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Everybody’s Stupid, CXIX

Are you prepared to do whatever it takes whenever it’s necessary to do so? If you believe that people are “too sensitive”, do you also acknowledge that sensitivity is an innate human trait? You can’t subscribe to the notion that most people are overly sensitive and believe that sensitivity is abnormal or uncommon. The more people associated with something, the more normal or common it is. Sensitivity is simply the timely detection of and reaction to stimulus. And for many, that stimulus often evokes dramatic emotional changes. Personally, I don’t believe that people are any more sensitive now than they’ve been in the past. Today, we are more aware of people’s reactions to stimulus because of the expeditious dissemination of information provided by advanced technology. And because people can communicate more efficiently, they can stimulate people’s sensitivities more efficiently. Where people could avoid acrimony and antagonism back in the day by ignoring or steering clear of negativity, technology makes it so negativity is in everybody’s face all the time now. Additionally, acting disrespectfully is more encouraged and has become more acceptable than it was previously. Violence is frequently a response to people’s feelings being hurt to the point where they lose control of their emotions. And the same technology that’s responsible for the instantaneous circulation of communication is also responsible for the perpetuation of psychological warfare and the accessibility of drugs and weapons that fuel contemporary violent rampages. When I ask if you’re prepared to do whatever it takes, I’m not speaking of your willingness to meet violence with violence. What I mean is, are you willing to admit that your sensitivities are to blame for other people’s supposedly excessive sensitivity?! For instance, whether you’re hating on someone that you envy or you’re stunting on someone who envies you, both actions are triggered by sensitivities and are meant to raise emotional responses. The hater is sensitive for being envious and they wish for their hate to thwart the envied. The envied is sensitive for being provoked by hate and they show off to discourage the hater. And the pair are liable to become violent if either of their sensitivities are excessively stimulated. Both the envious and the envied can exist without each other’s knowledge, but they don’t exist without each other. Although violence can be unprovoked and completely one-sided, many violent people believe they’re fighting against conflicting or contrasting forces. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are the opposing yet complimentary and interconnected forces that form the inevitable and inviolable correlation between light and dark, good and evil, negative and positive, etc. With all that being said, do you feel foolish for devoting so much energy to attracting corresponding energy? For your information, corresponding means equivalent or similar. If your life is unbalanced, it’s probably because you’re mixing yin with yin and yang with yang, and that shit ain’t supposed to mix! Blending yin with yin is like blindfolding yourself in total darkness, and combining yang with yang is similar to using a torch in direct sunlight. As corny as it sounds, things such as killing meanness with kindness and destroying hatred with love are the only ways to maintain a harmonious balance in life. As long as people are chasing nightmares and fighting to lose, they’re going to succeed at failing and meet defeat in triumph. In other words, y’all are stupid as fuck for doing the opposite of the contrary! And if you’re confused, I know. The moral of the story is, being stably unbalanced gives a lot of people a false sense of solidity. And when bad is good and good is bad, it’s all bad.

