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Everybody’s Stupid, CXX

Why do we expect people to understand what they don’t know, what they haven’t experienced, and what nobody has taught them? For a lot of people, love and positivity are foreign. And simply having an idea of ideal relationships and perfect personalities isn’t enough to incentivize people’s pursuit of those things, especially when they aren’t fully aware of the benefits. If you don’t know, positivity is beneficial because it promotes pleasure and prosperity and attracts pleasant people. Moreover, loving people and being loved feels good, makes everyone happy, and encourages positivity. Negativity and hostility are inseparable from unhappiness, and unhappiness is contagious. Many people are stuck with the relationships and environments that they’re stuck in, and all the bullshit that they’re surrounded by becomes ingrained into who they are. I’ve found that minimizing my interactions with people is the best way for me to maintain my positivity. I’m hardly ever in a bad mood and it’s mainly due to me circumventing bad vibes. Genuine consistently happy people are rare, would you agree? That’s not to say that people can always control their outlooks on life or their attitudes in the moment, but that lack of control is enough for me to stay the fuck away from people. Sometimes, the easiest solution is the best route to take. Like I always say, smart people simplify complicated things and stupid people complicate simple things. If you find that you’re offended when people aren’t excessively nice to you or if you find yourself being too mean when it isn’t necessarily appropriate, it’s possible that lowering your expectations for people and avoiding extended exchanges will help you conserve your self-confidence and spare other people’s feelings. Like I mentioned in the last post, sensitivity is inherent to humanity. People stay “in their feelings” because those feelings are essentially the basis of our character. Everything we do is based on how we feel, right? For instance, I feel like I’m smarter than most people, and that feeling subsequently makes me feel like sharing my thoughts can help people understand things better. As uncomplicated as my point is, has anyone ever straightforwardly explained to you how your feelings mold your mentality and how those feelings drive your actions? Granted, it’s not always auspicious or advisable to openly express your feelings, but we all have feelings about shit whether people like it or not. Stop running away from your feelings and your sensitivity, it’s unnatural! When I say that, I don’t mean go out and unload your feelings about everything onto everybody. What I mean is, stop acting like you don’t have a sensitive side and stop masking your vulnerability with feigned anger. Anger is an emotion and emotions are feelings. If you’re an angry motherfucker, you’re an emotional motherfucker! And if you’re a male, anger is not anymore masculine than happiness or sadness. When people are pretending so adamantly that it ruins their lives, there’s a serious problem. Chicago rapper, G Herbo, who was recently under fire for bullying a comedian during an interview and later for threatening people who mention him, recently cried during a recorded conversation as he mourned a loved one. Now, no one in their right mind would deride someone for expressing sorrow as they grieve a loss. But even in his moment of vulnerability, Herbo felt like he needed to defend his tears by proclaiming how “real” he is. Why should a man ever have to justify his humanity by suggesting that his feelings come from a different place than softer people’s?! My condolences go out to everyone who loses their lives too soon. I saw a video on Twitter the other day of a small child walking down a hallway while his schoolmates cheered him on as he returned to school after beating cancer. Just seeing the innocence on that baby’s face as he confidently strutted down that hallway, I instantly started crying—like a baby! Do you think I give a FUCK about how niggas feel about how I feel!?

