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Everybody’s Stupid, CXXI

Honestly, how often do you take things too personally? Do you feel like people owe you the courtesy of always attempting to appease you? Is it important for you to have the last word in every argument? Do you feel good when you can impose yourself on someone or assert your authority? Are you offended when people question or deny you? In my opinion, many people don’t recognize how they subject themselves to rejection by being repulsive. Ultimately, nobody without an obligation to you owes you anything. And people are liable to oppose you just for shits and giggles if you offend them by taking yourself too seriously. Again, everyone has sensitivities, and nobody wants to be demeaned or belittled. The best way to have pleasant experiences while interacting with people is to be personable, especially when dealing with assholes. Oftentimes, people are abrasive and incautious in their interactions with others because they anticipate fuckery and they try to preempt it by being an asshole to deter the other person from being an asshole. But what sense does that make? Because if you’re an asshole, that’s likely to encourage the person you’re communicating with to reciprocate your energy! This is a cycle that perpetuates a lot of hostility in society. With everyone being so sensitive, people commonly project their feelings of inferiority onto other people. And that goes without mentioning the mental health crisis, which could be mitigated by people simply being nicer to each other and being honest about how easy it is to hurt their feelings. “Treat people how you want to be treated” is a concept even children can understand. Are you secure enough to tell someone they hurt your feelings? If someone told you that you hurt their feelings, how likely are you to invalidate their feelings by dismissing, disrespecting, or disbelieving them? Hateful people spend a lot of time trying to find reasons to justify their hatred. But the truth is, those people hate themselves the most! And there’s no bigger asshole than someone who wallows in self-hatred. When people hate themselves, they yearn for moments to inject self-doubt and dejection into other people’s minds. And unfortunately for everyone, self-hating assholes spend majority of their time around the people closest to them—meaning they hurt those people the most. On top of that, ignorance is a typical consequence of people’s unwillingness to accept that their beliefs can be faulty or false. For instance, if someone isn’t willing to accept that strong-minded people generally have the courage to admit when their feelings are hurt, they are liable to erroneously equate that courageousness to cowardice. Because to a weak-minded, self-hating person, honesty makes people vulnerable and vulnerability is a weakness, so being honest means a person wants to be taken advantage of and that alleged desire to be taken advantage of makes a person weak. When you’re afraid of the truth being used against you, even when you’d be only guilty of being truthful, it’s probably because you don’t want to accept the truth. And that truth is, you’re not as confident and secure as you’d like to be. It’s okay to be human, you know—we’re all that. But if you want to be better, be honest. And be honest with yourself the most. Like I’ve mentioned previously, when you can tell yourself the truth, what can people tell you? The next time you’re clashing or experiencing contention during an interaction, especially if it’s making you uncomfortable, try truthfully expressing your feelings about the situation. For example, in a heated debate that’s not letting up, a simple “I don’t want to argue because it ruins my mood and makes me anxious” is sufficient rationale to end the conversation. And if you’re the type of person who refuses to concede because it makes you feel weak, it’s wise and respectable for you to avoid arguments altogether. Many times, no response is the best response. When it’s inconsequential and not for entertainment, arguing is for the idiotic and egotistical.