I just maundered my way through that entire first paragraph and it still makes more sense than anything I hear on most podcasts. And I’m about to ramble through the next two paragraphs as well, so bear with me. How smart is Ish from the Joe Budden Podcast? I know he’s everyone’s favorite, and I think he’s cool, but I don’t think he’s as smart as people suggest. Just watching Ish interact with his co-hosts, I can tell he was the most immature motherfucker on the planet in his hay day! But I digress. JBP, allow me to rank you all from smartest to dumbest. And I’m not going to put any extra “sauce” on this because y’all don’t deserve the effort. Also, as “ass” as your episodes have been lately, you should be able to relate to the mediocrity. I’ll provide the list in order, then explain why. It’s Mel, Parks, Joe, Ish, Ice, and lastly, Flip. First, Melyssa Ford is clearly the most intelligent person on the podcast because she’s more well informed about things that most people don’t know anything about, she’s more knowledgeable about stuff that people thought they knew everything about, she has the vastest vocabulary, she’s the most conventionally educated, and she’s a woman. Women are smarter than men and that’s a scientific fact, so shut the fuck up about it. Mel, what’s up, boo! Next, Parks is the second smartest person on the podcast because he’s the only one who knows when to shut the fuck up! When the rest of y’all are putting your feet in your mouths and talking out of your asses, Parks just sits back, stretches out his long-ass legs, and allows y’all to be adults. By the way, I’ve yawned multiple times while writing this. Third, Joe trails behind Mel and Parks because he gives himself too much credit for being smart. Joe apprehends quantities of profitable and productive particulars but he makes a habit disregarding his understandings for the sake of content. Forth, Ish is this far back in the list because I don’t think he’s much smarter than Ice, and I don’t think Ice is dumb. Fifth, Ice is in the second to last spot because he obviously could care less about podcasting. Joe, you should show Ice more respect because he’s only there because you need him there. Lastly, Flip gets the shit-end of the stick because it’s the end of the stick. There’s no more stick, Flip, sorry. What’s people’s fascination with other people’s opinions all about? When I tune in to podcasts, I’m mostly listening for jokes or interesting stories. I’m primarily disinterested in most people’s personalized perspectives on petty and pointless matters. By the way, Mel, I saw your butt-naked ass on a website that rips everyone’s OnlyFans content, not bad. And if me saying that makes you uncomfortable, you probably shouldn’t be showing your butt-naked ass on OnlyFans. Speaking of nudity, if y’all haven’t seen Dee Dee Davis and Camille Winbush from The Bernie Mac Show unclothed, you’re missing out. Camille Winbush twerking, or trying to twerk, is still some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen on the internet. But Dee Dee Davis is built like a baby mama, and I ain’t mad at it. I swear I respect women, but I’m also a flesh and blood human being, so I like seeing them undressed. I don’t automatically consider nude pictures porn, especially not of entertainers, because actresses take off their clothes in movies all the time and still maintain their respectability. If a female entertainer can show a little skin, on her own terms, and make more money than she’d make from an objectifying movie role, more power to her.

So, Killer Mike won every Grammy he was nominated for and then he was allegedly arrested. I haven’t researched the matter because I don’t give a fuck. But having a run in with the law after a clean sweep at the Grammy’s as a radical, anti-everything rapper seems like the perfect publicity stunt to both prove that you’re not a sellout and justify your perpetually hateful rhetoric toward law enforcement. Now, I’m not saying that anyone needs to be reminded of how unjust America’s justice system is, but why is Killer Mike, of all people, being arrested at a public event? Do you know what could shift the relationship dynamics between civilians and law enforcement officers? More young, black police officers! Where are the real-life Franklin Saints? Where are the smart niggas who understand how the system works, and who are willing to invest into the future prosperity of all disaffected and disenfranchised people? I don’t write about this stuff often because it’s a waste of time. The fact is, smart people seldom need to be told what the smart moves are. And the problem is, smart people are too smart to sacrifice themselves for people who aren’t willing to sacrifice their stupidity to make smarter decisions. You have to be a little stupid and a little crazy to try to save people who don’t seem like they want to be saved. I was thinking about Kanye West the other day, and I came to the conclusion that it would have been impossible for that man to maintain his sanity under his unique circumstances. When everybody is calling you a genius, and you have all the success and accolades to support their claims, and you’ve actually accomplished your dreams, and everything you touch turns to gold, and some of the most powerful people in the world are backing you, and you can have any woman you want, and you’ll never need another dollar as long as you live, and it feels like the world is at your fingertips, how the fuck can you not feel godly? I could never hate Kanye because I see myself in him, just a little bit. And if I didn’t have so many examples to learn from, I probably would have failed at trying to be the next Kanye West-like figure years ago. Again, influences can be extremely powerful. And observing people in influential positions has affected the way I think about fame and power. Just the thought of being revered scares the fuck out of me. Who in their right mind wants to have control over people’s actions, emotions, and beliefs?! I’ve made suggestions on this blog that people who everyone knows have implemented into their lives. And if you’re not one of those people, someone who everyone knows, you’ll never know what this feels like. Again, it’s fucking scary! But don’t get it fucked up, I ain’t no bitch. However, I am highly intelligent. And intelligent people are some of the most sensitive motherfuckers you can imagine! I’m sensitive enough to know that people are going to feel me like they don’t feel anyone else. I’m a better thinker, I understand people more, I only hate stupid people, and I have the capacity for limitless growth. Furthermore, I’m sensitive enough to know for myself that there aren’t a lot of people like me out there. My writing skills alone makes bitches’ pussies wet. I’m cool as fuck, funny, and adequately attractive—which is most women’s desired level of attractiveness. What I’m saying is, how the fuck am I not supposed to feel godly?! Peace.

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