Afresh, I’m not religious and I’m only mildly spiritual. So, sayings like “I walk by faith and not by sight” sound like a recipe for disaster to me. When I hear something like that, I naturally envision a clumsy person wearing church clothes and holding their hands in the prayer position walking blindfolded on a tightrope that’s suspended high in the air—as close to heaven as possible. And obviously, the chances of them making it across that motherfucker without falling are slim. According to several sources, faith is considered an interminable trust in God without evidence of God’s existence or abilities. And I feel like that’s a definition religious people will dispute, so please Google it for yourself to confirm. Having experienced low points in my life without moral support, I completely understand why people rely on spirituality or the belief in divine intervention for motivation to keep striving. But if you’re striving—doing everything in your power to ensure your survival—why would you credit someone or something else for the result of all your strenuous efforts? When you think about it, there really isn’t much to life. All everyone is doing is trying to survive. But the harder life gets, the less desirable survival becomes. Who the fuck only wants to fight and struggle their whole life? Personally, I get it. I get why everyone is always so angry. I get why people hate everyone who has everything that they want. I get why sex and drug and alcohol abuse are common vices. I get why bad decisions are people’s favorite escape from reality. I get why both men and women are so sensitive and insecure. Namely, I get a lot of shit. But what I don’t get, is why other people don’t get it. People will make every mistake imaginable and give all the excuses in the world for themselves. And as soon as motherfuckers have an opportunity to make themselves feel better about being human, they’ll criticize and trivialize until they hurt someone’s feelings enough for that person to hate them. If you read my blog and you know of me and you think I’m mean, this is why I don’t fuck with people! Respectfully, things are wrong with people. It’s not me, it’s y’all. I will never let anyone tell me what’s best for me. Honestly, do I strike you as the type of person who needs advice on life? I’d rather be wrong and learn from my own mistake than to take disadvantageous advice and suffer the consequences from another person’s miscarriage of judgement. I can say that with confidence because I’m not prone to habitual fuck-ups and I’m disinclined to drag uninvolved people into my messes. But there are a lot of people who should never trust their own judgement. It’s perfectly acceptable and respectable to rely on people who can be relied on to guide you when you’re lost. But a big blunder that people make frequently is running to an “experienced” person for instruction on how to maneuver out of sticky situations. Anybody who has perpetually experienced sticky situations is a fucking idiot! Smart people avoid those situations to the best of their ability. And the person with the least embarrassing past—from a logical perspective—is likely to give you the best advice. For example, you shouldn’t ask an argumentative person or an ex-convict how to amicably solve a conflict. Because how the fuck would they know?! Most people have encountered affliction and adversity, but only stupid people laze or revel in it. For smart people, happiness is a little boring and very safe. If safety doesn’t appeal to you, you’se a stupid motherfucker! Everybody, be smarter.

So, Kanye West has been releasing new music over the past two days, and it’s fire! I haven’t downloaded a rap album since Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers, but I have streamed a few albums since then. I don’t really fuck with new artists unless they have a unique style and sound. At this point in music, like with movies, everything seems rehashed. In other music news, Drake has a penis. I’m completely secure with my manhood, so I’m not ashamed to say that I clicked on The Boy’s name when I saw he was trending—oblivious as to why. When I saw it, I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but I guess that’s the maturity in me. Moving on, Mo’Nique has been trending after she sat down with Shannon Sharpe and spilled some tea on Club Shay Shay. I haven’t watched the interview because I’m tired of investing my time into observing other people’s foolishness. However, I’ve had a crush on Mo’Nique since the first episode of The Parkers—when I was 12. Mo’Nique’s beauty, confidence, and mental fortitude is extremely attractive, but a lot of bullshit often comes with that strength and fighting spirit. Some people have to find something to resist in every situation they enter. But in the natural order of things, everything can’t always go everyone’s way. And when you’re never willing to compromise, you just end up playing yourself a lot and missing many great opportunities. I’m not saying that Mo’Nique is always wrong, but she for damn sure isn’t always right. I’ve had an affinity for strong women forever, and I think Sarah Connor, portrayed by Linda Hamilton, was my first crush ever. I still have a thing for Linda Hamilton to this day. If I could go back in time and have an opportunity to date any woman in her prime, without thinking too hard, it would probably be Marisa Tomei. I love myself some Marisa Tomei! I worked security on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in Atlanta back in 2016, and I just wanted to lay eyes on her in-person, but the only person I saw was Tom Holland. And honestly, that might have been his stunt double. I walked past a little mean-mugging white dude in a Spider-Man costume as I was moseying between the trailers, and I didn’t really pay him much attention. Off the top of my head, in this time-traveling fantasy, Regina Belle would be the runner-up. I remember watching the “Baby Come to Me” video when I was younger, and I felt all these sensations that I couldn’t explain. But I know now that what I was feeling, was love. Regina is such a regal beauty with an angelic voice… and some big-ass titties, respectfully! Again, I don’t remember when I lost my virginity. I know that’s difficult for a lot of people to believe, but my first few sexual experiences weren’t very spectacular and I can’t pinpoint the actual first one. Maybe it’s some strange phenomenon. But I remember the first time I got my hands on some sizable boobs, and it was a disappointment. In my opinion, sex is much better in theory than it is in reality. As a male, you go into sex thinking that you’re about to get your mind blown, but really it’s like masturbation with something softer and warmer than your hand. Don’t get me wrong, sex can be amazing, but there has to be some psychological stimulation in play. The first time with a new partner is always great. And the kinky stuff kicks it up a notch. But for me, sex isn’t everything. I think it’s a maturity thing. The more immature you are, the more sex excites you. But if I’m wrong, keep it to yourself. Peace.

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