So, the Super Bowl just passed, and I don’t give a fuck. I’ve never been into sports, aside from boxing and MMA, because I think they’re boring. However, I used to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the Halftime Show when I was younger. But now that I can go to YouTube and see all of that shit on its own, there’s no need for me to suffer through the game. There’s a lot of shit that I don’t give a fuck about, including tons of stuff that other people make a big deal of—which gives the impression that I’m a hipster or just a miserable-ass person. In actuality, I’m an individual with my own thoughts and interests. For me, any sport where people aren’t literally getting their asses whooped might as well be golf. Yet, I’ll watch the fuck out of any highlight reel. No society in the world, that I’m aware of, fully embraces and encourages free thought. For many, even being a sports fan is a time-honored tradition. I’m not suggesting that people don’t like things on their own, I’m saying they may not have a choice. Many musicians grow up in musical families, a lot of athletes follow in their parents’ athletic footsteps, politicians often ride their predecessors’ political coattails, etc. Most people are who their People are. That wouldn’t be a problem if people were happier. And it would be even less of a problem if motherfuckers didn’t think they could tell people what they should be doing or what they’re supposed to do. Also, I didn’t even touch on how the inescapable omnipresence of popular culture and its trends and heavy influences force or coerce people into habits and lifestyles. Like I always say, people love being told what to do. But they like to act like they hate it. What would happen if being yourself became a trend? I don’t think most people have a clue who they are or who they’d want to be if they weren’t afraid of being ostracized, ignored, or rejected. Just think about how many people allow dictators to control their lives, to this day. One person can step up and tell motherfuckers what to do, and even the military under that dictator’s control wouldn’t dare try to overthrow them. As I’ve mentioned several times before, many people find purpose in serving other people’s purposes. That’s pathetic, if you ask me. In Africa, native African dictators keep the continent poor, even though it has the richest land in the world, by working with the French government to conserve Africa’s colonization. A colony is a territory that’s controlled by a foreign entity—typically the government of a distant country. France has maintained control over numerous African countries for centuries. If a war between France and multiple West African countries were to break out today, I wouldn’t be surprised. Luckily for France, they’ve deprived Africans long enough for them to lack the resources to sustain a prolonged fight with such a powerful country. People don’t give a fuck about people! However, without guidance and guidelines, the masses doubtlessly wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. And without the ability to draw comparisons and feel superior, some people would believe they’re worthless. That’s what hierarchies are all about—superiority and the opposite. But the crazy part is, for common folk, most people want to stand out without being singled out. In other words, regular-ass people want to be accepted as the best version of a regular-ass person so other regular-ass people won’t reject them, which defeats the purpose of being superior. If that applies to you, why not just accept that you aren’t special? Because you can’t be an uncommon common person! I mean, technically you can, but that’s stupid! If you know your place in life, it’s much easier to find yourself and discover your own purpose. And if you want someone to give you a purpose, I want you to make it your life’s goal to only be yourself and embolden everyone around you to do the same.

I browse Twitter occasionally to keep up with current events, and I just saw that Shannon Sharpe and Mike Epps are beefing because Mike alleged that Shannon sent him a DM asking him to come on Club Shay Shay, but Shannon refutes that claim and says that Mike is lying. In Mike’s response to Shannon calling him out, Mike said that he sent Shannon a DM asking to be on Club Shay Shay because Shannon attempted to get Katt Williams to scold Mike during Katt’s interview. Shannon is allegedly threatening violence, but Mike says he’s not a fighter and implies that he would shoot Shannon if necessary in an altercation. Personally, I think this is all promotion for an upcoming Mike Epps interview on Club Shay Shay. You’d think that Shannon’s show is popular enough to just drop a successful interview without promotion. Yet, Mike Epps isn’t Mo’Nique or Katt Williams, so he might need a little controversy to generate interest. I once got a temporary suspension on Twitter because I tweeted Mike Epps, telling him that he wasn’t funny. I don’t remember what I said verbatim, but Twitter’s bots thought it was offensive enough to make me delete the Tweet and restrict my account for a week. Mike Epps still makes jokes about “fat bitches” and other silly shit—he has no complexity or profundity as a veteran comedian. I remember watching stand-up comedy as a child, and I couldn’t wait until I got older so I could understand the jokes better. 53-year-old Mike Epps only tells jokes that kids would have no trouble understanding! A few of my favorite comedians are George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, and Joey Diaz. I love George Carlin’s comedy because we share a lot of the same views. In my opinion, smart people make the best comedians. And it’s because we’re very observant and censorious. No, I’m not a comedian, but I think I could be a great one without much effort. As a writer and a big thinker, I have this thing where I second guess everything that I think and say. It’s a quirk that I hate and love simultaneously, because it makes me a better thinker and writer but it also slows me down at times. When I hear a great joke or a quotable line in a comedy set, I can tell how much effort the comedian put into it because I understand the process. If you don’t know, this shit doesn’t just come to us out of thin air all the time—sometimes it takes a while to work out the kinks. I try not to spend too much time on these posts for a few reasons. One, this shit is free. Two, motherfuckers love copying my shit without shouting me out or crediting me. Three, I’m good enough so as to give minimal effort and still be impressive. Four, again, this shit is free! In The Dark Knight, The Joker asserted, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free!” But I disagree. I drop knowledge “on the strength” specifically because nobody else is going to do it! And quite frankly, I don’t think anyone else can do it. Again, you motherfuckers don’t have the brainpower! Additionally, this website is only a sign of things to come. Eventually, my name will strike fear in the hearts of every stupid motherfucker with an opinion that I believe is detrimental to the well-being of everyone subjected to it! I’m going to challenge everyone who thinks they’re smart, then I’m going to prove why they’re not. After that, I’m going to make sure everyone understands how stupid they’ve been for believing you motherfuckers are smart. We all know that’s why y’all don’t fuck with me. You’re scared! And for good reason. Peace.

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