffident as they do. Every now and then, I see some dumb shit on the internet about how pointless it is to have dreams. And from my perspective, anyone who believes dreams are pointless is one bad day away from giving up on life altogether. “Don’t be a dreamer” is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard, and anyone who believes that is destined for eternal sadness. Personally, I’ll die before I let a stupid motherfucker convince me to be unhappy! Everyone is allowed to have all the opinions they want on things. But you’re stupid as fuck if you believe people are required to give a fuck about you or what you think. Do you want to know how to avoid internalizing other people’s opinions? To do that, simply recognize and accept how important you are to yourself. If you understand that you must be confident to live contently, try to understand that your confidence is contingent on your ability to maintain it. And the only way to stay confident is to comprehend the importance of confidence. Although temporary decreases in your confidence are inevitable, and maybe even necessary to remind you how imperative confidence is, those decreases are increasingly fleeting the more you realize that being down ruins your life. What’s more, the excessive sense of self-importance that makes people comfortable expressing themselves inappropriately is akin to the sense of self-worth that makes me not give a fuck about stupid-ass people and their opinions. I don’t care how much conviction a motherfucker has while they’re trying to put you down, that shit only means as much as you let it. And the more passion a person puts into hating on you or trying to down you, the more your success and prosperity will make them feel down. That’s why some people say “success is the best revenge”. Moreover, you should never feel bad for wanting the best for yourself, even if you feel sorry for people who wish for your downfall. I’ve always wondered how many people hold themselves back because they don’t want other people to think they believe they’re better than them. That’s a stupid-ass reason to forsake or refrain from maximizing your potential! Believe it or not, I have relatives that have lied on me my entire life, claiming that I’ve done stupid shit that’s not even in my character, because they’ve known that this is who I’ve been since birth. I’ve always been smart, I’ve always had a mind of my own, I’ve always done my own thing, and they hate me for it. I mention that for the people who can relate, so you won’t think you’re crazy for peeping how malevolent and malicious your so-called family is. Some people are fucked in the head, and that’s not your fault. If you have dreams—hopes or aspirations to achieve something—do everything you can to make that shit happen, even if it takes the rest of your life! Some people would tell you not to divulge your plans, but I’d never make that suggestion. For me, even if I fail, I know I’ve done more than most of the losers who doubt me ever will. And because I don’t give a fuck about you motherfuckers, I want you to see every failure that I make, so you’ll know how weak you are for giving up or refusing to try! Plus, because I’ll never give up any of my dreams, you’ll get to see me win, too.

If y’all haven’t noticed yet, I’m a whole different type of person. When I tell y’all that people can’t get to me, believe it. Or don’t, and just end up looking and feeling stupid when it’s all said and done. Getting out of your own head is the most difficult thing for anyone to do, but that’s not always a bad thing. When a hater is stuck in their own head, they can’t apprehend how little they matter in the grand scheme of things. But when dreamers are stuck on accomplishing their goals, they become achievers. Haters be having all kinds of strong feelings about things that don’t have anything to do with them, and for whatever reason they believe those feelings are validated by their audacity to express them. Haters, you stupid motherfuckers, to put it plain and simple, you don’t fucking matter! That’s it. But if hating occupies your time and keeps you out of trouble, then hate on. However, if all hating does is cause you misery and despair, then hate even harder! I feel like I’m saying a lot of shit that haters are going to repeat in efforts to sound strong-minded, but let me inform y’all that it will never work. Because a hater hardly ever fools anyone. Shit, you can just be giving your opinion on something and unjustifiably be labeled a hater. Let me tell y’all how to spot a hater. Haters always say shit like, “I know, right?” and “It must be nice.” and “Ain’t that the truth!” and “Tell me about it!” and “I ain’t tryna be mean, but…” and “I’m just sayin’!”, etc. Well-intentioned thoughts and opinions always come with valid explanations. For instance, I don’t like Joe Budden because he’s a bitch-ass nigga who’s allegedly abused women, he allegedly manipulates his “nearest and dearest”, he’s allegedly hired private investigators to follow me, he’s allegedly done other fucked-up and illegal shit that I’m going to spill the tea on and potentially sue over if he doesn’t publicly apologize, he’s allegedly told on himself multiple times on his podcast, and he’s allegedly just a fucking weirdo! See, that’s not hate, now is it?! I’ve given you ample opportunity, sir. Fuck that, now you’re going to have to cut the check! But I’ll save the deets for later. For now, let me get back to what I was doing before you thought it was wise to fuck with me. Sometimes, haters just wish they were you, or they wish they could be close to you, but they don’t know how to convey that to you without being bizarre. So, if a hater believes that their admiration for you will turn you off, they oftentimes try to shame or disgrace you—just to keep your attention. You may have heard this referred to as “love-hate”. When haters have your attention, it helps them feel important—which is all they want in the first place. One of the best ways to deal with haters is to just let them do their thing. If motherfuckers are hating, it’s likely because you’re doing something right. I know we’ve all heard that before, and that’s because it’s true. Of course I have haters, I’m Beau Amoureux. Everybody from podcasters to politicians read this blog, and for good reason—I’m smart as fuck. So smart in fact, I knew every move Joe Budden was going to make before he made it! If you’re lucky enough to read this before the next episode of the Joe Budden Podcast drops, which will be on Saturday, February 17, just pay attention to the vibe everyone is giving off. They read my posts before every episode, and that’s been going on for at least a year now. Even if Joe tries to give motherfuckers a pep talk before they begin recording, something’s going to be noticeably off. When they do that whole “Are you going to tell the truth?” thing, that’s me! Notice how Joe deflects every time. A’ight, I’m out. Only two paragraphs today. Next week is going to be fun! Peace.

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